October 2021 Challenging Full Moon is a chance to come into our rightful Power and Healing

October 2021 Challenging Full Moon is a chance to come into our rightful Power and Healing

The October 20th Full Moon is Vast Violent energy which cries out to be understood and which can be used very positively and for Healing, if it is understood and worked with.

There are a number of key bits to it astrologically, and the Healing/Spiritual dimensions are profound.

Because the energies of this Full Moon are so big, and because the empowerment and healing work we need to do with them is also so big and important, please note that there are actually three videos to accompany this blog post. Please do see all of them. Here are the titles:

Challenging Full Moon October 2021 Pt. 1a Astrological Energies Described

Challenging Full Moon October 2021 Pt. 1b Astrological Energies Described

Challenging Full Moon October 2021 Pt. 2 Healing and Spiritual Opportunity

The first big thing to be aware of is that Pluto squares Sun and Moon, in the October Full Moon of 2021, which occurs on 20th October at 3.56 pm, here in Ireland.

This Full Moon is actually an energy of power and violence, of shadow – but also a chance for Healing and empowerment and growth in consciousness.

So, first of all, it’s dominated by a T-square. Let’s look at the T-Square:
Because Pluto is T-square Sun and Moon on this day, this Full Moon unleashes a vast energy which will seep, or explode, into our consciousness.
It’s highest purpose and manifestation is for us to face Shadow and our difficult issues, now and upcoming, and come into our true power, raise our consciousness and heal ourself.

Possible Meditation or Vision Work:
It would be to do a Meditation on, or following, the day of this Full Moon, envisioning our shadow and the way we use Sun Mars and Pluto, and see ourself arising strengthened – and connected to the spiritual meaning and action path.

Pluto is also of course about control issues, and the relationship between control issues and conflicts, and control issues and blocking of proper power. We need to develop consciousness, now, of the reasons we feel the need to be so in control, and heal that, at the personal as well as the social level. Crisis and conflicts and destruction and pulverizing pain will happen if we do not embrace Pluto’s message, and we will just continue disempowered. Working with Pluto does of course bring about re-birth. We need to learn to live with and channel its intensity.

We absolutely do have to note that this Full Moon comes at the time of the Pluto Return of the USA, so what manifests on the personal level will also build into the shadow rise of all the power issues in the USA which now have to be faced into and beyond the date of the first exact conjunction of the USA Pluto return which is May 2023.
With this Full Moon and the Pluto Return of the USA, so much darkness will be come apparent and be hopefully raised to the light, and thus be an impetus for empowerment and healing at both the personal and social levels.

We additionally need to be aware that Pluto is also square Mars in this Full Moon. This is because Sun and Mars are conjunct to 3 deg. Let’s look at this Sun Mars Conjunct square Pluto:

The Sun-Mars conjunction is an angry frustrated energy, and to have Pluto square this, is dangerous. It could be violence done by any of us as individuals or in our societies. It has to be used so carefully to get us to stand in our rightful power, not just to storm the barricades or create battlefields from our mind.
But note that Mars has the Atmakaraka position in this chart, and receives a search aspect from Jupiter and Neptune, and occurs at the time of a second violent chart shape, a Yod, which in this instance also has healing energy potential. Read on below for this dimension.

Let’s now look at the planet positions of this Full Moon:
Moon is at 3 deg Vedic Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra.
Sun is at 3 deg Vedic Libra in Chitra Nakshatra.
Pluto is at 0 deg Vedic Capricorn in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra, where Saturn has just stationed in Capricorn bringing inexorable deep demands often of long-running fated nature.
In the Western Tropical zodiac, by the way, this is Moon at 27 Aries, Sun at 27 Libra and Pluto at 24 Capricorn.

Next, let’s look at the Revolutionary Yod:
There is not only a T-square of Sun opposition Moon with both square Pluto (with Mars drawn in in conjunction to Sun). There is also a second violent aspect: a Yod.
A Yod is a chart aspect shape also known as a ‘Finger of God’, and the long thin finger points inexorably at the apex planet, which in the case of this Yod, is revolutionary Uranus.
The planets that form the base of the Yod are Mercury strong in Virgo the sign he rules, where Mercury is sextile Venus which is fraught in Scorpio.
But hopefully we can heal our speech and our loving relationships and bring revolution to them, indeed this post and video forewarns us of this possibility for healing!

And note that Chiron is opposition Mercury, so given that Mercury is in Virgo, as well, there is a strong Healer potential to this Martian energy, and, if we are aware and forewarned is forearmed by good astrological analysis, we can usefully and successfully put our energy into healing issues at this time.

So, far we have noted two violent chart aspect shapes: the T-square and the Yod. There is more to say about this Full Moon, below, but I do want to say at this stage that you can have a look at the charts for this Full Moon which are on my October 2021 Starwheel Astrology Webpage, especially where the psychodynamic astrology program Megastar best and most clearly shows these two violent chart shapes: T-square of Sun-Moon-Pluto and the Yod apex Uranus. This is three-quarters of the way down that web page, just above the ephemeris of planet positions for the month.

