New Moon 18th June 2023 Full Astrology Guidance

The New Moon of 18th June has Sun and Moon at 2 Vedic Gemini.

This is in Mrigashira Nakshatra.

It’s 26 Western Gemini.

This is the fuller analysis with more wonderful and helpful astrological detail and analysis. Here’s the video:

It’s 26 Western Gemini.

This is the fuller analysis with more wonderful and helpful astrological detail and analysis. Here’s the video:

But you can also see also my brief short for quick presentation of the energies of this June New Moon: Video plus Blog Post.

Although there’s a cerebral mentalistic Mercurial energy because this New Moon is in Gemini, and also a restless questing energy given the nature of Mrigashira the Nakshatra in which this New Moon falls, in fact the fore-front energy will also feel very Mars-like.

First crucial factor:
Be aware of the possibility for Passion but also Critical Arguing in relationship:

Passion but Critical Arguing in Relationship

Release illusions

This is your chance for Renewal and Rebirth

This irritable Mars edge is because the New Moon is in Mrigashira ruled by Mars, and because Mars is now transiting in Vedic Cancer where he is weakened, irritable and steamy.

In fact Venus is in Cancer, too, conjunct Mars, this is a passionate but jealous and moody energy. Watch your mind!

And very significant also is the fact that Mars and Venus are in Ashlesha Nakshatra at the end of Cancer. Ashlesha is intense, poisonous and mysterious with dark themes.

It’s serpent energy.

Look out for its higher qualities and give them a chance in your life during this lunation:

There’s wisdom.

There’s the occult.
But Ashlesha is very overcritical.

And also very significant indeed is the fact that Mars is conjunct Lilith (and they are both square Uranus!).

This means intense, quick to anger and freedom-seeking.

It means impulsive behaviour with eruptions of anger, and also outbursts of buried unconscious material.

Bear in mind that the more spiritual approach to this buried unconscious material is to watch out against outbursts.

Use wisely your shadow awarenesses and buried psychological material that might erupt: to be the wise one, to be the strong one, instead.

You can reclaim your confidence in yourself that way.

Be strong.

Watch out for erratic moods.

Your inner unexpressed emotions and the raw unconscious anger you may be carrying can both bubble up to the surface at this time.

But don’t let that be a case of you lashing out in frustration.

Watch also for the breakthroughs of insight that you’ll get (- if you avoid frustrated lashing out).

Sexual tension can lead to love-making rather than arguing!

Freedom and independence must be balanced by nurturing of loving relationship.

Dramatic changes and break-outs may be on the cards, but also work lovingly with family members.

Don’t sabotage the things in your life that you also need.

Second crucial Factor:
This New Moon is square Neptune:
(Full Moon at 2 Gemini, Neptune at 3 Pisces)
Vision potential, spirituality, sensitivity, journeying. Release illusions.


Delusion, confusions, misunderstandings?


Other important things to bear in mind:

Saturn has just turned retrograde the day before

You Need to Understand Saturn’s Karmic and Spiritual Demand on you and his Energy in your Life mid 2023 and into next year.

This is the time to orientate your life to your spiritual purpose.

Saturn’s stationing and retrograde period from roughly March 2023 to February 2024 and peaking June 2023, can prompt us to become the self-mastering spiritual hero – or plunge us into self-doubting torment and despair.

Saturn will force us to see where our path forward is wrong for our spiritual fulfillment and right destiny path in this life.

Saturn is limitation, illness, contraction and karma.

Saturn will force us to see where our karmic baggage is cutting us off from our light hero potential.

See the post I recently did on the power of Saturn in your life now:

See the Pt. 1 Video:
See the Pt 2 video:
Read the Blog Post:


Pluto is square the Nodal axis:

Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node are at 7 deg Aries/Libra

Pluto is at 5 deg Capricorn.

Ketu South Node is where each of us come in, in this life. Rahu North Node is where each of us are driven towards as our karmic goal and destiny in this lifetime.
This is the time to allow the fullness of your power to arise.

Tap into your buried power that was not allowed by your childhood or whatever other factor.

Let it arise properly – do not trample others.

This is highly transformative energy.

This is your chance for renewal and Rebirth.

This is the time to stand powerful in awareness of your life-purpose for this lifetime.

This is the time to let your rightful power direct your best spiritual path forward in this life.


Jupiter is conjunct Rahu North Node:

The Jupiter-Rahu combination is driven and ambitious and can offer a lot of wisdoms, but can make you burn out or over-ride your loved ones. It can get unrealistically ‘Ra, ra, ra!’

So do be open to wisdom breakthroughs

Do allow insights in

But beware driven overdrive or obsession.


It’s Summer Solstice on June 21st:
the peak of the Sun’s influence on this Earth.


Let the portal open.

The longest day.

There are so many Neolithic monuments round where I live in the West of Ireland. The Neolithic people who came here honoured the divine power that is the Sun. We all need to become the fullness of our own Sun.

I think that the energies of this New Moon, and the lunation period that follows until the next New Moon on July 3rd are such good guidance for us.

We need to hear:
The cautions against irritability and tension and arguing

The potential for developing visionary insights
The calls for us to become one with our life purpose
The current running for us for manifesting our power

– all these can come to a head with honouring the ancient divine power of the fullness of the Solstice Sun.

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