New Moon May 11th 2021 Listening Psychic Perception and Key Direction amid Cutting Destabilization

At first sight, I did not ‘like the look’ of the energy of this New Moon of May 11th. It turns out this New Moon will have sharp and cutting energies, and occurs in a tense time, but actually it has unusual facets to it of at the one hand even violence, but on the other hand psychism and inspiration with the key imperative to act on your inspiration afterwards.

So this is a New Moon and Sun at  27 deg Vedic Aries in Krittika Nakshatra, conjunct Uranus at 17 deg Aries.

With the Nodal axis being: Rahu at 17 deg Taurus conjunct Mercury also at 17 deg Taurus and Venus at 9 deg Taurus

And Ketu opposite at 17 deg Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra.

(Sun and Moon are at 21 deg Taurus in the Western Astrology Tropical Zodiac).

See the Vedic and Western charts for this New Moon on my 2021 May Starwheel Astrology website page, where the three key chart aspect shapes involved are also shown: Yod, Psychic Eye and Striving Figure):

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So, at first sight, I did not like the look of this New Moon, and that was because this New Moon is in Vedic Aries which is ruled by Mars. And secondly, it is in Krittika Nakshatra which is very cutting.

And also as a context of the times this New Moon occurs in, now. There are very definitely more than enough cutting energies around in May, with Mars in Ardra and Uranus in Aries and Mars sextile Uranus and Uranus square Saturn, etc!

See the Pt 1 and Pt 2 videos:

New Moon 11th May

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Note that Krittika Nakshatra, there the New Moon forms, is ruled by Sun. Its Devata is Agni – The God of Fire and Karttikeya. Its Gana (temperament) is Rakshasha, Demon. This is an energy that is cutting and attacks will be much more prevalent.

But then I saw there are vast twists to it. There are huge dimensions of psychism, fated events and violent events; great sensitivity and clairvoyant awareness for many and especially for those people who have planets in Vedic Taurus or Scorpio, but also those who have planets in Krittika Nakshatra or Bharani Nakshatra or Ardra Nakshatras.

This New Moon carries with it energies of violence, revolution and inspiration, especially for those aspected by it and by the chart shapes involved.

Do put in your diary time for making space to connect to the energies of this New Moon, and to your own Self and to your own life path forward.

Make a note of its date and time now. For me in Ireland it’s 11th May at 20.00.

So. being rather flippant and light-hearted about it, this time should be very good for clairvoyants and sensitives and also bomb shelter construction workers. Tighten your seat belts and read below!

You especially need to check if you have any natal planets around 17 Taurus or 17 Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart.


What one sees, when we look deeper, as you can see from the western chart, is that this new Moon is caught up in a powerful Yod chart aspect shape energy.

In fact, there are three key chart aspect shapes, and these are all shown in my 2021 May Starwheel Astrology website page: , just under the charts for this New Moon.

So, the first chart aspect shape to understand is the Yod. And this chart aspect shape is important.

Note that the Moon is not actually part of the Yod chart aspect shape figure, but the Yod does surround it, and the energy of the Yod will suffuse the energy of this New Moon, and the energy of the Yod will have big effect around the time of this New Moon.

A Yod is known as a Finger of God. It consists of a long thin triangle.

The base is a sextile aspect. The planets at the base – they are at either end of the sextile, also each form a quincunx, a 150 deg aspect to the apex planet of the long thin Yod Triangle.

So, if you look at the western chart for this New Moon, you see a figure with a blue sextile base and two long thin green quincunx sides.

And the key point here, is that the apex planet in this case, is Ketu (South Node of the Moon).

Being the apex planet of a Yod gives a huge emphasis to Ketu and emphasises Ketu’s powers and nature in a questing driven way.

Because the planets sending quincunxes to Ketu are Mars and Uranus, this could mean a very violent event, and certainly we will feel very cutting irritating energies.

So, the two planets that form the base sextile, Mars sextile Uranus, are actually stressed out to manifest the apex planet. That is in the nature of a Yod. And the apex planet, Ketu, is driven by the Mars-Uranus sharp warlike revolutionary energy.

