When North Node Rahu transits your Natal Saturn

North Node transiting natal Saturn,
‘Rahu transiting natal Saturn’ as it’s called in Vedic astrology,

This is tough!

To me, because I am experiencing this transit now, it feels like the concentration camp aspect.

I am in the concentration camp at the moment. I am driven to produce loads of promotional videos to share news about my astrology readings, my astrology courses and my other spiritual courses.

The achievement is tremendous in my case. But I long for when I can settle back to the more gentle life again!

Saturn is in my 2nd House in my birth chart and in Vedic astrology the second house is partly about mouth and speech.

And so here I am developing my powers of communication: making loads of videos about spiritual topics!

AND, would you believe, three days after I made this video, I had to find a dentist because one of my teeth fell out!!! Yes, 2nd House is about mouth.

In a higher sense, Saturn is all about karma. Rahu (North Node) is a driven energy, but he can take us to our incarnational destiny for this life, but only if we learn to purify his driven energies. If we don’t purify our rahu we will never get to the destination in this life that he is trying to drive us towards and give us impetus to get to.

Both Rahu and Saturn are malefic planets, so you need to realise that malefic planets can be good for getting things done, but they need to be handles with care. They can damage relationship issues. You need to be able to stand back and try to preserve balance in your life with gentler issue, relationship issues and so forth.

In order to understand any transit, you need to consider the nature of the transiting planet, the sign that the transiting planet is transiting through, the House that the transiting planet is transiting through, any planet occupying that House, aspects created by the transit, and also the position of the ruler of that house. And most crucial of all, we need to develop the highest spiritual perception of the divine meaning of that transit, its practical considerations, any strategies we need to put into place, as well as any healing or empowerment work we really must now do!

So, in order to understand my particular Saturn transit, you would need to be aware what it can mean generally to have Saturn transit the second House. As a Keyword, it means Focus on Finances, the need to stabilise your finances, it can mean the need to watch your nutrition and diet. It can highlight the quality of speech, for example it can make us need and want to speak the truth and develop good quality communication. And yes: Visit your dentist!!! There can be a need to try to keep family issues calm and equanimous and loving.

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