North Node and Mars coincide in the heavens on 13th July

starburst 1There is real stress now – and up to 13th July as Mars and Rahu the North Node of the Moon clash at 29 deg Virgo: the end of the Vedic sign of Virgo on 13 July 2014.

I show the western and Vedic charts for this great conjunction at the foot of this Blog post, below. Does it affect you? have you planets there? does it affect your signs?

My kundalini Yoga teacher has his Ascendant at that degree. My son has a Mars- Rahu conjunction one degree away. My Sun is one degree away. Things feel weird and driven.

The Mars – Rahu association is volatile, irritable and explosive and driven and it can cause unexpected experiences.

Mars rules the fire element and Rahu is air element. When the two get together, the fire can easily get out of control and we have to watch for violence, terrorist activity or anger issues that can dominate.

But it’s not just people with planets near the great conjunction who need to watch out.

People with planets in the Vedic Signs Aries and Scorpio the two Mars Ruled signs also need to watch out and peopel with planets in Vedic Virgo where the transit is happening should take care.

 The effect of this clash will last for the day itself but also the days before the transit as  the volatility gathers and grows, and a few days after: the fall-out.

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Vedic astrology chart for 13th July 2014

chart 13.7.14 mars rahu conjunction vedic









Western astrology chart for 13th July 2014

chart mars rahu conjunction western 13.7.14