November 2021 Detailed Astrology Summary

Read this wonderful summary of a month of key and explosive great change energies that so very much need to be understood.

November 2021 will feel a very tense month, essentially due to the problems Mars encounters with an ongoing train crash of conjunctions and oppositions from other planets, but also most importantly because Mars is transiting Vedic Libra, the sign where Mars gets into a big mess and can’t express himself easily or properly.

But also take into account the fraught aspects to the New Moon on 4th November.

And also take into account the eclipse Full Moon of 19th November, which is exactly conjunct the star Argol, notorious in the valid and ancient Star Lore for violence and people losing their heads. A time to be so wise and careful, in fact – but how many will?

And note that the consequences of the Uranus transit square to Saturn will be of a revolutionary earthquake nature both in our personal lives, but also at the social structure level and the economic level. This Uranus Saturn square reaches its third hit this year on 24th December, and its explosive tension is growing all through this month of November 2021.

However, do also note that the violent energies will actually increase as the Uranus to Saturn square becomes exact on 24th December, and because of the Mars in Scorpio transit from December 5th to January 16th, with Mars going through the energy fields created by the eclipses, indeed Mars transiting into conjunction with Ketu/South Node, exact on 14th December at 6 Scorpio, where the Mars-Ketu energy epitomizes violence so often.

And it’s not only violent energies that are growing. Note that Jupiter closes on Neptune with a steadily growing manifestation that grows to an exact conjunction on 13.4.2022, whose negative manifestation encompass speculation, deception, impressionability, Seducability, conflict between vision and ‘reality’, inclination to idealize and to speculate, wastefulness, hypocrisy, instability causing scandals, losses and political conflicts.

Please note that all this, the divisive and violent energies, plus the deceptive energies – these will all will tend to fan the social and political and even military confrontationism that so ridiculously our times have become increasingly addicted to. And all this will only further polarize the political correctness to which more spiritual and genuine ways of relating to our fellow humans is being increasingly and self-righteously sacrificed. And above all, all this will only tend to fan the inexorable rise of the imperative to contact (and ideally heal) the darkness underlying the USA, that is, in fact, the energy of the Pluto Return of the USA which is moving to its first peak in May 2023. The experience of the historical and present darkness ideally should lead to healing. But sadly, I do not feel that it will be handled that way, on the whole. Read on for my careful presentation of the November 2021 astrology detail.

For the charts, for this month ahead, see the Western and Vedic Astrology charts on my November 2021 webpage.


Follow the Sun. This summary will help you make sense of the changing Sun energies that will strongly affect you, and the way you feel. The Sun is our sense of Self: The Divine Charioteer that drives the chariot of Self. Such changeable energies could really confuse the charioteer about his nature and his needed way forward and his ability to keep on needed course.

Sun is in very different strength between the first half of November 2021, and also gets caught up in radically different planet combinations as November unfolds. In particular, it is important to know that Sun is super-weakened around 24th November, but in a way that can be received in a very visionary and spiritual state, if we are aware.

Sun transits from 15 Libra to 14 Scorpio in November. Sun leaves Libra for Scorpio on 16th November.

Sun starts November in Swati Nakshatra, enters Vishakha Nakshatra on 6th November, enters Anuradha Nakshatra on 20th November, ending the month in Anuradha.

Sun is very weak and debilitated while in Libra up to November 16th.
Sun’s dignity is -3 whilst in Libra, but his Dignity score rises to +2, when he enters Scorpio from 16th November. The max possible dignity score is +5 points.

Sun starts November with an opposition from Uranus and this is while Mars is receiving a square from Pluto!!!

The Uranus opposition Sun aspect becomes exact on 4th November: revolutionary, independent, freedom-loving, rebellious, tense and confrontative.

Sun moves into a trine from Neptune, which gets exact on 12th November: a sensitive a dreamy energy.

Sun moves into ever closer orb of a square from Jupiter from 9th November, wanting to feel confident proud and happy, but having to deal with blocks, and this Jupiter to Sun square gets exact on 15th November (when Sun is sextile Pluto).

The very big one is that Sun is exactly conjunct Ketu/South Node in the heavens on 23rd November at 7 Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra.
And Mercury joins the Sun-Ketu conjunction on 24th November. This leaves Mercury badly combusted and in a real mess.

