November Astrology Detailed Time Table

Here is the November 2020 Astrology Detailed Time Table.
Make sure to also see the accompanying Astrology of November 2020 Crucial Overview Statement

Here is the November 2020 Astrology Detailed Time Table Video Pt 1:

And see the Pt 2 Video here.

Su in November 2020:
In November, Sun moves from 15 deg Vedic Libra to 14 degrees Vedic Scorpio.
This is Sun moving through Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, moving into Vishakha Nakshatra on 6th November, entering Vedic Scorpio on 16th November, and entering Anuradha Nakshatra on 19th November.
Importantly, note that while Sun is in Vedic Libra until 16th November, he receives an 8th House aspect from Mars. This is an energy of violence. And when Sun moves into Vedic Scorpio from 16th November, Sun will be in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars! More violence potential and risk!
(This is Sun moving from 9 Scorpio to 8 Sagittarius in the Western Tropical Zodiac)

There’s a New Moon on 15th November, a Full Moon on 30th November, and then a super powerful New Moon Eclipse on 14th December:

New Moon 15.11.2020
Sun and Moon at 29 deg Vedic Libra, Vishakha Nakshatra Pada 3:
(this is 23 deg Western Scorpio)
Venus is in very low dignity being in Vedic Virgo, the sign of his debilitation.
It is very important for us to make New Moon intentions that we will seek to bring in by the time of the Full Moon. This Full Moon is an eclipse. Eclipses bring undamming of stuck energy – for good or ill. This New Moon is a good time to look at what is dammed up in your life, and identify the blocks that you are hanging on to that stop the energy of the Real You being expressed.

Full Moon 30.11.2020: ECLIPSE
Moon at 15 Vedic Taurus, Rohini Nakshatra pada 2:
(this is 8 deg Western Gemini)
Sun at 14 deg Scorpio, Anuradha Nakshatra pada 4:
(8 deg Western Sagittarius)
Jupiter is in very low dignity, having just entered Vedic Capricorn, the sign of his debilitation

Lunations Contd. Looking ahead to next month:
New Moon Eclipse on 14th December:
This is at 29 deg Vedic Scorpio, and is within the Gandanta energy zone that lies between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It’s at the very end of Jyestha Nakshatra, in Abhukta Mula zone influence.
See the western and Vedic charts for this Full Moon Eclipse and also the natal chart of Donald Trump, in my November Starwheel Astrology webpage:
This Eclipse falls on the natal Moon conjunct Ketu (South Node) in Donald Trump’s birth chart, and is also activating his natal Sun-Rahu (North Node) – Uranus conjunction opposite in Vedic Taurus.
Please see my earlier blog and video where I predicted that this would unhinge the stability of his mind, leading him to behave with aggressive even violent behaviours, with quite a dark opportunistic dimension to them.
Also please see the blog and video which is part of this November Newsletter where I show how the destinies of Donald Trump and the USA are fatedly and darkly intertwined and reaching a peak from 2020 and are creating huge and dark power scenarios that will peak for the first time in early 2023, and these are all to do with the power issues and the descent into the Shadow of the Pluto Return of the USA, which has its first exact peak in early 2023.
But the key thing is the dark-originating behaviours at this time are also driving many to seek the LIGHT, and the whole phase has to be seen in these spiritual terms.

Note that there are more eclipses than usual: six in 2020:
And note that it is the case that two eclipses of 2001, the year of the 9/11 twin towers, were on June 21st and December 14th, that year too: same dates. Same degrees.
And note that with the eclipse of 30th November, the world enters a new eclipse season, where eclipses are marked for their undamming of stuck energies (for good or ill) ad for earthquakes and tsunamis.
Note that the Nodes of the Moon only just changed sign on 23rd September, from Vedic Gemini opposition Vedic Sagittarius, to their present sign placement in Vedic Taurus to Vedic Scorpio, where the Nodes will be transiting until March 2022.
Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra (within Gemini, and ruled by Rahu) was the signature for the Coronavirus epidemic, which as I predicted was waning somewhat until September 2020, but with the Nodes changing signs, as I predicted, their energy destabilised and re-peaked, leading to a ‘second wave’, but I do feel this will abate during the first three months of 2021.
Note that the transit of the Nodes of the Moon through Gemini-Sagittarius creates an energy which is usually associated with catastrophes.

