October 2020 Key Summary Starwheel October Newsletter Part 1

Welcome to our Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for October 2020.

In this Pt. 1 Newsletter, I’d like to start by offering my personal understanding and take, in a creative and healing-orientated way, on the key astrological energies of October 2020: strange times: competing, disorientating, divergent and very powerful energies.

So I focus first of all, in this Part 1 blog/video on Saturn, Jupiter and Gandanta planets.

See the Part 1a Video:

And see the Part 1b Video here.

I then go on in the later October Newsletter parts, to look in more detail into crucial issues of:
Part 2: Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto 2020
Part 3: Mercury Retrograde and US Presidential Election
(also including Nodes of the Moon change sign plus Mars Retrograde)
Part 4: Neptune opposition Venus and Love Challenges
Part 5: Uranus Revolution Now
Part 6: Pluto your Shadow or your Power
(also including Chiron the Wounded Healer in October 2020)

The key astrological energies of October 2020:

The energies we will all be experiencing in October are confusing.

But, the point is: we need to accurately and comprehensively name and understand these energies. Then we need to bring in the necessary self-healing. We need to name and develop the sheer inspiration to identify what’s going on. Then we need to implement and follow the right strategy for each one of us personally. And if we take these steps, then each of us will actually do well in these dreadful times (and we will do well because of these pretty dreadful times!).

A big step in my personal (unexpected) perceiving and bringing in the right strategy for my life-path now, was a shamanic journey I did a few weeks ago, and I was amazed what came to me. I was actually doing the journey for another person on-line, but I was drenched with a life-changing vision, and I am now implementing the unexpected guidance.

So for me, relevant methods are vision work, and earth energies work, but crucially also benefiting from physical healing modalities. I am starting to do posture/embodiment work, dance, physical healings and diet.

But what will it be for you???

Yes, this is a very difficult time. But actually, this is your time.

The mystics leap into the fire of vision and then arise. The wild ones tear up the pages of their life chronicle and burn the old scripts. The rebellious free souls break off their chains. This is your time.

We are heading into a critical period in the weeks and months and year ahead.

For example, the 14th December Eclipse will be crucial. It’s right on Donald Trump’s natal Moon-Ketu conjunction, so he will become unstable. OMG Neptune squares the Nodal Axis. This is one of the two 2020 eclipses that are in the same degree as the two eclipses of 2001 that brought the 9/11 twin towers. See my December web page to see the chart: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2020-december.html

Some human societies are really polarising as the dark rises, but this has the effect of many other individuals embracing the light.

We have some serious decisions to make about our lives, now. Both individually and collectively, we are all undergoing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. Each of us, and societies, will do well to embrace the necessary changes.

This month of October will be critical.

We need to identify and embrace that which is right and important for our life.

Reveal who you truly are!!!

Don’t get sucked into the dark dance.

Manage your life as the rollercoaster rolls:

So, these weird and conflicting energies for October 2020, can be summarised as follows:

1. October 2020 is a month starting with Saturn supremely powerful, imposing his limits and his realities and his truths. He is Lord of Karma: Saturn is stationing but he is just starting to go direct in the sign he rules, Vedic Capricorn.

2. October is also a month starting with Jupiter’s very very different, vibrant and expansive energies and blessings in the sign he rules, Vedic Sagittarius: sending us blessings, purpose and inspiration. But this goes out with a bang on November 20th when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn – and Saturn is left in command of the field.

3. As part of the maelstrom, three planets start October 2020 in all three of the turbulent, immaterial, but potentially divine and inspirational Gandanta Zones at the start of October. These are:
Angry retrograde Mars is in the Aries to Pisces Gandanta (Ashwini to Revati).
Cuttingly powerful Ketu is in the Sagittarius- Scorpio Gandanta (Mula to Jyestha)
And Venus is in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta (Ashlesha to Magha).

I would like to say that it was hearing of the Gandantas that first converted me to the vast power and accuracy of Vedic Astrology and the sidereal zodiac and Lahiri Ayanamsha. This was because my Moon in my birth chart is at 29 deg 56 Pisces, in the deepest Gandanta at the end of Revati, and this declared my unusual birth circumstances and life destiny at a stroke.
I was amazed because Western Astrology with the Tropical Zodiac knew not one jot about Gandantas and did not declare my destiny in the way that Vedic Astrology did, instantly
Though I would add here that I do say it is necessary to also have thorough cross-referencing to Western Psychodynamic Astrology, as well.
And I would like to say that another totally unique feature of Vedic Astrology that I so, so appreciate is the supreme declaration of the Nakshatras. The 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. Knowing the Nakshatra that our Moon, Ascendant and Sun and the other planets fall in, is such a supremely accurate guide to the deepest details of our emotionally based consciousness self: warts and all.

Returning to October 2020, the next thing I want to say is: Don’t forget: There’s also the huge power bomb with its fuse now activated and running: this is Jupiter now transiting in ever closer conjunction to Pluto. And this conjunction is getting ever closer and more close until the exact day on 12th November. It encompasses issues like Power. Wealth. Plutocracy, The Shadow. Confrontation. What will it be for you? Your Shadow, or your coming into your real power?

So, the point is that you know you have to face Saturn’s demands, but do also realize that the Jupitarian burst is going on now, too, and that can actually optimistically hide or gloss over the full fact of Saturn’s demands. And in addition, there’s the turbulent insubstantiality of the Gandanta planets, which ever prey on the doorways of your mind, even though they can also, hopefully, open you to a vastness of inspiration from that.


There are three!

Full Moon is on October 1st at 15 Pisces, in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra
Sun 15 Virgo, in Hasta Nakshatra.
That’s Moon at 9 Western Aries and Sun at 9 Western Libra

New Moon is 16.10.2020 at 29 Virgo, in Chitra Nakshatra
Sun 29 Virgo, in Chitra Nakshatra
That’s Moon at 24 western Libra and Sun at 24 Western Aries.

Full Moon is on 31.10.2020 at 14 deg Vedic Aries in Bharani Nakshatra
That’s Sun at 14 deg Vedic Libra  in Swati Nakshatra
That’s Moon at 8 deg western Taurus (exactly conjunct Uranus) and Sun at 8 deg Western Scorpio.

Please do note, as a very special resource, that I show the charts and ephemeris for each month in both Vedic and also western astrology on my Starwheel website. You can see the full Vedic and also Western Ephemeris of the planets’ positions, the charts of the October Full and New Moons, plus the 2020 eclipse dates and more – all on my October Astrology page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

Now let’s look move on to Part 2 of this October Starwheel newsletter and look into some fuller detail of the disorientating and very powerful and weird astrology for October 2020, and at the same time identify and grasp hold of our needed personal strategy for healing, life-fulfilment, and for becoming who we are.

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