New Moon January 21st 2023 is Complex You Need to be Strong in Your Journey

The New Moon of 21st January 2023 is at 7 deg Vedic Capricorn

(Sidereal Zodiac)

This is 1 deg Western Aquarius

(Tropical Zodiac).

Important to understand its energy and effect on each of us, it is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

UttaraAshadha is ruled by the Sun. It is bold and most importantly it is inherently masculine.

This is a video with accompanying blog post about the energies of the January New Moon.

Please see also the video offering you a Vision Journey to contact and best utilize these energies.

You are at the beginning of a Journey.

A New Cycle.

A Fresh Start

A New Initiation.

You need to be strong.

You need to be patient.



Bring compassion above all.

Be Serene.


Watch the Video about the energies of this New Moon here:

(And do also see the separate accompanying Vision Journey video).

UttaraAshadha’s Symbol is Planks of a bed – not so comfortable, but a place to rest.

UttaraAshadha’s power animal/Yoni is the Mongoose, thus viciousness and speed.

Its nature is to be sharp and dreadful in an active way.

UttaraAshadha can foster ‘unchallenged victory’ and can come out as the ‘invincible one’. On a lonely enduring path, it storms its way forward to hoped for success, with lonely, dogged persistence to succeed, but may have luck in the nick of time.

This means that you are embarking on a new stage in a Journey. How must you handle your Journey?

It’s winter now – but don’t fail to look out for the first signs of Spring in the manifestation of your Journey.

We’re near Imbolc now. Cherish what is ‘in the womb’ and bring it to manifest.

This is the start of the Growing Season.


Both Sun and Moon are conjunct the Fixed Star Altair – whose energy is to experience, to be bold.

The Heliacal Rising Star which sets the tone of the start, of the New Journey is Aculeus – Understand that rough stones can be polished by life’s difficulties

The Heliacal Setting Star which states how things will turn out is El Nath – we will adopt a confronting attitude and deal with real life issues.

– This is the inherent core nature of this New Moon.


However, the Shadow looms vast. Lilith is exact to the minute opposition to this New Moon and Sun.

For this reason, our Shadow will call to us to be perceived and honoured, our shadow that contains all our buried guilts, our shadow that contains all our buried power that was not allowed, our shadow that contains our Wild Side that we must contact and express if ever we are to become our vibrant Self.

What is arising from your Shadow now that calls out to be healed? To be expressed?

What are you holding that is REPRESSED? Deal with this now. Don’t hang on to your Baggage. So not just ‘lie low’ now.


Sense where and what your Inner Turmoil is now.

Sense where you MUST break from your Past.



Recognize that Pluto is conjunct this New Moon and Sun at 4 deg Capricorn (orb 3 deg). You are called to embody your Power.

What in your Shadow is arising now to be expressed?

Get deep.

Come into your Power.

Be authentic.


The Cold Side is that Saturn is conjunct Venus – less than 1 deg orb. This is powerful. And this can of course be the chance to recognize the repressions you may have had as a child &/or your blocks to showing love.

Saturn is super-strong and Jagrat = wide awake and full on to express himself.

And Venus boosts Saturn formidably (from 537 strength points to 906 strength points in Rashi Avasthas) – so don’t give too much. Don’t work over hard. Allow time for self-love.

Fascinatingly, Neptune aspects this Saturn/Venus conjunction – it can open us to the ideal and beautiful in love.

Saturn and Venus are conjunct the Star Deneb Algedi whose energy is about a secret desire that may never be gratified. Again, this calls us to our Shadow. It’s key. It holds the balance between sorrow and happiness, life and death, beneficence and destructiveness.

Deneb Algedi’s energy is authoritarian and conventional and ‘Classical’ – so don’t turn away from or trample on and ignore your secret desire now in this new start phase.


Mars is a key component in your handling of this New Moon journey start, because Mars is the Apex Planet of a Yod which is a ‘Finger of God.

We each of us must strive to understand the true nature of Mars: our Effort, our Persistence, our Drive, our Warrior nature.

As Mars is the Apex of a Yod, we may find that we struggle to encompass the needed Mars qualities – but we MUST!

Sun, Moon and Mars all have Pushkara status – so are a powerful threesome with capacity to bring Healing.


Watch out for brilliant ideas now.

Give that process space.

Be open to quick thinking breakthroughs.

Be open to flashes of inspiration and allow time to unpack them.

Sense your own unique Wisdom.


Chiron is square Mercury (and Mercury is part of the Yod base together with Ketu). How will this wound to Mercury manifest?

Paralysis due to fear of inner chaos?

Unhelpful mental processes destroying the needed passion and liberation, talent and force to achieve in this New Phase of your Journey?
Lack of Confidence?


Feeling Defeated thus courting Defeat?

Ignoring brilliant ideas which could come to you now?

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