New Moon 23rd November 2022 Vision Journey

Before starting your vision work to contact and use the energies of the November 23rd New Moon, please see my video and blog on the subject.

And you might find it helpful to watch my video filmed just now on: What is the nature of a New Moon – and what does it call it call us to do in our life now?

And you might also find it valuable to see the other video I filmed just now on the Tour I led now which by coincidence was at a site sacred to the War Goddess of the ancient Irish and a journey to meet Her.

In my video describing this particular New Moon, I emphasize that this New Moon is in Vedic Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars is the key planet to understand and go forward with and get your life on track with, now.

Secondly, Venus is in Scorpio with transiting Mars opposite, so its energies are passionate and vigorous.

And thirdly, Jupiter is stationary and super-powerful in Pisces, yet conjunct the dreadful Fixed Star energy Scheat.

And fourthly Pluto is opposition Lilith in the heavens bringing power if you contact in a healed way what has been stuffed into your shadow side and needs to arise, including that which was buried as ‘wild’ as you grew up.

OK, now we start the Vision Work:

As ever when you are about to embark on vision work, make sure you have your feet on the ground, and ideally are in a quiet undisturbed place.

Now is a good time to review ways in which you feel weak, or wounded, or off-course.

Go within.

See what arises in your consciousness.

What wound is surfacing in your awareness now at this moment?

Face your Wound.

See its nature.

Note what memories or pictures arise in your mind.

Note what ideas might come to you to solve your wound.

Having done that pretty fully, now embark on your needed ‘Warrior Initiation’, committed to Overcoming your Wound.

Do this with the intention of from this work achieving your need New Meaning in your life pathway.

Next, let arise in your mind the sight of the Healed You that comes to you – the You that you will be if you do the healing during this Lunation.

What will you look like?

Who will you be?

What will the path you are treading forward look like?

Where will it be heading?

What guidance, insights and new clarities and intentions will you keep going back to every day to keep yourself as this new Mars warrior version of you?

Face that self

Walk forward as your self

Promise to have a session every day during this lunation re-envisioning that self.

Committing to holding your self in that way.

Commit to walking forward in that way.

Commit to keeping the defined end goal renewed in your mind and vision every day.

Arise with Mars energy and go forward.

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