New Moon 23rd November 2022 Personal Sharing

I can share with you that this New Moon is exactly conjunct my natal Mars, so I plan for a journey for healing my Mars energy, not least because my Mars is conjunct Chiron in my birth chart. This destiny was set in place because I never saw my father until I was 43, and then only once, and also because I was brought up in rather anti-Mars environments.

And I’d also like to share with you an amazing coincidence that set off my Mars discovery journey. I have just led one of my Sacred West of Ireland Tours (these are described on my Druid Forest School website) – and by ‘coincidence’ today’s tour was to The Cave of the Morrigan – the War Goddess of the ancient Irish. I did not set this coincidence up. I was booked to run the tour by a party from Holland – it was their doing that set up this event for me now.

Now, as I said, the Morrigan was the War Goddess of the ancient Irish. She is a deeply ancient spiritual force with shamanic roots, shapeshifter roots, as crawling round her legs are the slippery eel, and on her shoulder perches the battlefield totem of the crow or raven It is situated just under the mound of kingship, Rathcroghan Mound, where the Kings and Queens of Connaught (= The West of Ireland) were crowned around 2000 years ago (The Iron Age leading to the early Middle Ages.).

Now the Cave of the Morrigan (known as Oweynagat Cave) was held to hold horrific fearsome energies that would issue from it and were unleashed – especially around Samhain or Halloween (this month). And secondly, Oweynagat cave was a place of Warrior Initiation. Young Warriors would spend the night there facing the demons, and the Irish manuscripts record how at least a couple of them would go mad and fail their initiation – but those who succeeded left the ordeal as a Warrior – what a coincidence for me to run a workshop at this place at the time of a New Moon conjunction my natal; Mars/Chiron!

So, I can share with you, relevant to this New Moon, that in the darkness of the cave, we held three journeys:

Face our Wound – what wound is surfacing in your awareness now at this moment?


Warrior Initiation and Overcoming our Wound – and from that work achieve your New Meaning


Then: Meet The Morrigan to face Her and share on our New Meaning – and see and hear what guidance, insights and new clarities and intentions arise from facing the War Goddess of the ancient Irish?

She spreads her wings because her totem is a battle bird. But she loves the hero on his or her own path and we need to see that (as the story of Cu Chulainn reveals – he failed to see her love) we need to become clear about our insecurities and our path. We need to empower ourselves by being flexible and agile in our self-evolution now. We also need to set boundaries and take control in our life.

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