October 2019 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Magazine

There’s really good and crucial stuff here about the challenge and the salvation shown for each of us by the Astrology of October 2019.

Welcome to the Starwheel Astrology and Healing Magazine for October 2019, brought to you by Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley, based in the beautiful West of Ireland and offering Readings, Healings and Teaching worldwide.

See the charts and monthly ephemeris at the foot of this post.

Michael Conneely talks to you about the major astrological influences and some ways of healing with them, using his hallmark approach developed over 24 years of Readings drawing upon both Vedic Astrology (where he teaches many courses), as well as psychodynamic and evolutionary Western Astrology.

May we all be open to the energy shifts and the inspiration.

May we all be open to healing and to magical change, even being prepared to leap into the new and unknown.

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September 2019 Key Message:

The key message of the Astrology of October 2019 is to find and be the true you: to ‘BE’.
We are each called to truly BE amid all the conflicting and divisive energies that are going to be going on in October 2019: the conflicts, the stress, the pressures.
The call is to BE.
Astrology can provide invaluable perception when it is provided by a skilled and learned person, but so often the astrology that is put out is formulaic: so often it is formula that is trotted out. This is the case in both promotions, readings and also the teaching of courses.
Indeed note that my astrology courses, which have for years been based on individual correspondence course principles focusing for authenticity on two charts: yours and mine, are going to have added to them this month the option of very moderately priced face to face meetings for students, for example on each planet or astrological principle they are studying that they might want the additional input of a face to face sharing.

So, the point I am making is: hear the truly skilled perceptions that astrology can offer, but then after this invaluable guidance, check out if it helps you to become more true to your self, to BE.

To be true to your self.

To be true to your fate and destiny path that you were born to work with.

Check that it won’t actually leave you in the prison of trying to live according to the scripts of your parents, your culture, your country, your job, your education.

I can tell you that personally, amid the pressure of the Saturn-Ketu transit in Vedic Sagittarius this year, which is my 6th House of health, I became quite ill due to overwork, and to some of my work being stuck in a way that wasn’t fully true to my new need to be fully true to developments in my inspiration and knowing, that was now not quite true to my inspiration and magic.

But now I feel so well, and on the route to truly BEING:
Trying to promote happy loving home

Doing my job more fully creatively

Re-starting the building work on the extension to our house that will be an Airbnb and support my tour guide work here in the sacred West of Ireland as well. AND most importantly will give me the healing fo the physical exercise that I need instead of being stuck such long hours over the computer.

And as I say later on in this October Newsletter, it my be of help and use to you for me to tell you that two keys really helped me, in addition to ongoing massage from psychic clairvoyant Suzanne Davis based in Sligo:
Biodynamic Osteopath Rory Tope based in Strand Hill near Sligo, who offers what can only be called magic based on insight and cranial sacral therapy

Claire Louise Knifton who offers amid other healings: Transcendance Dance therapy, where such dance can definitely move you to a state of proper BEING.
I actually have five university degrees, but the important thing to realise is that the academic mindset can be in some ways a deadly trap. We also need healing immersions such as those I have just told you about.

September 2019 Key Summary:

1. The Saturn/Ketu (South node) conjunction
2. The Saturn Pluto conjunction
3. Kal Sarpa Yoga
4. Vedic Virgo: October starts with Sun, Venus and Mars in Vedic Virgo.
5. Vedic Libra: Venus and Mercury in Vedic Libra
6. Mercury Retrograde
7. October Lunations
8. Jupiter Gandanta and special inspiration – NOW

A tense divisive energy persists in the world and in our life. But if we open to the inspiration that the tension offers, and if we change and re-form our life accordingly, we will ‘be’ – we will be more true to who we were meant to be. Our consciousness will rise. Opportunity now comes through.
Use the perception offered by this October newsletter to open the door in your life.


  1. The Saturn/Ketu (South node) conjunction
    The biggest energy affecting all of us is the transiting Saturn Ketu (South Node) conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius.
    These two are within two degrees of each other up to 18th October: Saturn now going forward in the heavens, Ketu continuing its usual retrograde motion, thus the two very slowly separate after so ling transiting together.

As I said last month and before: The main energy is the Saturn Ketu conjunction transiting all this year in Vedic Sagittarius. Its high intensity demand is for you to smash blocks and alter patters in the life area that is the Vedic sign of Sagittarius in your Vedic birth chart. Saturn’s movement is so slow as he turns direct. You cannot ignore the Grindstone!
This is a terribly tense invasive transiting conjunction, as I’ve discussed in previous issues of this magazine, but ‘for our own good’.
Saturn is our blocks when we’re handling his energy negatively.
Ketu (South Node) tears at our blocks but for the purpose of our spiritual liberation, and he gets angry when we resist.
Check out the house in your Vedic birth chart that is Vedic Sagittarius to see what area of your life this vast tension-packed transiting conjunction is operating on.
It is a terribly tense, confrontative energy, hence the conflicts in the UK parliament over Brexit!
But the energy of confrontation affects all our minds: there’s a lot of hate stuff going on and attacks.
Hang on to the perception that this energy is around. Don’t let your mind games take over and run you into dwelling on confrontation and argument.
Use the energy of this transit for its higher purpose of smashing your blocks, and letting the truer you take over.

