Nodal Return Astrology How to Interpret It

The Pt 1 post of this series on your Nodal Return explained that your Nodal Return is like a disorientating embrace of needed new life – A Fool’s Journey is what the Tarot calls it.

The Pt. 2 post of this series explained the nature and detail and timetable of your Nodal Return period, and how crucial it is for burning your past negative karmas and blocks indicated by Ketu South Node in your chart and bringing in the needed New You which is the highest expression fo your Rahu North Node.

This Pt. 3 post in this series on the Nodal Return tells you how to astrologically interpret your Nodal Return.

The Pt. 4 post in this series on the Nodal return tells you how to understand Nodal Return in the Libra Aries signs axis

(Being activated at the time of writing in the crucial final mopping up phase).

The Pt 5. post tells you how to understand Nodal Return in the Virgo-Pisces signs axis.

(Being activated next – from 30th October 2023).

It is so crucial to be able to interpret and fully understand the very personal and very individual central and fundamentally deep meaning of your Nodes of the Moon in terms of the following astrological factors, and you can get a Reading from me where I go deep into your Nodal return, where I cover these and more astrological dimension of understanding and healing.

See the Pt. 3 video:

Here’s what we look at in the astrology of Nodal Return:

Signs occupied by your Nodes:

You need to understand the energy of the two Vedic signs that the South Node and the North Node occupy at the time of your birth.


The Rulers of the Nodal Signs:

Your need to understand the energy of the planets that rule the two Vedic signs that the South Node and the North Node occupy at the time of your birth.

For example, referring to the signs occupied by the Nodes around the time of writing: if one of your Nodes is in Libra, well: Libra is ruled by Venus – so, karmic Venus issues become key.

And remember, Ketu is the enemy of Venus.

Libra is ruled by Venus.

Aries is ruled by Mars.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Pisces in ruled by Jupiter.

So, again looking at the nodal position at the time of filming/writing, it’s a case of ‘Ketu in Libra’. That’s the case now. So at this time planet Venus issues will feature so big in wrong issues from past life that will arise to be healed and corrected.

This is because Venus rules Libra.

So, Venus issues will feature as repeated wrong issues in this life (stemming from past lives).

So rising to our awareness for us to sort it out and grow spiritually will be our awareness of Venus and our personal handling of Venus:
sex and gender issues

relationship issues

wealth issues


Understanding and use of harmony

Art and creativity, music and dance

Aspiration to the good, the beautiful and the pure, and devotion to truth

The astral light, opening us up to the kingdoms and the realms of beauty of the Gods, and healing others because of that pleasantness and example: Vensu is the Teacher of Demons.

And all this is with the divine purpose of our gaining better spiritual perception as this life progresses, especially at this Nodal Return time.

And all this is with the divine purpose of our receiving healing e.g. from others, and then of us using our improving perception of our karmas to bring healing to ourself.


Nakshatras occupied by your Nodes: you need to fully understand the energy of the two Nakshatras that Rahu and Ketu each fall in in your Vedic natal chart. And you need to understand the effect of the ruling planet of that Nakshatra.


Houses occupied by your Nodes: The Houses start the life-areas in which the Nodes occur in your Vedic birth chart. The life areas they will most affect and manifest in. This is crucial.


Planets conjunct the Nodes: The planets that are conjunct your Nodes, include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, also crucially Chiron your existential wound and becoming the Wounded Healer thereof, and also crucially Lilith your unconscious shadow self and you buried Wild Side.

By ‘conjunct’ I mean not just ‘within usual Western Astrology conjunction orbs’, but: conjunct means in the same Vedic signs as your Nodes.

And we also have to also take into account as a conjunction aspect to our Node, a planet that is very close to the Node, even if that other planet is a bit over the border in the next sign – as will quite often be the case where you have a Node that isn’t centrally placed in its sign, but is rather on the edge of its sign.


Fixed Stars: The energies of the Fixed Stars that are conjunct your North Node or your South Node are absolutely crucial to know about.

