New Moon 16 August is such a Deep Well of Healing and Power and Love

Basically, there’s such a deep well of energies in the New Moon of August have to draw on both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology in order to identify them, but this is actually the astrology I have been offering for the last 28 years! It’s my specialty. And I go deep when I offer it in my Readings and Courses.

The Sun and the Moon are at 29 Vedic Cancer, and this is actually one of the three Gandanta Zones known only to Vedic astrology: the three immaterial energy zones where Water sign transitions to Fire Sign. So this means that when we tune into the energy of this New Moon day, we will feel the unworldly unsupportive but mystical and visionary/inspirational energy.

And drawing on one of the wonders of Western astrology: Lilith Black Moon energy is within 1 deg of this New Moon Sun and Moon conjunction – Lilith calling you to delve into your shadow side, your unconscious material: indeed contacting and properly expressing the energy and potential of the ‘Lilith Wild You’ as well.

And hugely central at the time of this New Moon, there’s a calling to each of us to heal our love scripts. This is because Venus is Retrograde which always highlights our love issues for us – ideally to heal them. But only three days before this New Moon on August 13th, this Retrograde Venus actually arose from its ‘inferior conjunction’ position between the Sun and the Earth – and moves to being reborn. This is such a deep time for us to contact what’s going on inside us in matters of love, such a call for us to become authentic to what we are really feeling in matters of love, and also for us to heal matters of love. It’s a powerful current for healing love issues.

I think you can see from what I’ve described so far, it would be really good to create some meditative space on the day of this New Moon. Indeed the day of this New Moon is such a good time to do an inward exploration or vision journey, perhaps do some healing overtone chanting or Mantra, or whatever it is that is your thing. I’m reminded by Tibetan Buddhist Mantra as a power way to connect to and heal with and ride the huge energies of this New Moon.

See the video:

But actually, there’s even more. There’s also other huge and in some ways contradictory/opposite energies. Let’s mention then now and understand them now. So create space and become authentic to what you’re really feeling now. Just allow yourself to sink for a while into truly deep introspection.

Amazingly, Uranus is EXACTLY square this New Moon. You are called to Revolution. Bring in the needed change!

Amazingly, Pluto is square the Nodal axis at the time of this New Moon: Pluto is square the South Node Ketu and Pluto is square the North Node Rahu exactly – and the Nodes of the Moon are actually our Destiny energy in this life, our Destiny direction – and Pluto calls us to come more and more into our proper power, to stand more and more in our proper power! This New Moon therefore carries a huge fated call to embrace your proper power, to stand in your proper power, to love fully with your proper power.

Realize that this is a Hinge of Destiny Time: the Nodes of the Moon change Vedic Sign on October 30th.

Those with their natal Nodes in the Libra-Aries sign axis are really being called now to identify and heal their past life and ancestral issues carried by Ketu South Node coming to the end of his transit in Libra.

AND they are really being called to fully embrace their incarnational life purpose direction fueled by their North Node in Aries. They are being called to understand their destiny life direction in this incarnation and get it together.

But the Nodes move into the Virgo-Pisces sign axis on October 30th and these people are really feeling the Imperative already, especially if their personal Nodes are at the edge of that sign that the transiting Nodes will hit earliest on!

And I MUST end on the point that this is also an exceptional HEALING time: Chiron is trine this New Moon plus Lilith ‘dark power vault’.

Chiron is sending a Healing trine aspect to Venus, Sun, Moon and Lilith! Chiron is trine Venus, Sun, Moon and Lilith!

So have the courage to identify your wounds, now – especially those wounds affecting how you love!!!

Journey down into your shadow and your hurt.

Look for your wild power.


Allow no weakness or self-pity.

Chiron the Centaur, Chiron the Wounded Healer is calling you at the time of this New Moon.

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