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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

It’s many months since I wrote a Newsletter, and I feel so changed I feel like I’m a different person!
There’s been one change after another – and the end result so far, is that I am getting so much satisfaction out of starting my new novel a week ago (after many months of research). The first draft has just flowed: seven chapters in five mornings, as if channelled. The working title is ‘The Druid Forest School’ and the theme is authentic contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan. I am loving every minute of writing it and am feeling so well doing it.
The action all starts up in a new cave that has opened up in the west of Ireland due to winter-storms land subsidence, where the archaeology of the caves in Ireland reveals they were, for the ancient Irish, places of connection to ….

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In terms of the predictive periods of Vedic Astrology, I am actually in a period ruled by my ‘soul indicator’, my Atmakaraka planet, which in my case is my Moon. The Atmakaraka period in my life at this time has been thus one of great separations from what must not be part of my spiritual path, and, as I believe, clear embracing of my essence. I feel I am so much more writing from my heart, and working from the heart. And I feel that I have greatly benefited from a wonderful new healing method by my partner Maggie called ‘Access Bars’ which helps remove old programing, empowers you to be yourself.

Astrology Readings: I am still continuing my worldwide astrology readings of course, and they represent an ever more powerful combination of western and Vedic astrology. They take at least two hours these days, and they encompass truly expert methods learned from my courses in astrological psychosynthesis in western astrology and three courses at advanced level in western astrology, as well as twenty years’ reading experience.

I always combine my astrology readings with Tarot, and my favourite packs at the moment where I find I can feel rightly confident in doing readings for people thousands of miles away are the Poppy Palin ‘Wild Spirit’ Tarot, which you can only get off EBay, but I knew was a ‘must’ when I saw some of the card images, and I do find the insight totally spot on. My other favourites continue to be ‘The Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle’ by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, the ‘Tarot of the Sidhe’ by Emily Carding and ‘The Oracle of the Dragonfae’ by Lucy Cavendish.

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Astrology Courses: I have done a lot of work filling out my astrology courses. The guiding theme is that like the Oxford Tutorial system which I myself benefited from as a young undergraduate in the 1960s, they encourage as much excellence as the student wishes to aim for, with vast personal attention by the tutor to the work sent in on each assignment. Gone are the irritating word limits that I found so unnecessarily irritating and confining when I was doing my astrology courses. Gone are the tutor ‘one-liner’ comments. Gone are the ranting to pre-recorded slides. My whole aim is to encourage the student to voice his or her authentic reaction to the astrology method, not just the importation of legalistically-defined rules. I am planning worldwide Webinar series on student-requested themes and I have been preparing masses of course documents for my Advanced Nakshatras Course

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In my Advanced Vedic Astrology Course, I have been delighting in writing papers about the Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka system which gives such wonderful guidance about the contribution your Soul makes to your incarnation this time, based on the Navamsha chart. And the whole thrust of all my courses are that they must spell out the positives, must spell out ways of transforming the karmically defined challenges and utilising the equally karmically-defined merits and positive essences. I have also loved writing a paper about how to utilise awareness of one’s Badhaka house planet (a weak link house/planet inherent in each of the Lagnas or ‘Ascendants) as well as the principle of Pushkara Planets (weak links that act to our great gain when we purify them), with my paper focusing on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Govenator of California. There is the most astoundingly lively and creative face Book group utilised by some of the course members.
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My worldwide Ogham and Runes courses are going very well, and I have just started Face Book Groups for each, which I hope will promote vibrant lively shared learning and support.
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Shamanic Healer Course: I am so honoured to read the standard of the work of the students in my worldwide Shamanic Healer Course. I myself am feeling rather sore at what I experienced as ego-filled teaching and power-stealing from many teaching in the shamanic area, so I do feel so glad to be offering a course which I sincerely believe promotes authenticity to the student’s vision, avoids repetitious form rather than essence, and most importantly offers a high level of awareness of ethical shamanic healer techniques.

See my websites: and I got an awful lot out of Munay Ki, and feel it is a gateway to the well-being and authenticity I now feel, but I would add that I feel the full flowering of its chakra energy raising took for me also going on to Dhyana or focus meditation, what can be called Kundalini meditation: focus on the third eye to raise kundalini and thus promote healing crises as the residues of negative past experiences are cleared as the kundalini rises up through them. However, an important finding I also came to was that I feel there is a need to avoid what I feel is the trap of some Eastern perspectives which negate the value of the phenomena of this world. The experience I have come to is that it is important to see that we are here this time to work with certain definable talents and work with certain negative scripts, and so this world has great value – if/when one brings more enlightened awareness to its phenomena.

Psychodynamic Western Astrology: Last but not least, I have loved teaching the western astrology course, where I have benefited so much from the deep and thoughtful sharing of Yvonne Lawton who is working her way through the psychodynamic interpretation of the astrology chart and posting for the benefit of astrology course members in the Face book group. This involves the psychodynamic study of hemispheres and quadrants of the birth chart, planets, signs and houses, astrological sub-personalities and psychosynthesis, the vastly important topic of ‘Nature versus Nurture’ (are you the product of your Nature or your nurture, and extrapolation from the birth chart of the Alice Bailey Rays each person particularly comes to work with this time. There are two very worthwhile predictive systems, one to do with the unfoldement of one’s individuation which his getting to identify, know, work with and transform all the parts of what might be called one’s ‘egoic psychology’. The other is based on the Nodes of the Moon and involves pointers to the ‘whispers of one’s soul to one from the astral’ at any point in one’s life, which oddly, so often says the same thing as some major part of one’s vedic predictive astrology, although the guidance being come to by a totally different method and route.

In addition to ‘Access Bars’ I mentioned above, my partner Maggie continues to do her many worldwide healings such as Body Code, Emotion Code and Heart Wall clearing as well as Munay Ki initiations, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Metamorphic Technique, healing massage and even more!

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