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Welcome to our Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for October 2021.

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N.B. I will be doing videos about these different astrological energies of October 2021 in the upcoming days – so watch this space!

And do see my keynote Blog Post with 2-part video on:
Heal your Karma Now Forgiveness and Love
Here, I say how I see the difficult upcoming energies for the rest of 2021 can be managed:
Video Pt. 1
Video Pt. 2

The energies for October are generally antagonistic and aggressive, frustrating and wounding, and it will be key not to get sucked in, but to maintain one’s strength and integrity and stability of mind.
Slow down. Take it steady. Cultivate love and forgiveness and the measured achievement of the things that enrich your life and bring harmony and happiness.

Four Retrograde Planets turn Direct in October 2021 – In general, this means that things that have been held back will start to move forwards again. Whereas during the Retrograde, we may have had quite a lot of flashbacks and dreams where things from the past in our life come to the surface, we will be more out in the world once the Direct motion takes over.

An energy of revolution is flowing, pitting itself against blocks – and this is on both the personal level and social level, and this will come to a head on 24th December 2021, and run on into 2022.

There is a great call to come into one’s own proper power at this time.

Issues of power and darkness will greatly rise in the USA and affect the whole world up to a first peak of May 2023, and much social discord will arise from that, as well as the possibility for some to achieve steps in growth of spiritual consciousness because of it.

Sun and Mars in Libra October 2021

Sun conjunct Mars is an angry frustrated energy that easily takes offence. And this energy prompts retaliatory anger back! Truth suffers. Conciliation is lost.

But actually, this one is more complicated that, and that is because there’s an opposition from Neptune and Mercury is conjunct (so Mars and Mercury are combust as well).

Sun and Mars enter Libra – and are opposed by Chiron, and also Mercury is completely drawn in:

With Sun and Mars transiting Libra, there’s a call to take care of the proper expression of our masculine.

Libra is about the polite deference to the Other.

But our own Sun Charioteer who drives the Chariot of our Self and our Mars Divine Warrior must not be compromised.
Mercury gets drawn into the energy too.

Here are the five stages in this so very important transit conjunction:

Sun and Mars actually conjoin in the heavens on 9th October. This is in the Vedic sign of Virgo:


Importantly, this angry frustrated conjunction centering on 9th October is with Mercury, with Mars and Mercury both combust.

Manage your mind, your life patterns against the intensity and frustration. Mercury has potential to be good in Virgo, the sign he rules.

And note that this angry frustrated conjunction is actually conjunct USA birth chart Saturn – Saturn is at 24 Virgo in the birth chart of the USA. Here is the birth chart for the USA:

This will trigger lots of angry verbiage and of course great frustration about the structures and state of affairs in the USA and against its president.


The third important step in this poor unfoldment is that Sun enters Libra on October 17th, and is in very low dignity:


Mars enters Libra on October 22nd and is in low dignity, as he was in Virgo:


Fifthly, it is so important to note also that Chiron is transiting opposition Sun and Mars, in close orb from 25th September to October 11th.
This creates a wounded Mars/Sun energy for us all to experience at around that time, and, of course, to anyone born around that day:

Four Retrograde Planets turn Direct in October 2021

In general, this means that things that have been held back will now start to move forwards again. Whereas during the Retrograde, we may have had quite a lot of flashbacks and dreams where things from the past in our life come to the surface, we will be more out in the world once the Direct motion takes over. Here is the list of the planets turning Direct:

Pluto turns Direct on October 6th
Pluto turns Direct at 0 deg Vedic Capricorn. This is Really big. We may have been feeling disempowered and upset about that, but increasingly now we can take needed steps to own our power and come into our power and shed shackles that have been placed on our rightful needed power.

Saturn turns Direct on October 10th
Saturn turns Direct at 12 deg Vedic Capricorn. This is Really big. Things that have been on agonized ‘hold’ may now start to be freed and come into manifestation. Blocks in our life and in our society that seemed so impossible to smash, can now be more open to the revolution offered by Uranus, as Uranus is transiting square Saturn in the heavens now, and moves to its third exact hit on 21st December.
Note that due to Saturn’s Navamsha position on this day, its energy could, however, be irritatingly righteous and lead to fights.
The Divine purpose of Saturn in his Retrograde periods is to move us to adhere to our secure foundations before we seek to move forward. This is so important.