Let’s look a bit deeper at the energy combination that is Mars-Uranus:

PRINCIPLE:  sudden application of effort. Intervention in the body (an operation)

+          extraordinary amount of energy suddenly made available. The urge for freedom. Unyieldingness. Quick determination. Courage.
–          an argumentative disposition. Contradictoriness. Self-willed obstinacy. Lack of balance. Intolerance. The urge for freedom. Tension. Stress. Fighting spirit. Violence. Proneness to injury or accidents.
BIOLOGICAL: An injury causing loss of blood, the cutting of the skin.
SOCIOLOGICAL:        violent people. Fighters for freedom. Revolutionaries. People who argue for the sake of it (not many of those around!).
+                      unusual achievement through extraordinary power of effort. Inclination to act too hastily. The passing of a test of nerves. A struggle for survival. An accident or injury. An operation. Birth.

OK, so having put that important material on the table, let’s look deeper at the energy format created by a Yod. When a person has a Yod in their birth chart, and it’s a relatively rare figure, the energy is such that:

(a) That the Yod person only relates to the Apex Planet initially through images and visions and even illusions, rather than firmly and clearly connecting to it, and

(b) that the nature of the two quincunx aspects means that the person will go through periodic phases of mounting tension in relation to the quality of the apex planet, leading to tense enforced life-decision and life change and new direction when the apex planet is activated by progression or transit.

It’s like the person is going along their life’s pathway, but felling increasingly uneasy, and then the point is reached when they can continue on that pathway no longer, because they come to a fork in the road. They must choose left or right. The decision has a fated feel about it. Things won’t be the same again!

Note that the degrees around the two spinal planets especially, are very sensitive, with collapse and ‘fork in the road’ quality and rebirth.


BUT there is an important twist to this tale, and that is that in  the case of this New Moon, a ‘psychic eye’ is tacked on to the base of the Yod.

So, in the case of this psychic eye figure, the Mars sextile Uranus base of the Yod, is also the base of a psychic Eye, and Mars and Uranus, here, form two semi-sextiles to the apex planet which in this case is a conjunction of two planets: ‘Mercury conjunct Rahu’.

This Psychic Eye chart aspect shape gives (often quite narrowly) focussed psychic ability to the apex planet.


AND Note that, when the two chart shapes combine, from the Psychic Eye Apex planet to the Yod Aspect planet, there now exists an opposition. And this opposition forms a very directed ‘spine’ to the new  overall figure, which is known in psychodynamic western astrology as a ‘Striving Figure’.

A Striving Figure is a combination of:
a)  The Projection Figure (or Yod)
b) The Eye
c) The opposition down the centre.

The Striving Figure is an energy that is very intelligent and sensitive, receiving insight which can impel one to a specific goal (though the high sensitivity can weaken determination and achievement energy, unless the person is aware and takes remedial measures to ‘strengthen their backbone’).

Lastly, it’s very good to be aware that an exceptional number of planets are harming each other, some of them very badly. Look at the Rashi Avasthas Table. This is the table of how the planets treat each other.





All this analysis means that Mercury Rahu has a very focussed psychic and potentially destructive cutting aspect to Ketu, which is the apex of the Yod.

And that this is a powerful and fated energy hit where Ketu is at 17 deg Vedic Scorpio.

What an energy!

People with planets around 15 deg Scorpio, especially, need to be aware of this.

We will all feel it.

Its energy will suffuse all of our consciousnesses.

And the key message is that: this New Moon will commence the Activation.

AND it’s a sensitive psychic New Moon: not that this New Moon is sextile Neptune

There is actually a further analysis twist to this tale, but it’s too complex to go into here, and that is that, as you can see from the Western chart, two overlapping Psychic Eye chart aspect shapes are actually in place, so this creates and additional chart aspect shape called a ‘magic cap’ in psychodynamic western astrology.

This second psychic Eye overlaps the first and is made up by Rahu/Mercury sextile Chiron, where both of these form a semi-sextile aspect to the apex planet which is Uranus.

So, you see: the two figures actually share Rahu/Mercury and Uranus which are of course in aspect to each other.

The New Moon is always a time for ‘listening’. But in this case more so. It would be good to do an embodied ritual or vision journey and note what intention comes up. But also, at this time, protect yourself from cutting destabilising events and people. Make firm your boundaries. Rest and recover from all the stress that there has been. Intuit what you want your New Dawn to be.

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