November New Moon is Revolutionary Intuitive Healing Energy

The New Moon of 13th November is a case of Uranus at 26 Aries opposition:         

Sun at 27 Libra

Moon at 27 Libra


Mars at 28 Libra.

The New Moon of 13th November is revolutionary in its energy.

It’s intuitive and it’s healing.

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It will be so good for people with planets in Vishakha Nakshatra, which spans Vedic Libra to Vedic Scorpio.

The November New Moon energies take us further into a realm that is simply overwhelming – but has very good potential for us if we can take note of its contents, how it interacts with our own birth chart – and do the work!

You can see the charts for this New Moon in my Starwheel Astrology website, in the ‘More’ dropdown: Monthly Astrology Charts:

It really will pay off for you if you identify how the planets of this Revolutionary New Moon interact with your Natal planets.

Do the work to check out how the planets of this New Moon activate the planets in you natal chart.

And then: make sure to respond to the karmic call, to respond to the call of psychological Individuation that this New Moon makes to you.

To give you a good idea of how you can go about it, I can tell you, it’s quite a big New Moon for me (understatement!):

1. The New Moon is conjunct my natal Chiron (which is conjunct Mars)

2. Rahu is conjunct my natal Moon which is in the Pisces Gandanta.

3. Ketu is conjunct my natal Sun.

4. Saturn is opposition my natal Saturn.

5. Lilith is conjunct my natal Saturn.

6. Pluto is square my natal Mercury.

But I am actually feeling great – and that’s due to the call of Ketu entering Pisces.

I’ve actually stumbled upon a quite wonderful Herbalist, and his herbs have enabled me to reduce the mainstream medications I was receiving, which were actually numbing and blocking me. It’s become a wonderful revolution and healing.

His name is Steffen Jorgensen and if you want to contact him, his email is:

So on top of this herbal remedy produced revolution, knowing what the energies of this New Moon are, will allow me to progress the revolution further. I’m seeing him again next week.

I am telling you this as a special call to you to: PLEASE do the needed steps to bring in your NEEDED REVOLUTION for YOU.

So please take the step of working out how the planets of this New Moon relate to your natal planets in your birth chart.

Do the work around the time of the New Moon and on into the following lunation period, to do the vision work to identify the deep meaning of each aspect in the New Moon chart to your natal planets. In this way, identify what it really deeply means for you.

See each energy. See yourself walking forward with that energy.

But be prepared to trim the sails! Remember you’ve got the whole of the lunation period to fully identify the energies, what they mean and how to reap what they offer.

Definitely be prepared to ‘fine tune’.

Definitely be prepared to make any needed change of Direction.

Vishakha Nakshatra:

Note that Sun, Moon and Mars are all in Vishakha Nakshtra, and Vishakha Nakshatra people are being activated for a strong year ahead on a revolutionary different life/work path.

Vishakha emphasis people can be driven by the stored poisons and the suppressed anger and hurt, bitterness and resentfulness of past lives, and so they can be aggressive, quarrelsome, dictatorial ruthless and harmfully obsessional.

But they have the potential to grow spiritually and work hard to manifest, and steadily over time overcome their pitfalls, and thus achieve manifestation of the symbol of their Nakshatra: The Triumphal Arch – the Triumphal Arch which others will look up to and can benefit from.

Their Power Animal is the Male Tiger!

Each Nakshatra is divided into four padas. Note that the New Moon: Sun and Moon are in Vishakha Nakshatra pada 2 which is both Pushkara and Ashtamamsha.

Pushkara is like Chiron the wounded healer.  There is initial woundedness, but there will be healing – after which there will be success. You have to consider when healing might occur, and in what form healing might occur, including whether you would need to work with healing modalities. Now is SUCH a good time for people with planets in Vishakha Nakshatra to bring in needed healing.

You will manifest the special luck or success of your Pushkara planet, only if you work through the energy of wounding and problems that you start out with – only if you do the healing work.

Ashtamamsha is a start position in this life that there is a disconnection between you and want you want to achieve on a soul level and what you want to achieve on a physical level. Your individual soul does not understand what the Divine soul wants. This causes great inner conflict. Being pulled in different directions causes problems. But once you surrender to needed transformation, you and your life will flower.  

Uranus and Jupiter energies:

Note that Uranus at 26 Aries and Jupiter at 15 Aries are sending revolution, blessing and expansion to the New Moon.

Uranus and Jupiter energies combined are: Sudden release of strain. Optimism, lucky chance, blissful realization. There’s the desire for knowledge, the aspiration of inner perception, good intuition, fortunate ideas which can be realized, organizing abilities, feel for the new. Quick grasp of a situation. Prudence, far-sightedness. Philosophical interests. love of freedom, urge for independence!

So note that Uranus (and Jupiter) are opposition the New Moon

Uranus (and Jupiter) are opposition Mars!

