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Prepare for Samhain 2014

Now is a good time to enrol on the Festivals Course of the Druid Forest School: to get ready for the start of the Ancient Irish Festivals Year.

As a build-up to the first Festival of the Year, Samhain, celebrated around November 1st, we prepare together in the Druid Forest School as a respectful, enlightened democratic community.

Now is a good time to study and share on the preparatory themes around the Festivals of the ancient Irish.

Here are the areas of study we are sharing about in the run-up to Samhain:

The Aims of the Druid Forest School

Methods of Study

Indicative Bibliography

Celtic Spiritual History Themes

Sacred Space of the Ancient Irish

The Irish Festival Year

This way we are each fully prepared to celebrate the first festival of the ritual year, Samhain, the time when the veils between the realms are thin. We share our preparation and our celebration of the Festival with our members worldwide.

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