Notre Dame Fire Astrology and The Great Conjunction of 2019

Fire struck the Catholic Church of Notre Dame on 15th April 2019. Notre Dame Fire Astrology reveals the power of the Great Conjunction 2019.

This fire is the manifestation of the Great Conjunction of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius, that is in the heavens all 2019.

And the Trigger was the Sun entering Vedic Aries, square the Nodal Axis, and indeed tightly square to Pluto. Ketu is the South Node fo the Moon.

This shows up very clearly in the Vedic and Western Charts for Notre Dame Burning. These are set out below.


The point is that the Saturn-Ketu-Pluto conjunction was last in Vedic Sagittarius when Martin Luther nailed up the Theses of the Cathedral Door of Wittenberg and proclaimed the Reformation: the end of the Catholic Church in Northern Europe.

But of course, as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the incident of Notre Dame burning is typical and more like a symbol, but indeed the Catholic Church is beset with wide-ranging problems now.

But let’s go deeper, the Catholic Church is indeed the official religion fo the Roman Empire rather than anything else. Emperor Constantine made it the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church is about subjugation and conquest. It is not about individual illumination, nor Earth Spirituality. It is not particularly expressive of the teaching of Jesus, of course. The Roman Empire was cruel Imperialism. But in power politics and Economics, Empires have always arisen, and Priests have always been paid who propped those Empires up.

I am speaking from Ireland. The Irish would be astounded to know that the truth is that the person who strongly recommended the Anglo-Irish to invade Ireland in the 12th Century was the Pope.

Before that Saint Patrick converted the Irish to the Catholic Church from 432 AD, but of course there were compelling gains to the Irish Kings to have the Roman Catholic Church propping up their rule and their finances.

But the losses to the Irish following Saint Patrick’s conversion fo Ireland to the Church of Rome have been ghastly: loss of sovereignty, loss of Land, bureaucracy and bureaucratic legal systems, even loss of children in cases: witness the infamous Bon Seccours Convent Orphanages. At the one near us at Tuam 796 bodies of orphans have been discovered. The nuns threw them in the cess pit. I was in a Bon Seccours Orphanage because my mother was not married. When I was 11, the Priest told me I was a child of sin. The Catholic Church does indeed need the Reformation once again from the Great Conjunction.


Looking a bit deeper into the Astrology, not only is the Great Conjunction of Saturn Ketu and Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius, the sign of Religion, but Jupiter had entered Sagittarius briefly. Both Jupiter and Sun were in the Gandanta the crucially important Gandanta Zones that only Vedic Astrology knows of: the transition points from Vedic water sign to Vedic Fire sign. Here the world is experienced to be immaterial, but because of that thee can be great inspiration if the person can handle it. And Jupiter has just gone Retrograde, reinforcing the energy of getting Jupiter right.

I personally feel I have experienced great inspiration form the Great Conjunction.

In my Astrology, my advanced Astrology Courses have greatly benefited working with a colleague in Arizona, both strongly connecting to the guiding Vedic spiritual visions of the people who brought Vedic Astrology to the modern West such as David Frawley and Bepin Behari, but also allying to that, insights from forefront Healing Modalities used by my wife Maggie Pashley such as Soul Realignment and Future Life Progression. See:
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I have connected deeply to Earth Energies at the Sacred Sites round here and set up Sacred West fo Ireland Tours. Working with colleagues in California and Sweden, I am developing Vision Journeys to most powerful and magically connect to the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and the ancient Norse, and when handled properly this magical visionary work to Deities, who were venerated because they are indeed portals to the ultimate divine, can be so healing, can be so empowering.

And also at this time I have developed similar vision journeys to meet the Divine dimension of each planet, so that if for example you have a weak Jupiter in your birth chart, or if, as now, humanity’s reception of the blessing, purpose and expansion fo Jupiter is diminished for a period, doing this vision work to the divine dimensions of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron can be very transformative in your life.

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