New Moon August 2021 Some Really Good Advice

The New Moon of August 2021offers inspiration and nurture issues at a super tense time.

What nurtures you? What guides you? This August New Moon offers a complex mix of intuitive openings, if we take the time to observe and delve into the energies of this day.

It comes at a time where what nurtures you is part of the equation that you have to consider in dealing with the other side of these times which is making decisions around issues of revolution and tension.

And it does come at a time of potential good warrior energies with Mars transiting kingly Leo.

So, can we let the intuitive openings of this New Moon guide the caring Warrior?

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This New Moon occurs on August 8th around 14.50 UTC.

I say the energies of this New Moon are intuitive and should be given space and use of the right vision or contemplation methods in your life at this time, especially because Mercury is in the Gandanta Zone of immateriality, breakthroughs and potential inspirations, at the end of Vedic Cancer. Identify the areas of your life that call for intuitive inspiration and taking action about them now. But also remember to value what nurtures you and gives you safety and well-being. Let new vitality arise! Limit what drains you and takes you from your Best Self, your inner flame. It’s about making the decision as to what to cut from your life, and what to prioritize in your life, so that you will become more whole, more embodied, and more connected to methods for your intuitive guidance.
For the charts, see the Western and Vedic Astrology charts on my August 2021 webpage.

Also note that Neptune is opposition Venus, and this can give glimpses of the ideal in love and beauty, now.

Furthermore, Mercury is the apex planet of a Yod, where the planets at the base of the Yod are Pluto sextile Neptune whose energy when positively manifested encompasses intensified and purified soul life. A high degree of sensitiveness. Highly active imagination. Clairvoyant visions. Second sight. Delving into unusual and supernatural phenomena. Mysticism. Self-knowledge by inner realization of truth.

Using the Nakshatras, the wonderful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology, Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Ashlesha Nakshatra which is too critical, but does have the capacity to move beyond being critical and gain divine inspirational openings. As we do our New Moon contemplation, all these intuitive factors might be used to then apply the logical planning side of Mercury to them to make useful decisions.

And Sun, Moon and Mercury are of course, all in the Vedic sign of Cancer which is nurturing and sensitive, and pushes us to connect to people and places that are safe for us and we can trust. Bring into your meditation the issue of nurture. Who nurtures you? What strands of your life are especially valid because they nurture you? And it does give us a chance to combine the Sun which is our will and egoic personality with our emotional and unconscious die which is the Moon, with Mars as the Kingly Warrior in Leo setting quite a tone for action.

But the nature of this New Moon contains huge other tense energies as well:

Saturn sends an opposition to it from Vedic Capricorn.

Uranus sends a square to it from Vedic Aries.

This New Moon is therefore caught up in the super tense energies where Uranus the planet of Revolution is pitting himself with a storming of the Bastille against Saturn’s blocks and prison walls – both on your personal level, and at the level of our societies.

So, as you focus with meditative awareness onto the sensitive immaterial inspirational and even visionary potential of this penetrating New Moon, you will be caught up in the current War of the Titans between Uranus call for you to bring needed revolution, and Saturn’s blocks and structures which may be telling you that you have to cling to the old ways and take the suffering and run the endurance test!

Will your intuitive openings bring you the answer to this Uranus-Saturn fight in your life and your society? Will stuffy teachers tell you that you MUST adopt their formula?

Most importantly: what intuitive tools and methods might you need to use to open to possibility? to open to your potential? To guide your bodily and embodiments energies to give you the best route out to the better dawn?

As a youngster I have always been struck since from reading T S Eliot’s immortal line from The Wasteland, echoing Dante’s Inferno:

‘I had not thought Death had undone so many.’

But also remember, the tensions and possible intuitive openings and guidances of the prevailing times in which this New Moon is caught up in, are not just a case of Uranus smashing Saturn. Pluto is transiting with Saturn in Vedic Capricorn, too, and Pluto’s urge for expression of our power erupts against Saturn’s walls and limits. This is all part of the Pluto Return of the USA which comes to its first exact hit in April 2023, and so much will be exposed for healing our shadow all though this time. Especially as the last time that the world saw Uranus transiting Vedic Aries as now, saw the rise of Adolf Hitler and his bringing in of World War 2.

And remember also that Rahu North Node in Vedic Taurus, is sending an aspect to Saturn as he transits in Vedic Capricorn, and this aspect brings fear and tension.

But – Mars is the strong Warrior in Vedic Leo at the time of this Moon, and again there is a fated dimension to the warrior, as Mars is square the Nodal Axis. Fascinatingly, too, Mars receives an opposition aspect from Jupiter (retrograding in Vedic Aquarius) at this time.

So, will this New Moon energy give you some guide as to your ‘New Jerusalem’ to come out of these tense times?

Will you create the time and space to tune into the issues and look for intuitions as to your needed solutions?

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