Jupiter turns Direct on October 18th
Jupiter turns Direct at 28 Vedic Capricorn.
Jupiter first entered Vedic Capricorn on 30th March 2020 and left Capricorn to enter Aquarius on 6th April 2021. But Jupiter then re-entered Capricorn on 14.9.21, due to his Retrograde,
Jupiter now stations direct in Capricorn 18.10.2021.
Jupiter then re-enters Aquarius on 20.11.21
And, looking ahead, Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022.
It’s very important to note that all the while that Jupiter is in Vedic Capricorn his powers and blessings are weak, as Capricorn is the domain of Saturn! Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. We therefore need to make very conscious steps to boost our connection to Divine Jupiter at this time with his energies of Blessing and Sense of Purpose and connection to divine teaching.

Mercury turns Direct on October 18th
On October 18th, Mercury turns Direct after his retrograde. This is at 16 deg Vedic Virgo.
Mercury actually first turned Retrograde on 28th September at 1 deg Vedic Libra, and Mercury will continue Retrograde and station at 16 Vedic Virgo on October 18th.
In fact, note that the Mercury Retrograde effect was palpable from when Mercury first entered the shadow of this Retrograde on 7th September, and Mercury will be out of the shadow of his Retrograde from 3rd November.
Can’t wait!
I always have a terrible time for posts and communications when Mercury is Retrograde, because I have Mercury Retrograde and conjunct Ketu in my birth chart!
Just as an example: Here in Ireland, we have had a terrible time from this Mercury Retrograde due to the imposition of Brexit causing loads of delays and returns and imposition of custom duties and VAT. Is it too much to hope that the bureaucrats in UK and Ireland will sort out a citizen-friendly system now???
Mercury is square Pluto on October 1st
This brings Power issues, shady business, cyber hacking, depth psychotherapeutic insights?
Mercury is conjunct Mars on October 9th.
This brings Aggression, impatience in speech. Violent speech.

We will all have to be very careful to manifest only to positive possible meanings of these two transits!

Having said that, Mercury is conjunct some very powerful stars around October 1st:
I have been already feeling theri energies and inspirations.
Arcturus gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination, and prosperity by navigation and voyages. belligerent and quarrelsome, enterprising
Spica is the hinge star to which the Sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology is pinned. It gives success, renown, riches, honors, fame, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, but also unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness, and injustice to innocence. Its nature is androgynous, spiritual, and religious, with above-average psychic awareness, and of good fortune for scientists, writers, artists, painters, sculptors and musicians.

So, by the end of October, this only leaves the following three planets still Retrograde:

Uranus (Turns Direct on 20th January 2022, at 16 deg Vedic Aries)

Neptune (Turns Direct on 1st December, at 26 deg Vedic Aquarius)

Chiron (Turns Direct on 21st December. At 14 deg Vedic Pisces)

Plus of course, Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon, are Retrograde as ever. In October:
Rahu retrogrades from 10 to 8 deg Taurus in October.
Ketu Retrogrades from 10 to 8 deg Scorpio in October.

Very importantly, Rahu retrogrades into Krittika Nakshatra at this time, on 6.10.2021, which has a very cutting warlike energy, and contains the great powerful deadly stars of the Pleiades or the ‘weeping sisters’!

Note that Ketu at this time is conjunct Joe Biden’s Ascendant at this time, which can only weaken his position. and his chart is beseiged by the energies of the upcoming Lunations and eclipses.

Uranus transits square Saturn

I just want to note in this post that the Uranus square Saturn aspect transiting in the heavens is growing to its third exact hit on 24th December 2021.
I did cover this in my keynote blog post for October entitled: Heal your Karma Now Forgiveness and Love.
Uranus is the planet of revolution. Uranus was discovered at the time of the Storming of the Bastille. It is smashing against that aspect of the energy of Saturn that is our bocks. Uranus is super-powerful in Vedic Aries, where it was last in the run up to World War II. Saturn is super-powerful in the sign he rules of Vedic Capricorn. Can you bring in the revolution you so need (Uranus)? Can you break through your blocks and find the right strategy (Saturn) for manifesting the true you?