Mercury starts November at 2 deg Vedic Libra, retrograding to 1 degree Vedic Libra on the day of the US Presidential election: 3.11.2020.
Mercury turns direct at 1 deg Libra, on the day of the Presidential Election.
On the day of the election Mercury is very powerful indeed, because of his zero velocity.
Note that Mercury will be in Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars, and Mars will be in Revati Nakshatra ruled by Mercury at this date of the Mercury station. Mercury receives an 8th House aspect from Mars. The distortion of Mercury by violence and rhetoric will be horrific and we will have to eb very careful, both individually and especially in the USA as well.
And this is the same Mercury status that led to the problems of the presidential election in the year 2000, that led to recount and supreme court hearing and delay of the announcement of the winner of the election.
There will be similar lack of clarity and similar confusion and delay at this time in 2020.
Moreover, to make matters more extreme:
a. The Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction sends a square to Mercury making Mercury is a very torn state.
b. Neptune is square the Nodal Axis at this time, bringing destined illusion and deception.
c.Note that Uranus is opposition Mercury on November 17th at 13 deg Aries to Libra. Use this energy for Mercury conceptual breakthrough and revolution inspiration. Negatively it’s more Mercury problems! Revolutionary speech!

Mercury has been in a generally horrible state for months.
Mercury enters Vedic Scorpio on November 28th.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Ketu in the huge (9/11) eclipse of December 14th. Both Mercury and Ketu are at 25 deg Scorpio.
Positively make this a case of conceptual and communication breakthrough.

Venus starts November at 11 deg Vedic Virgo, his sign of debilitation. He enters Libra on 17th November, the sign he rules, having Mulatrikona good strength and very good dignity.
Please do be aware of Venus’ debilitation for the first 16 days of November. Make a special effort to keep love alive. Make a special effort to keep beauty and harmony alive.
Just look at the state of Venus in the planet dignity graph for 1st November!:

Note that on 27th November, Uranus opposes Venus at 13 deg Aries/Libra. This can be very creative, I find.

Mars starts November at 22 deg Vedic Pisces, the sign of his debilitation.
Mars is Retrograde until 14th November, when he turns Direct at 21 deg Vedic Pisces.
Slow motion planets carve their energies deeper and more powerfully, so Mars is doing that in November!
Mars Retrograde in Pisces brings violent angry emotions. Mars stationing and turning direct on November 14th will intensify the frustration, disturbance of the equilibrium of the mind, over-emotionalism, anger, polarisation and fighting.
This station and transit of Mars will also be accompanied by severe weather and can be associated with earthquakes.
Pisces is the 4th House of the USA Kelleher chart. So, this predicts fighting in the homeland.
Mars ends November at 22 deg Pisces, still in the sign of his Debilitation.
And looking ahead into next month: Mars in the Gandanta for the third time: Mars is in the Pisces to Aries Gandanta from December 18th – 29th. So, this means that we are back to the insubstantial fear-ridden Gandanta energies (that can bring intuition etc – to some).
Mars actually enters Vedic Aries on 24th December.
Note that Mars’ energy is actually very turbulent and stressful and irritable from June 2020 to February 2021. See my Video and Blog about the energies, and also my second video and blog post about the Time Table of these difficult Mars energies over those seven months.

Jupiter starts November at 27 deg Vedic Sagittarius.
Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn on 20th November.
He ends November at 2 deg Vedic Capricorn.
Note that the dignity state of Jupiter collapses once he enters Vedic Capricorn
See the sign dignity graph and the Shodasha Vargas dignity graph:

Yes, Jupiter helps Saturn when Jupiter is in Capricorn (it’s worse when Saturn is on his own in Capricorn without Jupiter), but this does NOT undermine the basic statement. Just look at the above Dignity Tables!
And in any case, Jupiter moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius next year, on 20th November 2021. Saturn will be on his own then in Capricorn, without any enlargement/blessing energy from Jupiter.
Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Capricorn in November, where he is debilitated.
This will mean – Recession:
Please be clear that and the last time Jupiter was here was 2008, when Jupiter’s collapse of strength and dignity created the Recession that occurred then. Here in Ireland this was the end of The Celtic Tiger, and loads of empty half-finished houses stand around where we live from the bursting of that Bubble.
Please be clear that Recession is coming the way of several countries, and many individuals, from the end of November. Prepare now for possible recession. Maybe cut your expenditure. Diversify your income sources.
Please note that the recession will not end when Jupiter leaves Vedic Capricorn to enter Vedic Aquarius on 21st November 2021. This is because Jupiter will still be in a Saturn ruled sign, end even more influential than that, Saturn will be without Jupiter’s support in Vedic Capricorn, so Saturn will rule supreme!

