New Moon February 2023 Contact your shadow material and vision insight and grasp your Primal Fire as well

The New moon of 20th February is Sun and Moon at 7 deg Aquarius in the reclusive introverted moody healer energy Nakshatra of Shatabishak in the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

(That’s 1 deg Pisces in Western Tropical Zodiac).

And Lilith is square the Nodal axis where Ketu the South Node transits Libra the sign of Relationships!

And all the planets are to one side of the Nodal axis except for Mars.

So the dominant energy of this New Moon and the lunation period upcoming through the Full Moon on 7th March, and until the next New Moon on 21st March, is definitely one of seclusion and drive for insight, and empowering unfolding of your shadow material.

But don’t fall for ‘just that’!

Additionally realize that the dominant call to you at this reclusive time must also be to grasp your ‘Primal Fire’.

See the New Moon presentation video:

The ancient Norse creation myth comes to my mind, as I see the chart for this New Moon. From the primal void called Ginnungagap, from the union of Fire and Ice, the First Being called Mimir arose. I feel that the energy of this New Moon WILL be inward and reclusive – and there are needed values and immensities there. We must take the time to look for valuable insights and healing realizations. But we must not just reside there. We must ALSO grasp the Fire of Action too!

We must use contact with our shadow material and vision insight to arise and then also grasp our Primal Fire as well.

Lilith is square the Nodal Axis in the New Moon of 21st March too. When a planet is square the Nodal Axis this give it a special force and significance. We have to honour the fact that at this time we must delve into our shadow as a key part of our growth, of our evolution, of the positive progression of our incarnational life path and our destiny. What is in your shadow? What has been stuffed down there? There will be things stuffed down there into our shadow that weren’t allowed by our parents teachers, priests, society etc, but there will also be huge needed assets like our buried power that wasn’t allowed. And there will also be our buried ‘Wild Side’, and we so need to live expressing that ‘wild side’ – though obviously in an ethical and spiritual discerning and aware way.

And it’s crucial to note also that Lilith is square the Nodal axis where Ketu the South Node transits Libra the sign of Relationships! This gives great scope for growth crises in relationship – and with Lilith square Ketu, your buried psychological material, hurts, wounds and disempowerments are the crucial agenda in relationships to heal now. And with Lilith involved, your buried Wild Side must be allowed to express now – and, as I said, be expressed ethically and positively and with awareness.

Perceive the unseen and unknown. But create new ideas and manifest them into reality as well. Triumph through courage and love. Beware mentalism holding too much sway. Be also expressing our body wisdom and the fullness of our unconscious and our shadow.

You see, the nature of Shatabishak Nakshatra where this New Moon falls is that it is very ‘enclosed’. Its symbol is the enclosing circle. But its ruler is Rahu (The North Node) so it’s ambitious and driven within its strict confines. It can be spiritually elitist, opinionated and fanatical. Its energy can give way to power-seeking and panic. But within that energy are veiled healing realizations and philosophical secrets.

So, yes: let’s focus to connect to these secrets and realizations for our life, but don’t get stuck there. Additionally embrace swift perception of what’s unseen or unknown but crucial for you to bring to awareness if you are to heal and use it. Don’t stop within the Shatabishak circle; embrace your primal fire also. Express yourself fully – and with energy and with spiritual awareness. Come into your fullness at this time.

The other factor to be aware of is that this New Moon is within 3 deg of Saturn, so Saturn will hold his grip and demand practicality and hard work, but he won’t be so confining and  frustrating because Sun has now passed Saturn, at the time of this New Moon. The gap has widened.

Indeed, note from the Western chart that this stellium of New Moon conjunct Saturn is actually the apex of a Psychic Eye. The base of this Psychic Eye triangle is Pluto sextile Venus/Neptune, where both Pluto and also the Venus Neptune conjunction are actually semi-sextile the Saturn-Sun-Moon stellium. Do bear this in mind. Look for connection to the additional psychic insight energy that is on offer at this time. The Venus-Neptune conjunction is the highest in love and beauty at its best. Strive to see that. Strive to connect to and hold on to that.

And the final factor I would name to be aware of and seek to connect to is that Jupiter is conjunct Chiron at the time of this New Moon. Be aware of the nature of your existential wound. What House and sign in your birth chart does Chiron occupy? What planets in your birth chart does Chiron aspect? Make the effort to get clear that realization, and then bring it into your consciousness at the time of this New Moon and be open to digging into that wound, identify the more healed ‘You’ that you crave to stand as in your life, and take steps to heal it now. Include this in your New Moon work.

As usual, in a separate video, I offer a possible vision journey where you can make the energies of this New Moon stronger felt and more clear – and use them to empower and heal yourself by cooperating with the energies and insights of this New Moon and the lunation that follows it until the following New Moon on March 21st.

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New Moon Vision Journey video:

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