New Moon 21st April, then the Full Moon Meditation at the Ilkley Happiness Centre on May 6th at 6pm

We are sadly saying farewell to Fiona (for a bit, only, hopefully) and Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely are taking over offering the Full Moon Meditations at the Ilkley Happiness Centre. The next Full Moon will be on Sunday 6th May, and we do look forward to being with you for the Full Moon Meditation at 6pm on that day. We shall be tuning into our feelings, creating healing, journeying and seeking vision and charting our strong new direction.
Now, some words about the New Moon of 21.4.12 at 07.18 hrs which will culminate as May 6th’s Full Moon.
Here is its chart in western astrology:

And here is its chart in Vedic Astrology:

OK what are the energies of this New Moon???
Well, please be careful not to go in for angry or impulsive or over-emotional speech, especially if you are in a Mars-ruled sign like Aries or Scorpio (Mars went direct on 14th April), and be tender in loving relationships, otherwise you could make your loved ones unhappy or resentful, and they could feel they really have to take a stand against your treatment of them and your lack of valuing them and lack of respect, and you could feel quite sorry or even ask yourself: ‘what have I destroyed?’ for example by the time of the Full Moon on May 6th. There is a risk of over-aggressive individualism you will later regret.  There is a risk of very poor communication with bad results.
With Mars opposite Neptune, however, this is a great time for an intuitive project or for developing your intuition or mysticism, but beware misuse of your energies or failure to deliver results.
Indeed, this is a great time for taking decisive action and for forging ahead speedily on a project, as long as you are disciplined and balanced and create conscious direction, and as long as you are sensitive to others and not over-bearing. These warnings taken into account, show courage and strongly follow your heart. Make as your guiding star: strength, optimism, enthusiasm, hope and expansion. You could well be rewarded with speedy results if you foster these qualities – and remember: there’s a need to go beyond the ideas into action.
If you would like the full western and Vedic charts of the New Moon with a statement of how they aspect your own birth chart, email Michael Conneely, wiht your name, and natal data:date, time and place of birth. Michael is an expert in Western and Vedic Astrology and prepares Birth Chart, Prediction and Relationship Readings, as well as teaching exceptionally supportive astrology courses in western, Vedic and Relationships Astrology: