New Moon 2nd January 2022 Healing our Love

The New Moon of 2nd January 2022 has both Sun and Moon in PurvAshadha Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus. It is thus flooded and steeped with the energy of Venus.

And the other thing to focus on is that this New Moon is in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius, and so we can also consciously make ourselves open to blessing and inspiration.

And blessing and inspiration can of course meld so well with our work of healing and growing Love.

(This New Moon is at 18 degrees Vedic Sagittarius, which is 12 deg Western Capricorn).

At the same time, it is totally crucial to understand that we are in the midst of a Venus Retrograde period.

This Venus Retrograde period started on the day of the spectacular Pluto Venus conjunction at the Full Moon of 18th/19th December.

And this Venus Retrograde period lasts until 29th January.

See the Video HERE.

Also the Pluto-Venus conjunction was exact on 18th December. Its orb is just 2 deg on January 2nd,  so we need to realise that  the Venus-Pluto energy is still very powerful.

And we are going to experience it again because after the 18th December, yes, Venus does a Retrograde, but then of course Venus goes direct again, so that on 3rd March there’s a further Venus conjunct Pluto – this time at 2 deg Vedic Capricorn.

So: What is the crucial energy of Venus Pluto?

Basically it is great passion in love. It’s potential for huge depth of love.

And because Venus is involved it can also be playful, sensual and arty and fun.

Venus conjunct Pluto is also: Frantic love. Great sensual passion. Strong desire. Extraordinary power of attraction. Intensified sex expression. Fanatical desire. Madly in love. Compulsive attraction.

And it’s about POWERL When you are in the depths of Pluto’s realm, you can draw on a powerful ability to transform your life, you can transform love in your life. Fated events and growth and developments can occur. You can regenerate. Power issues in love now arise to be healed, shared about and dealt with.

It can definitely also entail receiving quite a sum of money, though other factors would also need to apply.

So, it is very important to be aware that Venus is Retrograde most of January 2022, indeed: up to January 29th.

Retrograde periods of planets are essentially a chance for us to learn the divine lessons of that planet deeper. They are a chance for us to understand the planet’s principles clearer, and so this is genuinely such a good time to observe our scripts in matters of love, our ways of relating – and to heal them.

And if we are in a relationship, that observation and sharing and healing is best done in truthful communication with the partner.

And if we are alone but seeking relationship, this is an ideal time to get clearer sight of how we relate in love, and how to go about finding love.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

It can be so helpful to monitor and be aware of our mind games around love, around our relationship. It is so needed to see where these are negative for our relationship or undermining for our relationship?

It can be so helpful too to consider the question:  is our spiritual pathway conducive for the healing and growth of love – or is it spiritual bypass?

It is so necessary too not only to be aware of mind-patterns, and not only to be discussive of love, but also to embody the loving man, the loving woman.

Embodiment is a very underrated factor in spiritual growth and achievement, it’s such a necessary dimension to shamanic healing.

Looking deeper at the Astrology of this New Moon, you might make the point that Mars is catching Venus up now. Venus has very slow motion when retrograding, and Mars is shooting along from behind in Scorpio at the time of this New Moon, and actually Mars catches Venus up and conjucnts Venus at 22 deg Sagittarius on 16th February.

But we do need to look closer at the Venus-Mars conjunction, and ask ourself: what energy is this? And what connection does it have to love?

Basically, Venus and Mars are an energy of ‘sexual fireworks’, of sexual passion and desire. This has its place in love, but it is not the fullness of the love relationship. That would be sensationalist.

Western Astrology is usually amiss describing the Venus-Mars combination as ‘Love’.

Looking a bit deeper at the energies of this New Moon of 2nd January, the other thing to note is that this New Moon is square Chiron.

The New Moon is at 18 Vedic Sagittarius; Chiron is at 15 deg Vedic Pisces.

At its highest, this means that we can find Chiron in Pisces Healing in the vision and sensitiveness of the Pisces energy, and we can use this to enhance our sharing about love, our healing focus on our love scripts.

Indeed, prepare for something wonderful that is shortly to come: Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022. Neptune enters Pisces on 18.4.2022.

At its highest this will produce a most wonderful and needed visionary current which, if properly handled, will favour intuitive breakthrough and healing.
A mystical current will be offered to all of us.

As I said, Chiron, too, transits Pisces bringing definite healing energies for the signs it aspects.

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