In my case it’s my 6th House of health where the Saturn Ketu conjunction is transiting, and I’ve had a health crisis brought on by working too hard last year and ignoring warning signs. But now I am being re-born due to the healing from a wonderful biodynamic osteopath and a nutritionist, here in Sligo in the West of Ireland.
Do check out from the tensions you are feeling this year, where you are being called to sort out your life: what area: what House in your Vedic birth chart. Don’t block this.

And as an example of the wonderful perception offered by Vedic Astrology when it’s used creatively and not formulaically: bring in the Dasha/Vedic Predictive Period you are in it this moment. Dashas are the wonderful predictive periods: a unique feature of Vedic Astrology.
I am in Ju-Sa-Me Dasha from 1.6.2019 to 10.10.2019, and with the focus on Mercury, very much sensitive to the harm of over-discussion. But a deeper meaning of Mercury Dasha that is coming through: that I am making the transition from intellectual knowledge/understanding to being. BEING.

Another example that may be of use or interest to you:There’s a wonderful Healers’ Community here in the West of Ireland, and one of the local Healers: Claire Louise Knifton runs a weekly ‘transcendence dance class’, and it is so healing and empowering to get into one’s body with this, to find one’s being and become empowered.


  1. The Saturn Pluto conjunction
    By the end of October, Saturn is at 21 deg Vedic Sagittarius and Pluto at 26 deg Vedic Sagittarius. The Saturn Pluto conjunction is forming: Big for people with planets in PurvaAshadha this year. .
    Saturn enters Vedic Capricorn on 24th January; Pluto enters Vedic Capricorn on 25th February, and o the Saturn- Pluto conjunction continues: big for people with planets in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra in early 2020.
    The Saturn Pluto conjunction is forming.

At its worst, this is such a controlling energy.
But its divine nature is for us to create a strategy for transformation.
Saturn is a container or strategy.
Pluto is transformation.

We need to constantly identify how a more real me is emerging from now, and be able to give form to it, and also be able to constantly revise and redefine the path and nature of the transformation flame path.
In my case, I feel this energy is very much manifesting in being driven to bring in additional dimensions of magical transformation in my work, and to add face to face sessions for students on my courses.

The higher manifestation of the Saturn Pluto conjunction will be that we create a container for huge transformation: a grail holding explosive light, and if we get it right, we will craft a strategy for transformation in whatever area of life is represented by the House that is Capricorn in our Vedic birth chart. Get a Reading from me.

The lower manifestation is the individual who creates a rigid control grid for life and also forces this on others.

Jupiter joins in with Saturn-Pluto this time next year: in PurvaAshadha then in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction effectively ends January 2021, with Pluto at 0 deg Vedic Capricorn, and Saturn at 7 Vedic Capricorn.


  1. Kal Sarpa Yoga
    From the start of October, you can see from the Vedic chart that Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force. Kal Sarpa Yoga is the preposterous divisive energy when all the Vedic plants are to one side of the Nodal axis. It’s in the heavens this month. And just because the Moon may move to the other side of the nodal axis part of a month, this makes the divisive confrontative energy no less. This is because this will be a case of a Kemadruma or unsupported Moon which is not easy for the stability of the mind. Just because a planet might be a bit to the other side of the Nodal axis, Kal Sarpa Yoga still exists, with all its preposterousness: Don’t be formulaic about definitions of Kal Sarpa Yoga, because that would be inauthentic. And note of course, that like all spiritual challenges, the perception that one has Kal Sarpa Yoga in one’s birth chart can mean that if you are a spiritually committed person, then you can overcome the challenges and spiritually grow to the benefit of yourself and others.

The Moon is outside the planets grouped to one side of the Nodal Axis from 6th to 18th October: but note that this does not end the Kal Sapa Yoga energy. Be aware that this makes the Moon’s energy very alone and unsupported and this has a big effect on our Mind and we need to notice if this is happening, and don’t let it develop into a runaway train (as it no doublet will in the area of politics). And from 18th October, The Moon is back in the planets grouped to one side of the Nodal Axis: so the Kal Sarpa Yoga energy runs all month. Beware.


