New Moon May 2024 Deep Awareness of its Offering

The May New Moon is May 7th in USA and May 8th in the very early morning here in Ireland.

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It is so helpful to our lives if we go into any New Moon period with:

Good awareness of what its energies are.

Good awareness of how it affects our life in particular and how it affects our chart.

With a definite piece of vision work, connection or attunement, so as to accurately check out exactly how you and your life is at the time of the New Moon.

And especially we also need to go into a New Moon with good awareness of the goals we personally need to bring in at the time of the New Moon and ongoing forward through the lunation period – and beyond into our Future.

This New Moon’s energy is one of:


New starts (it’s in Vedic Aries). Note which House/life-area is Aries in your Vedic birth chart.


The birth of the needed New (it’s in Bharani Nakshatra): Extreme birthing energy, transformative energy, ruled by Yama the God of Death. Not easy or light!


There’s a Strong Karma and Responsibility Demand on you now because the New Moon receives an exact aspect from Saturn. Improve your awareness of what are the karmic demands you need to meet now. In what ways are they calling you to change your sense of your personality and of your present life-path? We may need to learn to deal with our Fear.


And with Ketu South Node of the Moon transiting Virgo, there’s the imperative that you get the Healing you really need now.


You are also called to do any work needed to heal the expression of your true and needed Power now. Resist being controlled now – and being controlled from your Past and past life Influences.

Here are The Astrological detail relevant to the above points are as follows:

The New Moon is Sun and Moon at 23 deg Aries.

It is in Bharani Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus.

You can see the charts for May 2024 on the May monthly page on my Starwheel Astrology website (under the More dropdown).

This New Moon receives an exact aspect from Saturn at 23 Aquarius.

Mercury is in a problematic state at 27 Pisces being in the Gandanta zone and in the shadow of its retrograde. So be careful of clouded mind and thought, etc.
And do note that Chiron is conjunct Mercury to the exact degree at the time of this New Moon.

Pluto stationed at 7 deg 54 Vedic Capricorn before turning Retrograde on May 3rd. So through all of May 24, Pluto will only move 10 mins of one degree – and the point is: the slower a planet’s velocity is the deeper it carves its effect into our life!

So I want to close this Video and blog post with the really very special call for each one of us to do the needed vision/awareness work now:

I, myself, do a shamanic drumming journey at least once every week, including the drawing of tarot cards. This weekly exercise is especially important at the time of New and Full Moons – and its aim is:

To seek to bring our buried unconscious factors to the light, a life-task which we all must do.

To seek to deeply understand our karmas and their unfoldment,  a life-task which we all must do.

To seek to identify our priority tasks going forward in our life at this stage.

And I would add that I am currently receiving the most wonderful healing herbs and healing modalities (so needed following being sick since May 2022 due to Covid Injection effects)  – but I am wonderfully recovering and strengthening now thanks to this healing work.

I say this in the hope that it can support you too to do this sort of work, indeed especially at the times of New and Full Moons.

Asteroid Vesta:

And I would add as a special final point that asteroid Vesta is square the Nodal Axis, and that this is in a powerful energy at the time of this New Moon.

Vesta is the energy of the Sacred Flame, and I think it is lovely to be aware of that presence as a hinge factor at this time that you are called to:

Honour the Karmic Demands that apply to you (Saturn)  – and maybe you will need to deal with Fear.

Get the Right Healing (Ketu in Virgo).

Crucially – Give birth to the New Face of You (Bharani).

Come into your proper power (Pluto)

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