Remember that, at the same time, Rahu is transiting in aspect to Saturn and also remember that Pluto is transiting Capricorn where Saturn is Capricorn. The Rahu Saturn aspect brings fear and paranoia.

The Saturn through Capricorn transit can however be used positively by people with planets in Libra, as Saturn casts and aspect to Libra inviting them to change their lives towards adoption of the strategies that are now correct for them, whereas Uranus is transiting Aries opposite Libra and jarring Librans to bring in the revolution they need, and give that new path the strategy and direction that Saturn can offer and help them with.

Note also that Mars transits Libra from October 21st to December 4th. He receives the aspect of Saturn at this time, so beware letting frustration gain an upper hand.

The Pluto Return of the USA

I also want to note that we are at the time of the Pluto Return of the USA.
I did cover this in my keynote blog post for October entitled: Heal your Karma Now Forgiveness and Love.
In addition to the other astrological energies listed in this blog post, we are also at the time when the Pluto Return of the USA growing to its exact first peak in May 2023: where so much darkness and bad power issues in the USA, from the moment of its birth, must now inevitably come into focus to be experienced and to be dealt with.

Sun starts October at 14 Virgo
All the time Virgo is activated with Sun, Mars and Mercury there, look for healing insights and inspirations, as well as the irritated energy.
And remember that Chiron is opposition Sun in the earlier part of October. So issues of weakness and healing are crucial to look for and work with.

Sun transits in Hasta Nakshatra. (Sept. 27-Oct. 11th): The energy of Hasta is skilled, sensitive and dexterous, but can be the card sharp. Hasta is ruled by Moon. Its power animal is the nervy female buffalo.
Sun transits Chitra Nakshatra Oct. 12-24th: The energy of Chitra is creative and temperamental. Chitra is ruled by Mars. Don’t upset its power animal: the female tiger!  

Sun enters Libra on October 17th : Sun’s energy is weak and accommodating, but pleasant and charming.

Sun is square Saturn in the heavens on October 30th: a very strict and repressive energy, so try to use it well by creating good structures and strategies for your chosen projects.

Venus spends all but a couple of days at either end of the month transiting the sign of Scorpio in October 2021. Through most of the second and third weeks of October, Venus is conjunct Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. Venus in Scorpio is potentially fraught learning about love relationships, passions and discord. Venus conjunct Ketu brings up past life issues, emotional and spiritual baggage and rejection scripts. Handling pain or unhappiness in relationship matters with sensitivity, yet realistic commitment to the benefits of working to jointly find harmony.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars. The Venus Mars energy can bring sexual fireworks, but care needs to eb taken not to necessarily confuse these with a sound loving relationship. Western Astrology jumps excitedly at the Venus-Mars combination presenting it as true love. But Western Astrology is wrong here, and Vedic Astrology can encompass the most magnificent declaration of the truths of a relationship. Get a Reading from me.



New Moon 6th October: Sun and Moon at 19 Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra
Note that Sun and Moon are both conjunct Mars all at 19 deg Virgo
These receive a quincunx aspect from Uranus at 19 Aries
Jupiter is trine these three from 29 Capricorn
Neptune is opposition Sun Moon and Mars
Sun conjunct Mars is violent and attacking and sudden and volatile, and will be at the same degree on October 6th to 9th.
This triple conjunction occurs in the 10th House of the chart of the USA, and thus the anger and frustration and rejection of restriction will be directed at its leaders:
This triple conjcuntion is in Virgo, and so can indicate an upsurge in coronavirus though not of long duration.

Full Moon 20th October: Moon at 3 Aries, Sun at 3 Libra
Moon is in Ashwini, Sun is in Chitra.
Mars is opposition Full Moon
Mars is conjunct the Sun of this Full MoonSaturn is square the Sun of this Full Moon
Chiron is opposition Mercury.
Watch out for my upcoming videos about these October New and Full Moons.

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