Uranus Mars energy is sudden application of effort, an extraordinary amount of energy suddenly made available. The urge for freedom, quick determination. Courage. Fighting spirit. You become the Freedom Fighter, the Revolutionary.

Avoid obstinacy and arguing.

Jupiter Mars energy is successful creative activity, successful enterprises, directed will-power, Love of enterprise. Blessing and the Joy of living. Organizing talent. Creative power. Ability to procreate. The capable organizer. Fortunate business deals.

Avoid Exaggeration. Haste. Immoderation.

Ketu South Node in Virgo:

The second energy running at the time of this New Moon is that Ketu South Node has entered Virgo 30.10.23, and thus brings a call for each of us to rise above Virgo critical nature and ALSO for each of us to embrace the Virgo healing nature.

If you have natal planets in Virgo (or in the first 15 degrees of Libra), you’ll likely be called to deal with activations of scripts from your past lives and ancestry.

These karmic scripts that govern our life and call us to heal and burn those karmas in this life are so well described by some of the Varga (Divisional) charts of Vedic Astrology.

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Rahu North Node in Pisces Gandanta:

And because Rahu North Node is at 29 Pisces, in the Gandanta zone, opposite, the sorts of things you will be Dirven to do could involve intuitive openings and puzzlings and answers – and so also embracing intuitive and earth-based healing approaches from the Virgoan activation by Ketu South Node.

If you have natal planets in the Pisces Gandanta, be absolutely certain to delve deep into what is arising for you at the time of this new Moon. It could be the key to understanding things about yourself that are buried away. It could be the key to you opening to the Vastness, to the Diine realization realm. It could be the key to you becoming the fullness of you. It could be VERY unworldly. It could be VERY materially unsupportive of you and your life.

I’ve got my natal Moon at 20 Pisces 56, deep in the Pisces-Aries Gandanta. It means ‘Mother will not be there for You’. It was finding out about the Vedic Astrology concept of the Gandanta that converted me to add Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology 28 years ago – because Westen Astrology knows nothing of the Gandanta Zones. Of course, the Gandanta Zones don’t show up if you use the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology. It is so utterly crucial to know if you have a planet in a Gandanta Zone, and what being in a Gandanta Zone does to that planet. It is always totally life-altering!!!

But equally of course be aware that you must have Western Astrology in addition to Vedic Astrology. For example my first Vedic Astrology Teacher told me ‘Mars is your strongest planet’ (in Scorpio) but Vedic Astrology is unaware that I have Chiron conjunct Mars, so unfortunately the wonderful guy’s comment was nonsense.

And you also do need to add Lilith to Vedic Astrology. For example importing Lilith into my D2 Varga Chart: the Hora Chart, has utterly and vastly increased the accuracy of its declaration of my key-to-know D2 issues.

If you have natal planets in any of the three Gandanta zones, get a Reading from me so that you can properly understand them and short-cut years of blind-folded struggling. The three Gandanta Zones are water sign to fire sign transition points: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius. Allow up to 4 deg either side of the zero point of sign transition. Note that the closer your planet is to the zero point of sign transition, the vaster will be the immateriality and unknowenness of the Gandanta zone, and the vaster will be it immateriality, but the huger will be its opening to the realm of Divine Realizations that are beyond this material realm. It’s the world of Shiva, of Vishnu, of Krishna, it’s Nirvana. It’s Hekate. It’s Pluto/Persephone. It’s Ishtar/Innana. Get a reading from me.

There are just two more facets to the energy of this New Moon that I need to mention:

Saturn Now Direct and Opposition Lilith:

On November 4th, Saturn turned Direct at 6 Aquarius in Dhanishta Nakshatra. This means that we are running out of time now to meet Saturn’s divine imperative that we tie up loose ends and complete unfinished business. Now we are called to embrace concrete successful strategies going forward in our lives.

Saturn is actually opposition Lilith at 10 Leo at the time of this New Moon. We really are being called to delve deep into key life issues and awareness issue and life scripts that have long been buried in our Unconscious and in our Shadow Side. This is major. Such Liberation can come from this if you are open to noticing what is arising, if you are open to developing the insight and bringing in the needed sea-change.

AND Mercury in the heavens is actually T-square this Saturn-Lilith opposition at 10 Scorpio. With Lilith exactly square Mercury, we are all called to speak our truth, speak our fullness, speak what’s been hidden and suppressed al our life!

Pluto Square the Nodal Axis

Pluto is at 4 Capricorn square the Nodes at 29 Virgo/29 Pisces. The Pluto square the Nodal Axis is waning now. But do be open to coming more into your power. Do be open now to dealing with fated and past-life-originating and ancestral-origination wounds and wrong-behaviour scripts. Be open to magnifying your perception now. Stop playing blind about your scripts!

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