October 2023 Astrology Major Challenges Be Prepared Grow Succeed

In October 2023, the planet positions are as follows:
(Vedic Sidereal zodiac)

Sun moves from 14 Virgo to 13 Libra

Mercury moves from 0 Virgo to 21 Libra

Venus moves from 29 Cancer to 27 Leo

Mars moves from 28 Virgo to 19 Libra

Jupiter moves Retrograde from 20 to 16 Aries                              (Rx started 4.9 and ends 31.12)

Saturn moved Retrograde from 7 to 6 Aquarius                            (Rx started 17.6 and ends 3.11)

Uranus moves Retrograde from 28 to 27 Aries                              (Rx started 29.8 and ends 27.1.24)

Neptune moves Retrograde at 1 Pisces                                           (Rx started 30.6 and ends 6.12)

Pluto moves Retrograde at 3 Capricorn                                           (Rx started 1.5 and ends 11.10)

Rahu North Node moves retrograde from 1 Aries to 29 Pisces

Ketu South Node moves retrograde from 1 Libra to 29 Virgo

Chiron moves Retrograde from 24 to 23 Pisces

Lilith moves from 3 Virgo to 8 Leo

Two eclipses are coming up:

Solar Eclipse New Moon 14.10.23 at 26 Virgo, in Chitra Nakshatra.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon 28.10.23: Moon at 10 Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra and Sun at 10 Libra in Swati Nakshatra.

See the videos:

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

October 2023 starts with a fraught anxious even violent energy due to a range of factors we have to face and grow by dealing with them:

There are tense energies from the Nodes, for Mars and for Venus, and more. I identify the six major fraught energies below.

Though please note that the number of fraught energies simplify down into about three from about 8th October, namely:
Pluto square the Nodes

The Nodes changing sign and

Venus caught up with Saturn and Lilith

– but then of course there’s the two eclipses on 14th and 18th October.

So October will be a very challenging month overall throughout!

Here is the start list of fraught energies:


The Nodes Change Sign – a change in the current of Destiny Unfoldment:

We will be feeling the Nodes are preparing to change sign on 30th October:
Rahu North Node from Aries to Pisces.

Ketu South Node from Libra to Virgo. With Ketu caught up in fierce cutting energies centering on October 5th, and Ketu bringing fear generally, if you have your Node affected, and due to the two Eclipses.


Major cutting sharp dangerous Keu-Mars Conjunction:

The transiting Mars-Ketu conjunction becomes exact at 1 Libra.

And this very sharp and cutting and dangerous conjunction actually starts October as the apex of a Yod from Uranus sextile Neptune.

And Chiron is opposition Mars at this time.

The call of this attacking energy is: for each of us to become stronger, and in our strength: let the Light Shine Through You.

This will not affect everyone of course:

It will especially affect you if:
a) If it conjucnts one of your natal planets


b) If you also have other difficult energies running at this time such as Saturn transiting through your 8th House especially your 22nd Drekkana, or if you are in Sade Sate (the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits through the sign before your natal Moon, the sign of your natal Moon or the sign after your natal Moon).

Mars joining Ketu can create fraught conflict, so beware – be ready to handle this energy well!!

Terrorism is also a possibility.

Economic downturn.

Mars conjunct Ketu is a danger to relationship harmony: watch out, be careful and aware. Don’t let it take over.

Note that Mars was exactly conjunct Ketu on September 11, 2001.

The Mars Ketu conjunction is in Libra. Venus is under stress too in Leo. Both Libra and Venus are to do with relationships.

Be so aware of this.

Be prepared to create extra space for love and healing. Let’s now look at Venus energies in October:


Venus the planet of love deeply stressed:

Venus too starts the month under stress being:
Gandanta in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta Zone.

Square Uranus.

Moving into an opposition from Saturn.

Venus moving into conjunction with Lilith, exact 9.10.23 (in opposition to Saturn).

With Venus so stressed. Check out what Sign and House Vensu occupies in your birth chart.

For example if these fraught energies occur with a person with their natal Venus in the Maraka (death dealing) 2nd or 7th Houses, there could be a ‘death’ – of some sort –  energy running at this fraught period.

There is an 8-year Venus cycle of 13 Vensu orbits = 8 years.

Look back 8 yrs ago: what happened in your life. I had a death in the family 8 years ago.

Of course it’s a good time to look into the path of your love relationship too.

Also, Saturn opposition Venus can be a trigger for financial downturn.

