New Moon 17th July 2023 The Cauldron Bubbles

The New Moon of 17th July has Sun and Moon at 0 deg Vedic Cancer. Its root energy is thus a call for each of us to create now a place of security, and responsiveness to our needs. It’s sensitive emotional energy. See my charts page for July:

So, this New Moon in Cancer calls you to create a place of security responsive to your needs. Its energy is sensitive and emotional.

This New Moon actually grows to become a Full Moon on 1st August, with that Full Moon at 15 Capricorn in Sravana Nakshatra, and Sun at 15 Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra. So in other words, this New Moon sets you off on a journey from sensitive secure base with a lot of mentalistic considerations, to becoming more of a nurturing person, increasing your level of spiritual listening, giving and caring to others, and more of a warrior.

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In more detail:

This New Moon is in Punarvasu Nakshatra. The Moon can be restless in Punarvasu. It is intuitive and changeable. Punarvasu is multidimensional and this can give too many ideas and directions for people to explore, hence they remain unsettled despite the wisdom of Jupiter the planet that rules Punarvasu Nakshatra.

And importantly, this New Moon is in the last pada (quarter) of Punarvasu Nakshatra which is Pushkara and vargottama. So, in other words it has very good Healing potential and it has good potential connection to divine purpose. There is a new vitality of concept in Punarvasu pada 4. It’s about the creation of a new home for your soul and achieving new spiritual recognition. Punarvasu pada 4 is seen as one of the strongest and most beneficent and mothering parts of the zodiac. And as I said, the energy of this New Moon is destined to grow to Moon in Sravana the listener Nakshatra, and to Sun in Pushyami the giver and the warrior.

Venus Focus:

There is a very, very special focus on Venus in your life from the time of this New Moon.

Venus is at 3 deg Leo in Magha Nakshatra.

And most importantly, Venus is the Apex of a yod: A Finger of God chart aspect shape. It’s thus a crucial call to understand your Venus.

And the base of the Finger of God Yod is: Pluto sextile Neptune: which is very empowering and also pretty intuitive with spiritual openings to feed our handling of the apex planet: Venus.

And Venus is about to start a very, very fraught energy Venus Retrograde period.

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Pluto Power:

Pluto is opposition this New Moon. And the point is that Neptune is the apex of an Ambivalence Triangle where Pluto opposition Moon connects to Neptune.

Pluto is sextile Neptune.

Sun/Moon are trine Neptune.

this aspect figure of an Ambivalence means that the tension in the opposition flips us to fully express through the energy of the apex planet: Neptune: sensitivity, intuition. Use this powerfully and well. Find relief in fulfilling the positive qualities of Neptune.

Fate and Destiny:

The biggest underlying energy in the matrix of this New Moon is the T-square where Pluto is opposition the Sun/Moon, and Pluto and Sun/Moon are both at 90 degrees to the Nodal Axis!

You are helped to become more into your power.

And driving this will be included your past life issues – and the call of your incarnational destiny direction in this life.

This is a cauldron of energies. It is growing to fuller manifestation at the time of the next two eclipses. At its highest it is like a magical cauldron bubbling and growing to fruition. These eclipses are: October 14th and 28th.

Irritating Side Issue: Saturn opposition Mars:

Watch out for the irritation that is created by Saturn opposition Mars at this time. Be aware of it.

If you are in a relationship, let the two of you agree to loving sharing on noting and handling frustration and irritation that runs as an undercurrent now.

Don’t let it erupt.

Be aware that it’s there.

Lovingly neutralize it.

The Big Intention:

So at the time of this new Moon, preserve and nurture your sensitive base, which reaching out to your fuller proper power, helped by the use of intuitive methods as you embark on a well-managed wonderful journey, managing your relationship issues with awareness and agreed loving sharing, and ever-focusing on developing the fated greater potential of Pluto opposition Moon square the utterly powerful Nodal axis.

What is it that is bubbling for you now, bubbling to come to fulfillment in your life? Keep your focus on the cauldron bubbling between now and October.

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