Now is the Time to Dream by Elizabeth Hendricks

It may seem as though these days continue to be unendingly dark, with the future uncertain and the world in a constant uproar. Many of us are struggling just to cope with  current hardships we’re undergoing. It may seem as though the last thing you want to do is to dream and plan for a glorious future.

Curiously, in these times it is important to dream a new future.

We all know that the more energy you put into thinking, dreaming, and planning for something you want the easier it is to keep pushing towards that new goal.

So, wrench your attention away from worrying and dream about your future. What do you want to be doing five years from now?

See pictures of yourself engaging in that activity or being in that position at work. Tell yourself “ I will achieve the goals I set” and say it out loud. Remember, your subconscious listens to everything you think and say. If you are feeding gloom to your unconscious, it believes you! Like a loyal helper,  your subconscious will try to bring you into alignment with the pictures you feed it. That’s why it’s smart to keep putting out positive pictures and a positive attitude.

The other thing which will help is to be kind to yourself. In times of world crisis, kindness can get pushed to the back of our social interactions. We start to take out our frustration and fear on others.   Don’t fall into this trap; kindness to yourself and others brings light and grace into your field.  It helps you but it also helps everyone you come into contact with. Just like a spring wind can bring warmth to an entire meadow, your choice to be kind to yourself can spread to those around you and help the whole planet.

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