Odin Drinks from The Well of Wisdom

Odin Drinks from The Well of Wisdom
& Rune Wisdom Telesummit

This post tells you how Odin Drinks from The Well of Wisdom, and also tells you about the forthcoming Free worldwide Rune Wisdom Telesummit led by Kim Wilborn of Guardian Gateways which starts on Monday October 22nd and runs until Friday 2nd November.

At the Telesummit, I am giving a presentation of the way the Runes alphabet is divided into three Aetts, and what that means: namely that the first group of eight runes tells us about what it needs to be a successful human being, the second Aett tells us about how we must face adversity and become the Spiritual Warrior, and the third Aett shows us how we need to become Co-Creator with the Gods.

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In my runes course, you can find out how the runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples of northern Europe, and how each Rune is not only a letter of the alphabet. It is also a Gateway to knowledge and insight about our life.
I teach the meaning of each rune, worldwide, using a presentation and a journey. But I also teach a deeper connection to each rune, to greatly enhanced our connection, by also practising Rune Stance and Galdr (rune chant). There’s also add-on course about Past Life Journeying and the development of Magical Will, plus free guided work with the Gods and Goddess f the ancient Norse.

In this video we hear how Odin drank from the Well of Wisdom:

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In this passage, Declan, the hero of the novel, tells how Odin drank from the Well of Wisdom:

‘Odin learned all this magic – and there’s loads more spells he lists that he learned in the Havamal, but Odin came to see it wasn’t really getting him anywhere, unless he had wisdom as well. Odin came to see this. That’s why he realised he needed wisdom: more wisdom, ancient wisdom, if he was going to be able to use his great magical powers successfully. That’s why he came to realise after he did the ordeal of the runes, that he must then go and do another ordeal as well! He would have to drink from the Well of Wisdom as well. Life isn’t easy! Once you’ve learned one thing, you realize you have to learn another.

‘Odin realised he needed wisdom to use his magic and to understand his own true nature, his true, deep self, and how his deep self moves and does what it has to do inside the whole great web: the play of fates and-,’ and here Declan looked to the Ravens, as if for confirmation, ‘that’s why Odin journeyed to Jotunheim to find the Well of Wisdom.

‘It’s interesting that the Well of Wisdom is in the realm of giants, not in the realm of gods at Asgard,’ Declan said. ‘The reason for this is that giants are rooted in memory. Wisdom comes from memory. The Aesir gods were new incoming conquerors. They were pretty short on memory. They were not rooted to the land. That’s the point. That is why Odin was always going after giants in his obsessive quest for wisdom that might save him and save the Aesir from Ragnarok.

‘When Odin got to Jotunheim, Odin found the Well was guarded by Mimir, the First Being. Strangely, you’ll note that Mimir was the same giant whom once Odin had actually killed. Already, once, at the beginning of time, Odin had killed Mimir. It was then that Odin divided up Mimir’s ancient wisdom of oneness with all things, his mystic unity-consciousness and oneness with the land. And, now, here we have Odin coming back to Mimir who is still living. I have thought really hard about this. What I have realised is that, although you can kill Mimir in your own mind, Mimir himself goes on forever. Oneness cannot be killed. He lives on everywhere, including in the land. That is why Mimir will outlive Odin. But even if you kill him some time in your life, you can come back to Mimir if you want to – to the Mimir state of mind.’

Again the ravens skrawked and screamed and wheeled. ‘Be still Hugin; be still Munin,’ commanded Declan, and they obeyed him. ‘My power is growing,’ Declan observed to himself with evident satisfaction.

‘So, when Odin got to the Well of Wisdom,’ Declan continued, ‘he asked Mimir for a drink of the water of the Well. Wisdom is what we get from the past, and the giants’ consciousness is far better at the past than men’s or gods’. Mimir granted Odin’s request. But Mimir only granted it on one terrible condition: that Odin was prepared to sacrifice one of his own eyes.’

Brosni’s little brothers all squirmed and shuddered at the thought.

‘Without hesitation,’ Declan continued, ‘Odin plucked out an eye.’ Everyone winced as they heard this. ‘Odin placed his bleeding eye on the palm of Mimir’s outstretched hand, then he drank of the water of Wisdom.

‘So, this was the second time Odin had to make a pretty terrible sacrifice,’ said Declan, thoughtfully. ‘Another thing I have realised, already, after only eight months of magic quest, ‘is that if you want magic and wisdom, you have to make sacrifice. But I don’t like it. And I hope there are limits to what I will be asked to sacrifice.’ Declan suddenly looked vulnerable and sad, then he shook himself and continued.

‘But the gain Odin won was tremendous,’ Declan continued sounding more cheerful. ‘Although Odin had lost an eye and so he could see less well in the material world now, what he had gained was that now he could actually now see into the inner realms better, as well as the material world. Odin could now see into the shadows where the well-springs lie of the things that happen in the bright world. He could see into the realm of desires and fates which drive us; he could see more clearly the future that his own deep self was driving him to.

‘Now, Odin could see how all things are interconnected. He could see all motives. He could see what was driving people and driving the universe. He could see consequences. He could see the past and he could see the future; he could see desires and fears. Odin had vast magical powers, now.

‘Odin was a warrior and leader before he seized the magic of the runes. But, now, he was a magician as well. And he was not just a magician. He was a shape-shifter too. When Odin seized the magic of the runes and drank of the well of wisdom, Odin learned the ways and the great wisdom of the animals. Unless you have journeyed, you cannot fully appreciate the special power each animal has.

‘Four animals in particular became Odin’s fylgja, his power animals that is. These were the four animals who shared part of their soul with Odin. And also they became part of his soul; these four animals became his allies in his great work. His special fylgja were the two Ravens: Hugin and Munin, and the two wolves Geri and Freki.

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