OK let’s look at the next astrological issue, and it is vast: Saturn at standstill:
The other crucial thing to note is that Saturn is super-strong at this time. He is in Capricorn, the sign he rules. Saturn stationed on 11th October, so this is a demanding potentially grim, potentially fated energy time. The Lord of Karma is giving us stern fated destined choices, and our minds can be made fearful, destabilized or pessimistic. We must not give into this negative reaction to the Saturn energy, but we must respond to the positive sides of Saturn’s energy which are discipline and hard work, patience and duty: dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s. and if we can respond to the Saturn energy of Now in this positive karmic way, we will be rewarded.
Long-running family scripts can be activated at this time of Saturn standstill – hopefully for Healing.

The next astrological issue is that Jupiter and The Sun are so weak:

When Sun is in Libra, it is important to be aware that he is weak. Our reception of the energy of the Divine Self is therefore weak. This can manifest as lack of confidence and shyness, for example: a drain on the power that Pluto offers and demands now.

Jupiter (Like Mercury) turned Direct on October 18th, but he is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn and so his dignity is very weak. We need to take steps to boost our personal reception of Jupiter’s energies of sense of purpose, blessing and expansion.

The last time Jupiter was in Capricorn saw the great crash of 2008: the ‘Celtic Tiger Crash’ here in Ireland. Recession.
I have been predicting this for some time.
A giant market crash has been predicted by one financial expert – will we see gold, silver and bitcoin come crashing down this October?
Billionaire Robert Kiyosaki, a personal finance expert, has warned a “giant” market crash has already been triggered.
He warns the world is on the brink of economic disaster and this crash will bring down bitcoin and could wipe out the price of stocks affecting millions.
Mr. Kiyosaki told Kitco News: “This is gonna be the biggest crash in world history. We’ve never had this much debt pumped up.
“Debt is the biggest problem of all… debt-to-GDP ratio is out of sight.”
Economies are “stacked with massive debt and all it’s done is bump up the stock market and real estate market”.

We shall see!

The next key astrological feature of this Full Moon is that Uranus square Saturn:
We do also have to note that the third hit of the Uranus square Saturn is beginning to develop now. The intensity of revolutionary Uranus in Aries smashing against Saturn in Capricorn’s now outmoded structures and blocks will increase to a third crescendo on 24th December.
And note that Uranus is the apex of a Yod in this Full Moon. So note that this Full Moon will indeed be valuable and needed preparation if, amid it, we can perceive and come more into and stand in our true and rightful power.

The final astrological feature of this Full Moon that I would name is that Rahu (North Node) is Aspecting Saturn.
Note that Rahu transiting in Vedic Taurus is sending a 3 deg orb aspect to Saturn in Capricorn at this time. And this aspect causes great fear and tension. It’s driven! So again, it’s a case of: ‘forewarned is forearmed’. We can observe if this arises in ourself, and take appropriate steps to ignore it and keep calm.

So now this Blog post moves on to the subject matter of the Part 2 October Full Moon video:

The October Full Moon Video Pt. 2 The Work we must Do

Part 1a and 1b, above detailed the astrological features of the October Full moon. Now we come on to the nature of the Spiritual Opportunity that this Full Moon offers: Healing the Shadow

Honoring Grief, Together
First of all, and very appropriately for the energy of this Full Moon, I want to tell you that my colleague, Janell Renshaw, is offering a wonderful multi-generational on-line workshop: Honoring Grief, Together.These are different classes for a number of age bands, starting in October and November. If this is an issue for you, don’t miss this class and see the dates and details: See: //www.unityeasternregion.org/grief/

Now, with Pluto being T-square the Sun and the Moon, we each of us need to heal our own personal shadow if we are to come into our own true power with love. And the countries we are in will be challenged to heal their shadows too.

This may take many years. Some evolution in consciousness of our human and social shadow is happening. But how much of it is formula and rhetoric? How much of it is blindness, evasion or spiritual bypass?

If we live our life running from the past, we will never make it. The Dark will claim us, until we embrace and heal it. But there is gold to be dug in the darkness, and we will find it.

This is the Truth of the ancient Greek myth of Persephone’s descent into the underworld.

This is the truth of Babylonian Goddess Ishtar’s (also called Inanna) descent into the underworld.

I do offer this astrology-linked healing work on-line by the way. See: //www.starwheelastrology.com/journey-to-the-abyss-pluto.html

It is our great personal responsibility to develop love and healing at this time: in our own life; in our society.

The big complex conflicting energies of this Full Moon can actually promote this, if we meditate and do embodiment and healing work, similar to what I suggested in outline, above, to get the best out of them: See the suggested Possible Meditation or Vision Work mentioned, above. Do something like this on the day of the Full Moon and/or on the following days.
We will need courage to stand up in our Truth – but we will each feel so much the better for this if we do.

I would like to tell you that quite unexpectedly at this time of death and rebirth, I was unexpectedly offered the chance to make a step to heal the unusual major karma that overshadowed my birth and my life.
I feel good about the stops that I am unexpectedly making.
I feel grateful to family members who prompted me to this healing, and supported me.

I hope the same can be the case for you!

Each of us must not underestimate what healing and coming into our power and coming into our voice can achieve – for us, and for those who we touch in the world!

We have to do this.

Keep up hope and intention!

Do the work!

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