As I write this post, Sinead O’Connor the famous Irish rock singer star has just died.

I noticed when I looked at her chart that her Ketu South Node in her birth chart, was conjunct the Fixed Star S Claw whose energy is: ‘Can give fame but usually through misfortune’.

Also, her Venus is in the Jyestha Gandanta at 29 Scorpio 33 and is conjunct fixed star Lesath = May cause accidents and catastrophes.


Gandanta Zones: The Gandanta zones are also absolutely crucial to include in any accurate astrological interpretation if you have a planet there.

They are the three water sign to fire sign transition points in Vedic Astrology – they so supremely crucial to know about.

This is why we must include Vedic Astrology in our astrological analysis: it’s one of the key reasons! – because only Vedic Astrology using the Sideral zodiac knows fo the three Gandanta zones.

It was reading 28 years ago that the Vedic meaning of my natal Moon at 29 Pisces 56 in Vedic Astrology, i.e. natal Moon in the Pisces-Aries Gandanta zone, means that ‘mother will not be there for you’, was what converted me to add Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology.
It made me realize you must have both West and East.

This was because I found out then that the Gandanta Zone concept is the central factor of my life. Without realization of the Gandanta zone concept, this crucial information is totally lost!

Also, just a little further mention of Sinead O’Connor: she was in her Nodal Return period when she died (i.e. with her natal Ketu in her Libra 12th House).

Also her Pluto is opposition her vast ‘Chiron-Saturn-Lilith’ conjunction.

Also her Pluto was conjunct the Fixed Star Denebola = Rise and Fall, quarrelsome, litigatious. Mundane Catastrophes.

h. Our Atmakaraka Planet or Soul Indicator:

As well as working on our Nodal Return, it is important to also realize that our Atmakaraka planet = our ‘Soul Indicator’ planet – this is also a key life area that we are called to heal and get right in this lifetime. A planet has AK status, because it was bad unfinished business in last lifetime.

Our Atmakaraka planet is super-important for us to grow awareness of because it carries a karmic demand for us to express it better in this lifetime, as compared to how we handled it last lifetime. It’s a key component in our Life Purpose.

Get a Reading from me all about your Nodal Return and also your Atmakaraka planet – and much more. I will be so glad to help.

i. Planets that are Square the Nodal Axis:

The same principle is true of planets that are square the Nodal axis in our chart. These planets too carry a total imperative for us to get more right this lifetime than last lifetime. If you have planets square the Nodal axis in your chart, these too must be included in your Reading.

Planets that are Square your Nodal Axis indicate the life areas and tasks left unfinished from past life – tasks according the nature of that planet that is square the Nodal Axis in your birth chart – issues that you are crucially compelled to fulfill now, in this life.

So, when does your Nodal Return Happen? When will you feel it?

Your Nodal Return is when the Nodes of the Moon in the heavens transit across the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. This Nodal Return occurs every 18.6 years.

But the karmic experience is obviously felt through a time of much wider orb than just the exact moment. It is felt when the Nodes in the heavens move to within around 15 degrees of your natal Nodes. The experience becomes more and more BIG, from then.

Generally speaking it is when your transiting Ketu South Node enters the sign occupied by your natal Ketu  South Node, that commences your Nodal return experience.

The peak experience is the time around when the Nodes exactly conjunct your natal Nodes (and are within about 5 deg either side of your natal Nodes).

And note that you will feel and be called and compelled to work with the experience during all the while that the transiting Nodes are within the same Vedic sign as your natal Nodes.

So, where are the Nodes of the Moon at around this actual time of writing this blog and filming?

See the Pt. 4 video and Blog: Understand Nodal Return in Libra Aries signs.

Ketu will be transiting Virgo from 30.10.23 to 17.5.25

and at the same time, Rahu will be transiting Pisces.

What does it mean when the Nodes of the Moon are transiting the Virgo-Pisces Axis

See the part 5 video and blog post.

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