With Ketu transiting Sun, you may face the challenge of feeling weak and unappreciated, anti-authority, insubstantial and uncomfortable grasping and holding on to your rightful power. This could be a very difficult energy for you.

Ketu joining Mercury could make us confused as to the value of the rational and melt down linear thought and communication. This may be hard to handle, though the non-linear and the instinctive/intuitive side of us is so valuable too, if we know how to fully contact it and properly value it and use it.

By 28th November, Sun and Mercury are moving into a trine aspect from Chiron, where Saturn emerges as sextile both Chiron and Sun by the very end of the month. This could be sobering as well as carrying a gift of healing.


Mercury transits from 29 Virgo to 15 Scorpio in November 2021.

Mercury energy affects our conceptual though and communication patterns. It is so important to note that Mercury is getting mixed up in some very fiery company indeed in November 2021, an energy which will manifest as irritation or rage and also demagoguing. So, it will be worth your while to follow the ever- changing chameleon identity changes that quicksilver Mercury is making in your consciousness and in your communications:

Mercury Retrograde Shadow ends:

Mercury has reached 1 Libra on 27th September, so this means that Mercury will be out of the shadow of his recent retrograde from 1st November.

Mercury square Pluto:

It is most important to note that Mercury is square Pluto at the start of November, exact on Nov 2nd.

Positively this energy is: Great depth and power of thought and speech, at its best, on the personal level.

But note that negatively it is also: the demagogue: the wielding of influence through speech or writing, the zealot.

And note that it is in force of course at the time of the result of the Virginia Governor Election where Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate for Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, is currently tied with Terry McAuliffe in the race for governor, in the context of a knife-edge Democrat majority in the House.

Yod: From 6th November, Mercury changes to become sextile Venus and these two planets form the base of a Yod whose apex is Rahu North Node.

The Yod chart aspect shape is the ‘Finger of God’ and gives special power to the manifestation of the apex planet, here Rahu. It will magnify Rahu – and Rahu will be demagogic speech, smoke and mirrors and driving ambition.

At the foot of this Yod, note that there is tacked on another chart aspect shapes called a ‘psychic Eye’.

This psychic Eye chart aspect shape consists of Venus sextile Mercury, where both Venus and Mercury are semi-sextile Ketu/South Node. This figure adds a great striving energy to the Yod.

Mercury closes on Mars by 8th November, giving a Mars-Mercury energy to this Yod, as well. The two are exact on 10th November, which means that Mars will be combusting Mercury whose speech and thought will be fiery and angry at this time.

Watch out for the manifestations of this in your personal thoughts and communication – but watch out for how this will manifest at the political and social levels.

And from this date onwards, Mercury moves into ever closer exact opposition from Uranus, which is exact on 18th November

From 19th November, Mercury is moving into ever closer association with the Sun-Ketu/South Node conjunction. On that day, Sun is at 3 deg Scorpio, closing on Ketu which is at 7 Scorpio.

As I said above, Mercury joining the Sun-Ketu conjunction on 24th November, leaves Mercury badly combusted and in a real mess.

With Ketu transiting Sun, you may face the challenge of feeling weak and unappreciated, anti-authority, insubstantial and uncomfortable grasping and holding on to your rightful power. This could be a very difficult energy for you.

Ketu joining Mercury could make us confused as to the value of the rational and melt down linear thought and communication. This may be hard to handle, though the non-linear and the instinctive/intuitive side of us is so valuable too, if we know how to fully contact it and properly value it and use it.

Mercury joins Ketu exact at 7 Scorpio on 25th November (by which date Sun has reached 9 Scorpio).

Mercury joins Sun exact at 13 Scorpio on 29.11.21, when Mercury is of course completely Combust. Indeed, as a very special possible ‘twist to the tale’, Mercury is actually cazimi, which is said to potentially afford unexpected breakthrough ideas.

What a messy difficult month for our Mercury issues!


Venus transits from 2 to 26 deg Sagittarius in November 2021.

Venus starts of the month in a wide but fading square to Neptune.

Venus is also sextile Mercury, and indeed the two of them form the Psychic Eye chart aspect shape referred to in the Mercury section above, where the apex of which is Ketu, where the Psychic Eye is the cap of a Yod, a Finger of God, apex Rahu/North Node. This adds a great striving energy to the Yod. Though apart from the sextile to Mercury, all this is over by November 9th.

