New Moon of November 23rd 2022 – The Energies Explained

The New Moon of 23rd November 2022 is at 7 deg Vedic Scorpio, using the Sidereal Zodiac.  

(That’s 1 deg Western Sagittarius (Tropical Zodiac). A feature of my work is that I always combine Vedic with Western Astrology in my readings and Courses, because for the fullest perception both are needed.

Remember, Scorpio is ruled by Mars. So, this New Moon is all about how you handle your Mars energies.

You can see the charts for this New Moon on my Starwheel Astrology Website monthly page for November 2022.

So, this New Moon will start an incredible journey for you if you have a planet close to the New Moon.

But let’s look first of all at the fact that this New Moon is in a sign ruled by Mars:

Mars is the Atmakaraka planet of this New Moon, retrograde at 27 Taurus. Remember that Mars in Taurus is a warrior energy. Atmakaraka is the ‘soul indicator’ in a Vedic chart.

Neptune is square Mars at the time of this New Moon. Be open to putting your energies into vision creation. Don’t put your energies into chasing your illusions, now!

Mars is conjunct the Fixed Star Bellatrix = success through the shadow.

Scorpio is a penetrating, deep ‘death and rebirth’ energy. Examine your life. How much of it needs changing now.

What must die?

What must be born?

If you shirk this process, you will not find true stability.

If you shirk this process, you will not find your true and best path forwards.

And Venus is transiting Scorpio, with Mars opposite in Taurus and this is very passionate and sexual.

OK, let’s turn to Jupiter.

Jupiter is stationing at 4 deg Vedic Pisces at the time of this New Moon. Jupiter is powerful in Pisces, a sign he rules. Jupiter turns Direct on 24th November. So Jupiter’s velocity is zero now, and a principle of Vedic Astrology is that the slower a planet’s velocity, the deeper he carves his energy in our awareness and in our lives.

Jupiter is all about blessing and sense of purpose and guru energy. Open to awareness that you are blessed and define your sense of purpose now.

But do be very clear that Jupiter is conjunct the Fixed Star Scheat. Scheat is the strongest star energy of disaster – but its nature is that from disaster in our life we can learn wisdom.

Let the ‘disaster’ in your case, ideally be the destruction of your blocking/weakening scripts.

There may be self-destructive tendencies and extreme indulgent behavior or martyrdom at this time.

What else needs to be understood about the energies of this New Moon of 23rd November?

Note that the Sun and Moon are in Anuradha Nakshatra within Vedic Scorpio, so this is a deep contemplative energy, and also they are in a Pushkara pada (Anuradha pada 2), so this has the nature of Chiron and is very open to Healing.

And remember that Ketu is transiting Vedic Libra at this time, so the call to you will include healing of your relationship issues.

Very importantly the transit of ‘Lilith opposition Pluto’ is in the heavens now as a key part of the chart of this New Moon – so this New Moon’s energies crucially include the fact that our Shadow side will be rising for acknowledgement by us now, calling us to actively bring in healing and manifest the fullness that is you or me, now.

See the recent video and blog I did about Lilith transiting opposition Pluto in the heavens now.

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