These come together in exact conjunction on 12th November at 28 sag
What explosive transformation can this bring???
Striving for power by the masses?
Explosion of righteous fundamentalist energies?
This conjunction is in the Sign of Sagittarius which can fan religious fundamentalism and extreme dogmatic beliefs, and terrorism can be associated with these. Social uprising!
This conjunction is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra which is ruled by the Sun, and so is typified by uncompromising behaviour and strongly adhered to beliefs. This UttaraAshadha context will make the Jupiter Pluto conjunction even more unbending and demanding and confrontational. And that will lead to polarisation and polarisation will fan the aggression.
The energy of UttaraAshadha is one of power, vitality, strength, leadership.
Its Power animal/Yoni is Mongoose- typified by qualities of viciousness and speed.
Its Caste is Kshatriya, Warrior.
Its name in translation means ‘unchallenged victory’. the latter invincible one.
Its qualities are enduring, invincible, aggressive. It can storm its way forward. It has dogged persistence to succeed. They are usually very responsible within the framework of their views and beliefs. They are challengers with a forceful path. Think what this dogged confrontational energy background for the Jupiter Pluto conjunction will do for individuals and for societies, at this time!
Extreme beliefs will take on a fated illusion (Neptune square the Nodes) that will fuels conflict.

Saturn starts November at 2 deg Vedic Capricorn. He ends November at 4 deg Vedic Capricorn. This is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.
As I said above in the section on Jupiter, Jupiter’s strength collapses when he transits into Capricorn on 20th November, with Saturn left as the super strong victor. And this will favour the US Republican Party.
Saturn is picking up speed after his very long station at 1 deg Capricorn, since he retrograded and turned Direct on 29th September.
Saturn is in very high dignity and strength in November. This is because he’s in Capricorn, which is his own sign.
The world therefore experiences a major shift of prevailing energies from 20th November, when Jupiter leaves his own sign of Sagittarius, to the collapse of Jupiter’s strength when he enters Capricorn on 20th November, with Saturn being left the victor – and super strong.
Yes, Jupiter helps Saturn when Jupiter is in Capricorn, but this does NOT undermine the basic statement.
And in any case, as I said above, Jupiter moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius next year, on 20th November 2021. Saturn will be on his own then in Capricorn, without any enlargement/blessing energy from Jupiter – by which time Saturn will have reached 14 deg Capricorn.
Saturn enters Vedic Aquarius on 18th January 2023.
Most importantly, note that the last time Jupiter was in Vedic Capricorn was in 2008: the time of the economic collapse and recession.
This transit of Jupiter into Capricorn, now, will set a tone for severe economic difficulties, which will be brought in as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, and will bite more and more as 2020 progresses.
Jupiter strong in Sagittarius favoured the US Democrats with their more egalitarian and globalist attitudes. But from November 20th, Jupiter’s strength collapses and Saturn is far the stronger, and Saturn in Capricorn energies favour the US Republicans with their closed sense of national borders and stratified society.
This increase in the power of Saturn and collapse in the power of Jupiter, will have major repressive effect on US events and on global economies, from 20th November.

Jupiter enters Capricorn on 20th Nov 2020.
Then it’s Jupiter conjunct Saturn as an exact conjunction 16 Dec 2020.
The energy of this will be Saturn harming Jupiter as the conjunction is occurring in Vedic Capricorn which Saturn rules.
Let’s not quibble, Jupiter in Capricorn will help Saturn a bit: Yes, Jupiter helps Saturn when Jupiter is in Capricorn, but this does NOT undermine the basic statement.

Uranus retrogrades from 14 to 13 deg Aries in November. There is a revolutionary Full Moon conjunct Uranus on 31.10.2020 see my video and blog post about this revolutionary offering to each of us, especially those with planets in Vedic Aries or Libra!
Uranus continues retrograding until 14th January 2021 when he turns Direct at 12 deg Aries. Note the slow velocity of Uranus from now until his returning Direct, and then for a couple of months after that. Uranus will be carving the energies of revolution deeply.