Chiron is square Venus, exact on 15th November. Watch out for issues around Venus arising which may point to an opportunity to make some healing.

From around 25th November, Venus is closing to a conjunction with Pluto, which becomes exact at 1 Capricorn on 11th December.
The energy of Venus/Pluto is madly in love. Compulsive attraction. Deep and special artistic giftedness.

Note also that Venus turns Retrograde at 2 deg Capricorn on 19th December.


Mars transits from 7 Libra in Swati Nakshatra to 27 Libra.

N.B. This fraught, huge and major and crucial to understand Mars transit, and please note that this train-crash energies sequence is the subject of a special keynote separate video and blog from me, and also a very special video and blog about the value of vision work and embodiment work with Mars, but the major events that Mars encounters in November 2021 can be summarized as follows:

4th November New Moon: This is a bit of a train crash for Mars. Don’t get caught up in the wreckage.

Mars is at 9 Libra; Mercury is at 4 Libra. The New Moon is at 18 Libra

The New Moon key aspects are that:

Repressive Saturn is at 13 Capricorn, so squaring Mercury and Mars and the New Moon.

Explosive Pluto is at 0 deg Capricorn, so squaring explosive Mars and irate Mercury.

It was only on 22nd October that Pluto was in exact square to Mars. No messing there! The Dark commands! Do it now!

Revolutionary Uranus is in exact opposition to this New Moon at 18 Aries, thus transmitting the call to storm the Bastille to Mars and Mercury too.

There’s such a battle call to people with major planets at the end of Vedic Virgo and through all of Vedic Libra.

Other signs are caught up in the mayhem too: Capricorn, Aries and Cancer for example. We all are!

A voluble aggressive Mercury and Mars join together at 12 Libra by 12th November.

The Revolutionary Uranus opposition Mars is exact on November 17th

The Eclipse Full Moon of November 19th has Mars is at 19 Libra in Swati Nakshatra on this violent Eclipse Day?

On November 25th, the Moon is T-square the Mars-Uranus opposition in the heavens.

Mars, Neptune and Venus: On 28th November, Mars at 25 Vedic Libra is Trine Neptune, where both Mars and Neptune are sextile Venus. Sounds the nicest Mars combination in the month so far!


Jupiter starts November at 28 Capricorn in Dhanistha Nakshatra, enters Aquarius on 20th November, and ends the month at 1 Aquarius. Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022.

Jupiter is in very low dignity while he transits Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, but his dignity rises from -3 to +1 when he enters Aquarius, though this is not strong as the max score is +5.

The implication of this low dignity of Jupiter is that all of us will have weakened connection offered to Guru connection, to Blessing, to sense of purpose and expansion.

Indeed, note that the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn brought about the Recession of 2008, when the Celtic Tiger Bubble burst here in Ireland, and there are indicators for Recession coming in from around this time in USA, EU and UK.

Jupiter squares the Sun on November 15th, with Jupiter at 29 deg Capricorn and Sun at 29 deg Libra. Although both planets are ‘rashi sandhi’ or weakened by being edge of sign, note this date because the energy should be good for taking action.

Jupiter squares Mercury on November 20th, with Jupiter at 0 deg Aquarius and Mercury at 0 deg Scorpio. This could be a positive time for expansive thinking or assisted good ideas.


Saturn only turned Direct on 11th October at 12 Capricorn.

And Saturn transits from 13 to 14 Degrees Capricorn in November 2021, in Sravana Nakshatra.
Saturn is thus carving his energies very deep and hard, even though there is the first shiver of forward motion.

Saturn is super-strong in Capricorn, the sign he rules.

The Divine purpose of Saturn in his Retrograde periods is to move us to adhere to our secure foundations before we seek to move forward. This is so important.

When Saturn was stationary, so much was held back. Many issues are still frozen. People feeling Depressed is more likely possibility, too.

We will all be forced to cut back on over-expansion, now, and pair down our work and life patterns to the basic required pathway – required by our soul purpose and destiny direction for this life.

We will each be forced to focus high priority on the life area indicated by the House in our Vedic chart that is Capricorn.
It is especially important to note that Saturn casts an opposition aspect to the sign of Cancer. Cancer people will be held back, forced to apply themselves, sad etc.

