New Moon or Solar Eclipse, 26.2.17

There is a New Moon or Solar Eclipse, on 26.2.17, at 14.58 hrs.
To find out the time of the Eclipse where you live, you can use:
The western and Vedic Astrology charts are below, at the foot of this Blog.

For this eclipse, Sun, Moon, Ketu (South Node), Neptune and Mercury are all in the western astrology sign of Pisces.
And, most significantly, all of these planets are in Shatabishak Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) in Vedic Astrology.

If you have planets in this area especially, this eclipse will have a big effect in your life.

Shatabishak is a difficult and very complicated Nakshatra, but if you are prepared to be open, and to face, admit and slay your demons, then I predict that you will have a great breakthrough and enlargement in your healing energies and intuitions.

Here is my video about the eclipse:

And for more on the nature of Shatabishak Nakshatra, see my YouTube video:

So what I am predicting for those directly affected by this eclipse is a breakthrough energy of growth of healing and intuition- and on many levels.

This is because Neptune, Ketu and Mercury are all conjunct each other in this solar eclipse in this nakshatra, so there’s great intuitive potential here.

And also I’m making this prediction due to the position of Jupiter, in the healer sign of Vedic Virgo.

But please note that this development will manifest in your life as a Fledgling energy of ‘one step at a time’.

There is great force in this eclipse, what with the Uranus/Mars conjunction being opposition Jupiter, and with both ends of this opposition being T-square Pluto! But although there has already been an earthquake in Turkey – already as the Eclipse energies are building, I don’t think this T-square will generally manifest violently in the world, but it will instead  be a courageous energy for those with planets affected by it: A ‘Truth Conquers All’ energy.

N.B. The energy is more about benefiting if you are open and if you are prepared to admit your mistakes and blocks, and so in that way: gaining ‘The World’, rather than the violent side manifesting as actual violence.

For those with planets affected, I think the violent side of this Eclipse more creates what I would call a Hero’s Challenge!

And those caught in Jupiter-Uranus opposition could well experience great gains.

So, see the charts in western and Vedic Astrology for this eclipse, below, and see if your planets personally are affected.

Before going into the nitty-gritty detail of the energies of this eclipse, the details of my readings and courses are as follows:
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Do remember that a New Moon is always a time for withdrawing, and Shatabishak is about healing as well. Saturn has only just crossed the sensitive and very difficult Gandanta zone between Vedic Scoprio and Vedic Sagittarius, so many will still be feeling that, and also feeling Saturn’s confusing shift from Tamasic Nakshatras to Sattvic Nakshatras.  Saturn grinds away at patterns we must let go of. And Uranus moves towards the Gandanta again: the Vedic Pisces to Vedic Aries Gandanta, and some will be feeling that, already. Eclipses are sensitive, uneasy, destabilising, chaotic times of at least two days – and with consequences!

Neptune and Ketu have been conjunct in Vedic Aquarius, in Shatabishak for some time, and their gift can be intuition. A Neptune Ketu conjunction occurs every 18 years, and Neptune and Ketu last formed an eclipse in Aquarius in 1849. The consequence then was that a new way of spirituality was pervading western society: Spiritualists, Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky, Emerson and Thoreau.

Ketu (South node) and Mercury are caught up in this eclipse: Jnana Karaka: enlightenment indicator, if you are open: The conceptual mind shattered by the éclat of potential spiritual realisation: the limits of concepts.

Jupiter is opposition Uranus, with Mars exactly conjunct Uranus! And the opposition is T-square Pluto! Breakthrough! Shock and upset. Jupiter is conjunct Spica. Auspicious. In health sign Virgo. Retrograde: health issues, organisation of detail. I am really sorting out my teeth!

Uranus will occupy the Vedic Pisces-Aries Gandanta for the third of four times: 28.6.16, 31.8.16, 8.4.17 and 2.1.18 (just short of the zero point). This can turn your life over if you have planets here, and it contributes to the mystic spiritual healing energy eclat.

Jupiter and Venus are occupying opposite Vedic signs of Virgo and Pisces for the next four months: The two Gurus. And Venus is the spark of life and beauty. The Jupiter retrograde Transit period is at the same time as the long transit of Venus, exalted in Pisces (ruled by Jupiter) from January 27 – May 30, 2017. Venus will be retrograde and opposite to retrograde Jupiter from March 4 – April 15, 2017. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Vedic Pisces, but i say not as easy as western astrology usually says. Venus prefers gentler company. But note that Venus is exalted in Pisces, and so much stronger than Mars in this sign.

Here is the western astrology chart for the Eclipse of 26th February 2017:

Eclipse 26.2.2017














Here is the Vedic astrology chart for the Eclipse of 26th February 2017:

Eclipse 26.2.2017














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