Also in this case of Saturn opposition Venus, fated events could occur triggered by the New Moon Eclipse of 14th October. This is because:
Saturn is in Shatabishak Nakshatra ruled by Rahu


Vensu is in Magha Nakshatra ruled by Ketu.


Many planets Retrograde:

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all Retrograde all month – thus in some ways absenting their present energies yet never-the-less carving the demand of their nature deeply onto us.

Saturn is consistently the strongest planet in dignity from the start of October throughout the month: tie up looses ends. Complete unfinished business. Pay your dues. Be diligent – and you will reap your Harvest.


Pluto is square the Nodal Axis.

This is an anergy pressing us to come more into our proper power in a way that is to do with fated or destiny issues for us.

Pluto is also the apex of a Yod with the base of the Finger of God Yod triangle being: Lilith/Venus sextile the quickly-moving Moon around 5th October.

Pluto stations on October 10th, and surrounding this date power issues could attain great dominance or force.


Two eclipses are coming up:

Solar Eclipse New Moon 14.10.23 at 26 Virgo, in Chitra Nakshatra.

Importantly, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is very close to Ketu and it’s inconjunct Uranus, so this increases the suddenness, the violence, the unexpectedness.

And Rahu is in the Gandanta: Aries to Pisces. Very turbulent (with storms and earthquakes on the earth – and in our consciousness/lives). Rahu enters the last degree of Pisces 30.10.23, and won’t be out of the Gandanta zone til the end of the year (though with the Gandanta effect steadily decreasing).

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon 28.10.23: Moon at 10 Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra and Sun at 10 Libra in Swati Nakshatra.
Fixed Star Sheratan is also at 10 Aries, has a frustrated aggressive energy of the nature of Mars and Saturn combined, so this energy is brought closely to this Eclipse Full Moon at 10 Aries.

In this Eclipse, Jupiter at 17 Aries will be opposing Mars at 17 Aries and Mercury at 16 Aries.

But remember: this Eclipse is in Ashwini Nakshatra which over all is about Healing.

– I’ll be doing a video and blog post for each of these Eclipses, nearer the time.

Eclipses bring sudden forceful energies if they impact your planets.

Here are some other key energies running in October 2023:

Sun in Virgo at the start of October:
Sun in Virgo is an energy of clever action: comprehension, analysis and service, health and healing.

Though there’s a need to beware taking on the negative Critical nature to the Virgo energy and the risk of victimization.

Sun moves into opposition with Chiron from around 6th October, becoming exact on October 11th,

(and with Mercury joining Sun and Mercury in opposition from Chiron exact around 14.10.23.

Sun in Libra from October 18th:

Sun moves into Libra on 18.10.23

Sun is debilitated in Libra – a weak energy that harms the strength of the Divine Sun and gives in too much.

Sun is conjunct Ketu in the heavens at 0 Libra on 18.10.23.

Sun moves into exact conjunction with Mercury at 2 Libra on 20.10.23 = Mercury Combustion.

Jupiter is opposition Mars, the energy running from about 23rd October, with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Aries, the two planets strongly boosting each other

– see Rashi Avasthas.

It’s exact on 29th October.

Mars transits Libra from October 3rd to November 16th. Be so aware of the need to avoid relationship conflicts – in which case this Mars through Libra transit can be romantic.

Signs especially affected by the negative energies:

Very briefly:

Aries – massive energies from Gandanta Rahu. Mars-Ketu conjunction opposite. Full Moon Eclipse at 10 Aries on October 28th.

Taurus – Taurus’ ruler is Venus. Venus is very much under challenge due to Lilith conjunction, Saturn opposition, Gandanta placement.

Virgo – Full Moon eclipse 14.10.23 at 26 Virgo. Ketu leaves Libra and enters Virgo on October 30th, and Ketu’s effect including cutting and fear energies will have been entering the second half of Libra for even as long as six months now.

Importantly, Past life issues and Ancestral issues could feature largely in your consciousness, needing to be perceived, understood and healed.

Libra – Mars-Ketu conjunction on October 5th. Libra’s ruler is Venus. Venus is very much under challenge due to Lilith conjunction, the Saturn opposition, Venus’ Gandanta placement. Past life issues and Ancestral issues could still be featuring largely in your consciousness from Ketu’s transit through Libra.

Leo – Saturn in Aquarius is transiting in opposition to Leo causing delays, depression, heavy demands.

Pisces – Rahu enters Pisces on 30th October, and its oncoming effect will have been felt by those with planets at the end of Pisces for up to six months now.

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