Note too that Saturn also casts an aspect to Libra, so Libra people will feel the same way. In fact, Saturn casts an exact aspect to Mars in Libra on November 11th:
Saturn at 13 deg Capricorn (which is conjunct Moon) casts a square to Mercury/Mars at 13 Libra. This will create depression and pessimism. But its higher manifestation is disciplined focus on communication and creativity in our lives at this time.

Uranus retrogrades from 18 to 17 degrees Vedic Aries in Bharani Nakshatra.
Uranus is casting an opposition aspect to Libra, and this is in addition to the Saturn aspect to Libra.

Libra people are thus caught up in the clashing of Revolution energies against limits, blocks and structures.

The Mars Opposite Uranus Transit brings an energy of nervous irritability which will unsettle or destroy your life patterns, anger and resentment which may have been building for some time, lashing out, going on the attack, impulsiveness, explosiveness and smashing tradition, breaking free of your responsibilities and obligations. To be handled with great care and awareness.

On November 13th, Uranus transits exactly opposition Mercury. Positively this is an innovative energy of revolutionary thinking and communication, but negatively the energy could be felt to be too fraught and nervy to make life comfortable.

On November 17th Uranus (which is conjunct Moon on this day) is opposition Mars, with Uransu at 18 deg Aries and Mars at 18 deg Libra. This is a revolutionary fraught sudden energy, an explosive energy. It is good to be forewarned is forearmed about this. Careful awareness of it can help us be receptive to good ideas out of nowhere, but overall the energy is violent action.

On November 18th Uranus trines Venus with Uranus at 18 deg Aries and Venus at 18 deg Sagittarius. This is a fun energy and could bring you happy relaxation. Watch out for nice leisure time around this date. Indeed, you might do something imaginative as Neptune is trine Mercury on this date, with Neptune at 26 Aquarius and Mercury at 26 Libra.

The Uranus-Saturn Square is totally major:
Saturn transits from 13 to 14 deg Capricorn in November, and from 14 to 17 deg Capricorn in December.

Uranus transits from 18 to 17 deg Aries in November and from 17 to 16 deg Aries in December.

Uranus is therefore square Saturn exact on 24th December 2021 at 16 deg Aries/Capricorn.

This is the third and final exact hit of the Uranus-Saturn square in 2021.

Uranus is the energy of Revolution,

Blocks in our life and in our society that seemed so impossible to smash, can now be more open to the revolution offered by Uranus, as Uranus is transiting square Saturn in the heavens now,

Uranus is smashing its energy against Saturn. Saturn is trying to grimly not give an inch.

This war of the Titans occurs at both the personal and the national level. and moves to its third exact hit on 21st December.

Uranus enters Taurus on 1.6.2024.


Neptune transits Retrograde at 26 Aquarius in November 2021, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. If Neptune is aspecting one of your planets, this will be a major experience for you.

Neptune trines Sun on November 12th with Neptune at 26 deg Aquarius and Sun at 26 deg Libra. This is a lovely energy for potential intuition and sensitivity.

Pluto transits 0 deg Capricorn in November 2021, in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.
Pluto turned Direct at 0 deg Vedic Capricorn on October 6th.

Really big. We may have been feeling disempowered and upset about the Pluto Retrograde period, but increasingly now we can take needed steps to own our power and come into our power and shed shackles that have been placed on our rightful needed power.

The Pluto Return of USA:
The other very big thing to note about transiting Pluto is that Pluto is transiting at 0 deg Capricorn in November 2021.

Pluto is at 6 deg Capricorn in the birth chart of the USA.

So, Pluto in the heavens is closing on Pluto in the birth chart fo the USA.

We are thus at the time when the Pluto Return of the USA growing to its exact first peak.

This will occur around May 2023: where so much darkness and bad power issues in the USA, dating from the moment of its birth and all years since, must now inevitably come into focus to be experienced and to be dealt with.

Healing of the shadow is not going to be quick or universal, but it will cast a dark driven imperative into the political and individual lives of America.

Negatively, this will give rise to intolerance, frenzy and divisiveness. But positively it will give many an impetus to embrace the light and bring more love into the dealings with the rest of the world.
N.B. Relevant to this USA Pluto Return, see the section I have written below on ‘Joe Biden and USA Astrology’.


Chiron transits retrograde at 15 deg Pisces in November 2021. It is at the start of Revati Nakshatra.

