New Moon 18th June 2023 Quick Summary of the Energies at this Time

Here’s Michael Conneely with the overview of how the energies of the June 18th New Moon may be affecting us and how to deal with them.

(If you want the very useful and helpful deeper astrological analysis on which this quick summary is based, then please do go to my full forecast video and blog as well.


There’s a very mentalistic, restless energy because this New Moon is in Gemini. Try not to get caught up in the chatter of the mind. Keep in touch with your heart and what’s genuine.


Mars and Venus are both transiting Cancer at the time of this New Moon, so be aware you could be feeling very irritable and steamy.

Mars and Venus in the same sign is a passionate, but it’s also jealous and moody, over-critical

and touchy.

Avoid rows and fights with your loved one!

Work together to grow your loving relationship and heal it bad scripts.


Mars is conjunct Lilith (and they are both square Uranus!).

This means you’ll feel intense, quick to anger, erratic impulsive behaviours and you’ll be freedom-seeking. Dramatic changes and break-outs may be on the cards. Make sure they are right for you and your love.

There could be outbursts of buried unconscious material. Develop your understanding of your unconscious self.

Use these strange feelings and ratty episodes wisely and lovingly in sharing with your partner – and you’ll reclaim your confidence in yourself, and also in your love relationship that way.

Nurturing loving relationship at this time.

Work lovingly with family members.

Don’t sabotage the things in your life that you also need.


This New Moon is square Neptune:
This energy is big.

Negatively it’s delusion, confusion misunderstandings. Don’t get dragged into these.

Release illusions.

The positive side of Neptune is vision potential, spirituality, sensitivity, things like shamanic journeying.


Bear in mind that Saturn has just turned retrograde the day before

You Need to make space to Understand the nature and presence of Karmic and Spiritual Demands upon you now.

This energy will be running in your life from mid 2023 and into next year.

This is the time to orientate your life to your spiritual purpose – the reason you incarnated this time.

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Pluto is square the Nodal axis:

This is the time to identify your power.

Let the fullness of your power arise.

Tap into your buried power.

It might not have been allowed by your childhood or other factors.

But let your power arise and express itself in a proper spiritual way – do not trample or bull-doze others.

At its highest, this is your chance for renewal and Rebirth.


Jupiter is conjunct Rahu North Node:

The Jupiter-Rahu combination is driven and ambitious but it can offer you a lot of wisdoms and insights.

Don’t over-rev.

Avoid burn out.

Don’t over-ride your loved ones.


It’s Summer Solstice on June 21st:
This is the peak of the Sun’s influence on this Earth.

It’s the energy of Illumination.

The longest day.

Honour the ancient divine power of the fullness of the Solstice Sun.

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