New Moon December 23 Vision Journey

After the Solstice, Arise!

Here is the Video for this Vision Journey:

Before starting your vision work to contact and use the energies of the December 23rd New Moon, please see my more detailed video and blog on this subject, where I list its ELEVEN Key Energies to this New Moon.

OK, now we start the Vision Work:

As ever when you are about to embark on vision work, make sure you have your feet on the ground, and ideally are in a quiet undisturbed place.

Now is a good time to review ways in which you feel weak, or wounded, or off-course. And what are your ambitions now?

Go within.

See what arises in your consciousness.

Especially see what wound is surfacing in your awareness now at this moment?

Especially sense how your Shadow is manifesting in what you do.

Grow spiritually in embracing your scripts.

This needs the mind cleared and the breath calmed.

Let worries melt like slow.

Let the energy of Compassion arise.

Open to grace, inspiration, generosity and patience; flowing energy, contentment and gratitude. See the gift from the Divine in what now starts. Life force flows. Heart energy can shower onto your and others.


Peace after conflict.

Arrive at a choice from this Lunation.

Having committed to doing this pretty fully, we now embark on a deeply aware and mindful Vision review of what are the energies of this New Moon and its Lunation period that follows, and commit yourself to making your needed ‘Warrior Initiation’, once you have completed the review – which we now commence:

As I voice the energies of this New Moon, see what comes to your mind about how they are affecting you – for good or ill.

Let’s start by noting that our task, as with any New Moon, is to attune to its energies and then develop a key picture of our best pathway forward through the lunation until the next New Moon in 28 days’ time.

This New Moon is just two days from the exact moment of the Winter Solstice. We are still in the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is the Death of the Old Sun and the Birth of the New Sun. The days around Winter Solstice as a Dead Time. You can’t force it. Experience it. Develop awareness from it. Prepare to arise from it.

In my blog and video describing this particular New Moon, I emphasized that this New Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, and I also emphasized that that Jupiter is square (90 deg) to this New Moon. So see that this New Moon is potentially a wonderful energy of great spiritual opening and enlargement for each of us – but beware the risk of glib over-expansion. Manage it with awareness and realism.

If you can, remember, also that the House in our Vedic chart that is Sagittarius will particularly define for us the area of life that is Sagittarius in our chart. You can look up the life area meaning of each House on my webpage:

As always, we have to take into account which Nakshatra a Lunation is in. The Nakshatras are the 27 lunar sign zodiac of Vedic Astrology and they are a supreme declaration of our identity from our emotionally based consciousness. This New Moon is in Mula Nakshatra. Mula Nakshatra is ruled over by Niritti, the Goddess of Death and Destruction. See her. Niritti opens our eyes to what must DIE now in our scripts and our awareness patterns and our life-path. And we have to find the right new pathway forward.

Recognize that an essential point is that Saturn, Lord of Karma is still making us tie up loose ends and finish unfinished business. He can feel even remorseless in the way he does this for our own good.

It is important to honour the fact that Saturn does not actually make his second entry into Vedic Aquarius on 17.1.2023, and that he does not actually resume his pre-retrogradation position of 1 deg 5 mins Aquarius until 18.1.2023. but realize that, after that date, we are finally free to forge ahead on our new needed projects unfettered by past uncompleted matters.

Now go deeper!

Lilith is transiting opposition Pluto in the Heavens now. The whole issue of power and shadow self, and what is buried in our shadow, is raised to the fore now. Don’t just look at your conscious aware patterns now. Delve into your shadow as well at this time.
Remember, it is often our power that gets buried into our shadow.

Remember also that our Wild Side can get buried in our Shadow Self. And Niritti’s energy calls us to acknowledge our Wild Side, to raise it to the light, and to find that it frees us as long as we bring spiritual awareness and handling to it now.

The graveyard Goddess Niritti calls us to die to our limited self at the time of this expansionary New Moon and express freely our buried beauty and power.

This New Moon is a Moon that has just emerged from a Gandanta Zone. The end of Jyestha and the start of Mula Nakshatra (the start of the sign Sagittarius) is one of the three transition points from where Water sign finally dissolves into the Void across which is the first flicker of the Fire of the next sign: a Fire sign. Vedic Scorpio transitions to Vedic Sagittarius. The ultimate insubstantiality of each Gandanta zone can open us to perception of the divine, of the God realm. And the Moon of this Moon has just passed across Galactic Centre. See Galactic Centre as an energy-supreme mass of 4,000,000 Suns amassed in a Black Hole. The energy it transmits is massive indeed. Open to it.

Not only is Pluto activating Lilith. Chiron too becomes very activated in the Full Moon that follows on 6.1.23. Chiron is a key part of this lunation. Bring into your mind awareness of what it is that is your Existential Wound is – and whether you are managing to bring Healing to it.

Do this with the intention of from this work achieving your need New Meaning in your life pathway.

Next, let arise in your mind the sight of the Healed You that comes to you – the You that you will be if you do the healing during this Lunation.

What will you look like?

Who will you be?

What will the path you are treading forward look like?

Where will it be heading?

What guidance, insights and new clarities and intentions will you keep going back to every day to keep yourself as this new Spiritual warrior version of you?

Face that self

Walk forward as your self

Promise to have a session every day during this lunation re-envisioning that self.

Committing to holding your self in that way.

Commit to walking forward in that way.

Commit to keeping the defined end goal renewed in your mind and vision every day.

Arise with Compassion and Centeredness and Spiritual Warrior energy and go forward.

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