Chiron is our Existential Wound, in the healing of which we can become the Healer of others.

Big healing possibilities are being offered now, especially to those with key planets in the middle of Pisces or in the middle of Virgo. But if your other planets are aspected from transiting Chiron, this will be an opportunity too for healing of woundedness.

Do not underestimate the power of a Chiron Transit.

Rahu/North Node:

Rahu transits from 8 to 7 deg Taurus in November 2021, in Krittika Nakshatra.

Rahu is transiting through Vedic Taurus from 23.9.2020, until he enters Vedic Aries on 12th April 2022.

Note that Mars casts a destructive 8th House aspect to Rahu which becomes exact on November with Rahu at 7 deg Taurus and Mars at 7 deg Libra.

Ketu/South Node:

Ketu transits from 8 to 7 deg Scorpio in November 2021, in Anuradha Nakshatra.

Ketu is transiting through Vedic Scorpio from 23rd September 2020, until he enters Vedic Libra 12th April 2022.

Ketu conjucnts Sun on November 25th at 7 deg Scorpio, and this is a big energy of disconnection and weakness, but this just might lead to spiritual inspiration.

And also, Ketu is conjunct Mercury on November 25th which could really mess up communications, but just might give rise to spiritual realizations out of the difficult energy.


New Moon 4.11.2021 (at 21.14 hrs Sligo Ireland):

This New Moon on 4th November with Sun and Moon at 18 deg Libra, in Swati Nakshatra has an exact opposition from Uranus.

Saturn is T-square that opposition! Harsh, repressive and producing explosion!

Pluto is square Mercury Mars!

This is so huge.

It can amount to catastrophe energy in some life areas.

At its highest manifestation, it calls for sudden/immediate revolutionary change of a healing nature

Economically, it could be indicative of tipping point energy in national economies.

Eclipse Full Moon 19.11.2021 (at 8.59 am, Sligo Ireland – 20th November in the USA)

It is crucial to note that this Full Moon eclipse, has Moon exactly conjunct Algol. Argol is a star of ancient evil and violent repute of very strong energies that may cause violence and brutality. It is the star of catastrophes and karmic events and downfall. It is the star of losing your mind! And there is another violent Eclipse on 4th December, with Sun conjunct Moon at 18 Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra.

 Footnote: Joe Biden and USA Astrology:

I would have preferred not to have had to mention this, and there is a lot more concerning detail that I could go into, but I felt a responsibility/duty to note the following minimum indicators, for readers to consider and get prepared for:

The November Lunar Eclipse is 3 deg Taurus, opposition Biden’s Sun at 4 Scorpio:

Transits of Ketu and Mars create violence:

Regarding Ketu:

Sep 10th, 2021, Ketu conjuncted Biden’s Ascendant = weakening, dissociation from the physical world.

Ketu crosses his Sun exact 17.1.2022. in his 1st House = loss, letting go of physical body = weakening

December and January 2021/2022 look very stressful for Joe Biden.

Mars transits the eclipse points, Lunar and Solar on Dec 4th

Next, Uranus opposes Mars in the heavens: 17.11.2021:
Saturn is square this double opposition: in the heavens and in Joe Biden’s chart.

The Solar Eclipse 4.12.21 is at 18 deg Scorpio; Biden’s Ascendant is at 11 Scorpio. The Eclipse is opposition Biden’s Saturn at 16 Taurus.

This Solar Eclipse of 4.12.21 at 18 Scorpio is exactly opposition Uranus in the chart of the USA, at 18 Taurus = sudden unexpected events, revolutionary events, where USA Uranus is in its 6th House of enemies and accidents.

Transiting Mars conjucnts Biden’s natal Mars 19.11.2021. Mars enters Scorpio 5.12.2021. Mars then transits conjunct his Sun10/12, then Venus 12/12, then Ascendant 20/12.

Transiting Mars reaches 18 Scorpio December 30th thus right on top of the solar eclipse of 4.12.21 and exactly opposition Uranus of the USA chart, and all the time Mars transits Scorpio, Mars aspects the four planets in the USA chart with an 8th House aspect, namely USA Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mars all in Vedic Gemini.

On 16.1.2022 transiting Saturn squares Biden’s natal Mars:

And on this date, transiting Pluto opposes his natal Jupiter.

On Jan 16th / 17th exact transiting Ketu conjuncts his Sun = big losses.

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