Neptune is square the Nodal Axis at this time, at 24 deg Vedic Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
Neptune is Retrograde most of November, but turns Direct on 29th November.
Neptune is powerful in Purvabhadra.
Neptune operates in a heightened fated destined way while he is square the Nodal Axis, as he is now.
Negatively, Neptune creates an energy of illusion and delusion, deception and confusion.
By ‘coincidence’, Neptune was conjunct the Nodal axis, he was conjunct Ketu the South Node at the time of the Presidential election 2016 when all the media hype predicted a win for Hillary Clinton, and this all turned out to be mass deception.
But do not at all expect all to be revealed and all to become sweetness and light because of Neptune square the Nodal axis at this time.
Neptune never delivers that.
The USA has yet to go into the depth of its Pluto Return (see below) and the first exact peak of that does not happen until early 2023. The USA is not past the beginning of the karmic calamitous events that will surface around the issues I list below in the section on Pluto.
Yes, in June 2021, Jupiter stations at 7 deg Vedic Aquarius, conjunct the Moon of the chart for the USA. This can bring the feeling of happiness and benevolence and religiosity. But the Jupiter-Moon combination is not just positive in its possible manifestations. Jupiter can magnify the fluctuating problems of Moon’s emotionalism and disadvantages through wastefulness or squandering.
Exact on April 11th 2022, Jupiter becomes conjunct at 29 deg Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, with Jupiter and Neptune both then entering Vedic Pisces: Jupiter on 13th April 2022, Neptune on 18th April 2022.
According to Reinhold Ebertin, this is the Jupiter-Neptune energy quality that each of us and the world will receive:
PRINCIPLE:              compassion, mysticism, artisticness, speculation, deception
+          abundance of feeling or emotional expression. Active and intense imagination. Idealism. The enjoyment of moulding things, art, music. Interest in the metaphysical and religious. Great love of humanity. The ability to give love to those who need it. Stability in material things. Generosity overdone. Love of humanity. Idealism. Mysticism. An interest in art.
–          impressionability. Seducability. Dreaminess. A conflict between vision and ‘reality’. The inclination to revel or idealize. Constantly misunderstood. The inclination to speculate. Wastefulness.
SOCIOLOGICAL:         visionaries. Dreamers. Mystics. Hypocrites. speculators
+                 the pursuit of idealistic inclinations. A merciful and compassionate nature. The tendency to speculate. Gain without effort
–                  a poor speculation. Seduction. One’s instability causes a scandal. Losses. Political conflicts.
But positively, please do note that, if we are open to it, and can manage the energy positively, Neptune sends us energy that supports vision work and shamanic healing, and creates inspiration and intuition. We have to develop discrimination of course, when we are working with Neptune.
PurvaBhadra Nakshatra is such a powerful energy context for Neptune, ruled by Jupiter, its power animal is the male lion, and its symbol is the sword: the sword both as a weapon, and as cutting of ties to our attachments. Deaths and endings. Its quality is Fierce. the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through the destructive storm. Unique, eccentric and mystical. Impetuous and opinionated. Must follow their own path: to Hell or to Heaven. fascination with the dark side of life. Sacrifice has to be undertaken for a Higher Cause. Motivated to make a difference to the world. Independent and self-reliant. Sincere and hard-working.
Can achieve deep philosophical wisdom. At their best these people are humane, hopeful philosophical, truthful, charitable, liberal, systematic and polite.
Very active: These people can rush into immature mistakes, and lay heavy, even violent, even ‘head-banging’ trips on others.

Pluto moves from 28 to 29 degrees Vedic Sagittarius in November. Pluto is super-energised by Jupiter, who joins him exact on 12th November.
A key factor is the Pluto in the heavens now is closing on Pluto in the chart of the USA.
Pluto is at 24 deg Vedic Sagittarius now, and he enters Capricorn on 31st December.
When the USA was born Pluto was at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn.
And Pluto in the heavens is closing on this degree as the Pluto return becomes more and more exact for the USA:
Pluto is at 3 deg Vedic Capricorn on 1st Jan 2023.
Pluto is at 4 deg Vedic Capricorn on 17th January 2023.
Pluto is at 5 degrees Capricorn on 18th February 2023.
Pluto reached 6 degrees Capricorn on 4th April 2023 – The Pluto Return of the USA is exact, and there will be further hits.
What Pluto Return means is:
Going into the dark and the shadow so that these ideally can be healed and raised to the light.
Encountering issues of power, including very negative uses of power, so that we may each embrace our true and proper power.
The Pluto Return is a Journey to the Underworld, a Journey to the Abyss, such as Greek myth recorded for Persephone, and such as Babylonian myth recorded for Ishtar (also called Inanna). Both Persephone and Inanna came out of their Journey to the Underworld empowered, and in the case of Inanna, beautified as well: from being Goddess of the Earth she also became Goddess of Love as well.
But if darkness and power is used wrongly, this created Genghis Khan!

Chiron transits 12 Vedic Pisces in November 2020, in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.
That’s 6 Aries in the western Tropical Zodiac.
Chiron is Retrograde all month.

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