New Moon September 2021 has Extraordinary Exceptional Potential Connect to This

There are powerful star and planet energies to be tapped into at the September New Moon.

The New Moon is on 7th September at 01.51 am here in Ireland, but on 6th September in US time zones.

I will start by listing the exceptional astrological energies, but the point is that our approach to the Lunations must not just be intellectual or even formulaic – though these are such a powerful guideline and prompt. We actually do have to stop and focus and connect to a New Moon in a way that is sensitive and truly open and also grounded.

And before I list these fantastic, unusual energies, I need to say that you can see the charts for this New Moon in both Vedic and also Western Astrology, on the September 2021 page of our Starwheel Astrology website by clicking this link HERE.

And you can watch the video all about this by clicking this link HERE.

OK, let’s now voice the key energies start summary:
The energy of this New Moon is royal and strong, but effort will be needed to heal and boost the sense of personal strength. It’s visionary and even psychic. futuristic and very impatient for Freedom and Revolution and smashing the blocks and coming into power. It’s talented and intellectual and supportive of intellectual concentration and very orientated to bringing your talents and your projects to Harvest now. It’s Freedom’s Flight. But there is also a key need to cultivate being GROUNDED. There’s a real self-healing dimension.

But we need to remember it’s set in the prevailing energies of this time of fear and pressure (Rahu aspecting Saturn), the tearing down of personal and social blocks/structures (Uranus square Saturn, growing to be exact on December 24th) and the rise of power including darkness (Pluto conjunct Saturn in Vedic Capricorn, and the Pluto Return of the USA with the first exact for this May 2021 up to which date so much darkness will rise to be dealt with.

The Moon and the Sun: The September New Moon is a regal energy, but with a call to be careful to create a strengthening of our vision of our royal self and embody that. Sun and Moon are at 20 deg Vedic Leo. So, the first keyword is YOUR REGAL SELF.

Uranus and Neptune: But note that Sun and Moon receive an exact square aspect from Uranus at 20 Taurus giving a fiercely revolutionary energy, plus an opposition from Neptune at 27 Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra (orb7 deg) which will be felt as a call to vision and will manifest as intuitive openings. So, the second keyword is FREEDOM AND REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE.

Mercury is powerful and healing. Mercury is strong at 16 Virgo, the sign Mercury rules, in dexterous skill-orientated Hasta Nakshatra. And very importantly, Mercury is conjunct the powerful star Vindemiatrix which all about an energy supportive of concentration.

Venus is at 1 Libra, strong in the sign that Venus rules. And Venus is within a 2 deg orb of the super-powerful star Spica which is the anchor-star of the Sidereal Zodiac. The energy of Spica is all about Harvesting your talents. It’s sweet, brilliant, talented, gifted and psychic. Furthermore, Venus is made even more pervasively sexual, beautiful and pleasant because Sun and Moon are in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus.
Venus is in super-strong Shodasha Varga rating in this chart.
Looking at the Rashi Avasthas Table for this New Moon, there’s the most amazing mutual support build up between Saturn and Venus – and it’s mutual.
And looking at the Jagradaadi Avasthas Table for this New Moon, there’s a truly exceptional four Jagrat-status planets. Jagrat means that the planet is wide awake and ready and eager to express itself. And this applies to Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn.

Mars has just entered Vedic Virgo and so is in the first degree at the time of this New Moon. But importantly, Mars is receiving a quite powerful opposition aspect from Neptune at 27 Aquarius. Positively this brings you inspiration and vision, though beware the negative dimension of inability to take action and discontent and deception.

D9 Navamsha: Looking into the Navamsha, the D9 or 9th harmonic soul-chart of this New Moon, there’s an amazing six planets piled up in the Libra 5th House of this Navamsha chart:
Ketu (South Node), Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus. What a Venus!
We also see from the Navamsha chart that a high number of planets are Pushkara, or having the ‘wounded healer’ Chiron-like quality, if we focus and take the steps: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.
And to emphasize the vision energy, Neptune is in the first house in the Navamsha chart.

Turning to the dimensions of Western Evolutionary Astrology, note that there’s a Grand Trine between Saturn-Rahu-Mercury pointing to a harvest which can deliver a great finished talent – but only if we work at the issue of harvesting this.

There’s a special chart aspect shape joining Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Pluto, a wide-awake quality, hypersensitive and perceptive, idealistic with the needed gift of being adaptable to changing circumstances.

And thirdly, Mars and Venus are caught up in an irritation triangle to Neptune. There’s definitely be a strong sexual spark, but with the tension of what is real, and the sensed call to find the ideal.

So, I hope my chart study of the September New Moon will be useful preparation for you. Do make the effort to connect the New Moon’s energies on the day of the New Moon, and on the days following on the run-up to the Full Moon. Pause. Centre. Embody yourself. Ground. Listen and open. Strengthen and heal, and listen for inspirations and messages. Bring in your needed revolution and empowerment. Succeed in your projects.

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