November Astrology Crucial Overview

Welcome to our November Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter with the Astrology of Neptune 2020. This is the crucial overview. Do also see the wonderful detailed November Astrology Time Table with so much more detailed information and interpretation.

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Firstly, I would like to say that we are so pleased and honoured to announce the launch of Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks new on-line Kabbalah Course.
Dr Liz writes: The world is in a state of crisis.  Fear and anger rise as a result.  Learning more about yourself and your personal mission can bring relief to anxiety and dread. Live Well and Connect to Spirit in these Crazy Times.
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November 2020 astrology is so big that there are also an exceptional number of crucial super-helpful add-on parts, the details of which are at the end of this post, and they are also shown on my November 2020 Astrology webpage:

The truth is we are in for a dark period from now to 2023 and beyond. The factors all become clear this month. And the key fact to be aware of is that this rising of the darkness can be used to embrace more and more the light, and so many people are doing this. There’s certainly a wonderful Healers Community growing round where I live on the northwest coast of Ireland, and I want to pay tribute to all of them but especially to the work of Claire Louise Knifton organising monthly Healer’s Fairs and weekly transcendance dance sessions that are so healing, and also doing her ancestral healing sessions online.

In summary, I am predicting a world where fear and darkness will be on the rise for at least three years, and where there will be social division and fighting and recession. So do plan for this now. Basically, I am rationalising my on-line work, embarking on spiritual journeys with beloved colleagues, we are building two AirBnB extensions to diversify our income, and I am planning wonderful extensions to my Sacred West of Ireland Tours for when I believe Coronavirus restrictions will allow me to reopen them in March 2021. A wonderful additional feature will be vision journeys for Healing and Empowerment to meet the Gods and Goddess of the ancient Irish and Norse at the very high energy very ancient sacred sites round here. My wife Maggie Pashley is developing her many online healing modalities yet further, particularly with the addition of even deeper Hypnosis techniques, and also developing her face to face Healings at the Sligo Wellness Centre. She is developing earth energies work, which wonderfully tie in to our Sacred West of Ireland Tours, including use of the Lecher Antenna energy measurement and healing, pioneered locally by Dame Anne Marie Delmotte.

Venus starts November at 11 deg Vedic Virgo, his sign of debilitation. He enters Libra on 17th November, the sign he rules, having Mulatrikona good strength and very good dignity.
Please do be aware of Venus’ debilitation for the first 16 days of November. Make a special effort to keep love alive. Make a special effort to keep beauty and harmony alive.

In November, Mars’ debilitation ensures that there will be quite a measure of violence and frustration, both in our personal consciousnesses and also at the level of our societies. This brings so much irritation, at this time that the Dark and the Shadow are rising in the form of Pluto. Many will get sucked into the super-strong and strengthening Negative, now. But this is actually a call to embrace the Light, which many are doing now. This multi-faceted difficult Mars transit lasts from 20th June 2020 to February 2021.

Weak Planets:
So many planets are weak or disturbed in November, especially Mercury and Venus and Jupiter.

Saturn, however, is super-strong, so there will be blocks and demands for loose ends to be tied up now and for needed goals to be completed patiently, demand for karmas to be experienced, worked with and ideally healed – both at the individual level, and at the level of our societies. The negative level of receiving strong Saturn is rigid conventional thinking and action at the personal and also the political level, blocks and cruelty, oppression of the more beautiful and spiritual facets of our lives.

Neptune is square the Nodal Axis, and so he is delivering an evolutionary imperative, now: We will all have to deal with phantasms of Untruth and deception and confabulation that will arise at both the personal and at the political and social levels. Countries will be enmired in lies and illusions, but with the divine purpose that we learn to discriminate and develop truth in our vision. The wonderful side of Neptune is vision work, intuition and sensitivity.

The Satrun Jupiter Pluto Conjunction:
The vastly powerful and super-rare Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction in the heavens morphs and evolves through to the end of the year and in to 2021, but basically, it’s energy is to bring conflict between:
Repression and Freedom
Plutocracy or spiritual breakthrough and raising of consciousness now.
Structure and Originality
Blocks or your Breakthrough

Note the super slow velocity of Uranus around 12 deg Vedic Aries, from now until his turning Direct in January, and then for a couple of months after that. Uranus will be carving the energies of revolution so deeply now. What is the needed Revolution you need to bring into your life now. Do not evade this question, for the alternative is living a half-life at best.
Uranus transiting Vedic Aries is a vast energy. Remember, it was the last ingress of Uranus into Aries that was the energy for Hitler’s burning of the Reichstadt and bringing in World War 2.

Pluto in particular absolutely insists that the Shadow is faced, and that we each face our personal darkness and Unconscious now, and that from doing that we arise and embrace our proper power and light ,that our Incarnation this time calls us to manifest this time, so that we are free to more fully embody the Light. This Journey to the Shadow and arising to Power (positively or negatively) applies both on the personal and on the social/political planes.

Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Capricorn in November, where he is debilitated. Please be clear that and the last time Jupiter was here was 2008, when Jupiter’s collapse of strength and dignity created the Recession that occurred then. Here in Ireland this was the end of The Celtic Tiger, and loads of empty half-finished houses stand around where we live from the bursting of that Bubble.
Please be clear that Recession is coming the way of several countries, and many individuals, from the end of November. Prepare now for possible recession. Maybe cut your expenditure. Diversify your income sources.
Please note that the recession will not end when Jupiter leaves Vedic Capricorn to enter Vedic Aquarius on 21st November 2021. This is because Jupiter ill still be in a Saturn ruled sign, end even more influential that that, Saturn will be without Jupiter’s support in Vedic Capricorn, so Saturn will rule supreme!
Jupiter joins Saturn exact on 12th November at 28 sag. What explosive transformation can this bring??? We each need to make sure it’s a very positive explosion in our lives. It is potentially spiritual breakthrough. But in the USA at the social/political level it will be very much other than that! Please see my ‘November detailed Time Table’ video and blog!

Trump and the USA Entwined Destiny:
There are a number of separate sections to my November Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter, and these are listed immediately below, but note that one of these is entitled: ‘Trump and the USA have deeply shared Destinies Now’. His personal astrology is SO entwined with the astrology of the USA, at this time.
Basically, the entwined destinies of Trump and the USA, means that the USA will increasingly be having to face issues of:
Aggression and oppression.
Brash aggressive superficiality versus more sober expression and debate.
Plutocracy or more equality.
Closed borders or globalism.
The violence and genocide of the original white European conquest of USA territory.
All These will come to a head in early 2023.

The key factor is that Pluto is returning in the Heavens now to the position he occupied at the date the US threw off the imprisoning colonial yoke of the British Empire. This si called the Pluto Return.
The first exact date of this Pluto Return is 4th April 2023.

So, in summary, what these times are about are:

The Rising of the Dark now – Multitudes will experience the Dark now, as the Pluto Return becomes exact

And this actually increases:

The Rising of the Light now – So many individuals will be pushed towards embracing the light now.

So, this concludes my Crucial Overview Statement for the Astrology of November 2020.

Also see my Nov 2020 video and blog for the Detailed Astrology Time Table for November 2020 and going forward from that.

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