  1. Vedic Virgo:
    October starts with Sun, Venus and Mars in Vedic Virgo.

Mars is in Vedic Virgo all month, and combust until October 22nd!
Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Sun and Mars in Vedic Virgo can lead to a critical argumentative energy.

Beware OVER-DISCUSSION harming Mars’ proper divine action-role.
Venus enters Vedic Libra on 4th October.
Sun enters Vedic Libra on October 18th.

Venus is debilitated in Vedic Virgo. Love can’t express itself easily. You can be too critical in love.

  1. Vedic Libra:
    Venus moves into Vedic Libra on 4th October, and Libra is ruled by Venus, so love and beauty will flower now.
    Venus is thus in Vedic Libra from this date together with Mercury.

Mercury is in Libra in October (up to 24th October when Mercury enters Vedic Scorpio). Mercury starts of in Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars, and on 4th October Mercury moves into Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, so do hear this and cultivate sweet and loving speech when prompted to be sharp or bullying. But overall, Mercury in Libra is friendly and creative.

Note that Mercury will retrograde back into Libra Nov. 7th-Dec. 5th.
Remember that these planets in Vedic Libra are opposed by revolutionary Uranus, transiting (retrograde) at 11 to 10 Vedic Aries.

  1. Mercury Retrograde:

    The full Mercury Retrograde Period is from 31st October to 22nd November, with Mercury regaining his pre-retrogradation position on 8th December.


  1. Lunations:There’s a New Moonin Hasta Nakshatra 28th September: at 12 Vedic Virgo; 5 Libra Western tropical.

It is important to note that New Moons are BEGINNING times: planting and sowing.
What is beginning in your life now? Foster inspiration strategies, and because it’s Hasta, create your strategies, BUT make sure they accord with your essential rhythms and being as well.
Note that this New Moon is opposition Chiron at 4 deg western Aries. I have known of examples of remarkable Chiron healings in Hasta this year, in Virgo life area cases of language.


The Full Moon is on 13th October at 25 Vedic Pisces in Revati Nakshatra. That’s at 20 western Aries.

The New Moon is on 28th October, at 10 Vedic Libra, in Swati Nakshatra. That’s 4 western Scorpio.


  1. Outer Planets:
    Uranus retrogrades 11 to 10 Vedic Aries.

Neptune Retrogrades at 22 to 21 Vedic Aquarius.
Pluto retrogrades at 26 Vedic Sagittarius
Chiron retrogrades 4 to 2 deg western Aries

Uranus is opposition Mercury around 6th October, and opposition Venus in the second half of October. Uranus is opposition the Sun on October 28th.

Neptune transits square Jupiter all October, though separating towards the end of the month.
Pluto starts October square Venus.
Chiron is opposition Mars up to 18th October, when Mars moves into square to Pluto/Saturn/Ketu!
Rahu North node transits Ardra Nakshatra (which is ruled by Rahu). This is a very tunnel visioned and hard, driven, implacable energy, which Rahu will inflame.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has Sun in Mrigashira nakshatra and Rahu in Ardra!!!!!!!!!


  1. Jupiter Gandanta
    Lastly, some very breakthrough news in the middle of all the tension: Jupiter reaches 26 Vedic Scorpio at the end of Jyestha Nakshatra on 14th October, and thus enters the Gandanta: the immaterial but potentially inspirational/spiritual transition zone from Vedic Water to Vedic Fire Signs (there are three of these).

And Jupiter ends October even deeper into the Gandanta.

Look out for needed inspiration at this time, and when Jupiter passes 4 deg Sagittarius, hope and inspiration will flow (at the same time as Saturn, Ketu, Pluto in Sagittarius of course. The Ketu-Jupiter combination can betoken spiritual awakening and inspiration, so do become open!

So, in my case with Cancer Ascendant, work and health issues will ease.

And I enter Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu Dasha on 10th October: Respite and Success.

What will Jupiter and Ketu in Vedic Sagittarius mean for you???

Do remember what I said in earlier Newsletters this year about the difficulty of the fullness and purity of Divine Jupiter coming through to us as he transits through the Scorpio/Sagittarius Gandanta Zone, and transts then over Ketu, Saturn and Pluto. So do constantly make the effort to connect to Divine Jupiter over the coming couple of years.  And don’t do anything that misuses/sullies his expansion and blessing or purpose. But connect to his offering to each of us all now amid all the strife of Saturn Ketu, the downsides of Saturn Pluto and the preposterous divisiveness of the Kal Sarpa Yoga. Jupiter connection s crucial for your breakthrough to come to BE in the midst of the tumult of the world.

Check out what this Jupiter transits means for you: what house is Sagittarius in your Vedic natal chart?

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October Ephemeris Vedic Sidereal Zodiac:

October Ephemeris Western Tropical Zodiac:

















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