New Moon on 2nd March 2022 Create your special circle amid the pressures and arise

There’s a New Moon on 2nd March. It’s at 17.35 hrs here in Ireland. That’s 12.34 in New York and 09.34 in California.

There are fraught energies to be aware of all around it, but we need to work to contact its essence, which is to create a visionary and healing protective presence in our awareness that can grow and develop through the time of this Lunation through the Full Moon on 18th March, up to the next New Moon on 1st April.

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This New Moon is at 17 Vedic Aquarius in Shatabishak Nakshatra. That’s 7 Pisces in the Western Tropical Zodiac. Charts are below.

Shatabishak Nakshatra is all about healing. Its energy is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific, visionary, dreamer, secretive, reclusive, moody, depressed, opinionated, stubborn, relationship issues, and having a circle of protection around one.

Shatabishak is a veiling nakshatra with the Shakti Power of healing. It is ruled by Varuna, originally the God of Cosmic Order, and then the oceans.

Because Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu North Node, and because Rah is very strong in Vedic Taurus, know that this is a good driven energy to go forward with and do well and succeed.

And you can see from the Western chart, that this New Moon is actually in a special chart shape: A ‘Psychic Eye’. Moon is sextile Uranus, and both Moon and Uranus are semi-sextile Chiron. Chiron is the apex planet of this Psychic Eye. What does your intuition tell you as you look out from the centre of this New Moon energies?

Jupiter is close to the Moon at 20 Vedic Aquarius. But Jupiter is stilted and depressed in Saturn ruled Aquarius. We have to wait until Jupiter enters Pisces on 13th April for the Guru blessings to really be felt, and for Jupiter to be able to fully join with Neptune in the creation of our vision potential.

There’s a definite sub-personality creating a very fraught energy at the time of this New Moon, so we need to be aware of that as we do vision work to create our safe haven of spiritual growth in the midst of this fraught energy. This is: Mars, Venus and Pluto all at 3 deg Vedic Capricorn.

Mars and Venus are in planetary war, Mars is exalted in Vedic Capricorn – and Pluto brings a vastness of depth and shadow to that situation.

Indeed, to have all the planets except for Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon all in two signs: Capricorn and Aquarius ruled by Saturn, is a formidable energy to deal with (Sankhya yug yoga), but one where we can actually grasp hold of the potential to do well.

And another limiting energy to be aware of and guard from, at the time of this New Moon is that Saturn is conjunct Mercury at 24 Vedic Capricorn, and this means that Mercury issues of perception, communication etc. will be quite blocked or held back.

Indeed, a third dreadful presence also present at the time of the energies of this New Moon time, is that Rahu North Node is conjunct fixed star Algol, whose energy may be disastrous and cause violence and brutality.

And a fourth divisive and preposterous energy is running at this time too: Kal Sarpa yoga where all the planets are to one side of the nodal axis.

So, our task now is to guard against the four horrible energies also around, and create our own healing safe haven at the time of this New Moon.

If you can, do a healing visualization at and around the time of this New Moon.

So, visualize the healer nature of Shatabishak Nakshatra: mystical, visionary, dreaming, with a circle of protection around you.

See that its nature is like a dark scrying mirror. Look into the dark mirror and see what inspirations or prompt images flash to your mind.

You may be aware of the energies of fear and restriction and the call for revolution that are in the air around you now.

But see arising from this state of consciousness within your protective circle around you, a new you arising: your new Hero self.

What sort of Hero do you see is rightly you? Walk forward now as that Hero.

Promise to keep expressing that self as this lunation unfolds.

Feel the old structures that have become limiting or imprisoning dissipate.

Feel any limitations or annoying weaknesses in the old you dissolve.

Promise to manifest the new reality that is the proper expression of you, the whole new you. Be the Hero you were born to be now, and walk forward as that.

Break free from the limiting upbringing scripts, the limiting scripts imposed by your work environment, or whatever else (or whoever else) is imprisoning the hero you.

This New Moon is visionary and Healing. Do the vision work. Do the healing. Make sure to walk with it as the Hero you.

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