New Kabbalah Course Launched: Live Well and Connect to Spirit in these Crazy Times

We are so pleased and honoured to announce the launch of Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks new on-line Kabbalah Course.

The world is in a state of crisis.  Fear and anger rise as a result.  Learning more about yourself and your personal mission can bring relief to anxiety and dread.

By looking within you can find the stable centre in your own core energy, and that centre will guide you through these troubled times.

The Tree of Life (Kabala) is a mystical guide to this inner presence inside yourself.

Dr. Liz’  course gives you what you need to understand your place in the world and to let go of past mistakes.

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A personal recommendation from Michael Conneely:

I have been working with Elizabeth Hendricks for some months developing the course videos and documents.

What I want to share with you is that as Elizabeth was making the video of each sephiroth of the Kabbalah, I could feel the powerful and holy energy in my body, and especially in the part of the body each particular sephiroth relates to.

Elizabeth is a psychic Healer, and she powerfully transmits the energy of each sephiroth as she teaches it.

This new Kabbalah Course is such a strong energy for personal growth and for spiritual growth.

When I focus on the energy at any later time, it powerfully comes back into me. This is so helpful in these difficult times.

The tree of life is the model of the pure energies of the universe which are beyond form. It is a kind of divine roadmap, there to help you grow spiritually until your essence is free of human errors and frailties.

These 10 spheres each have a specific name, each represents a different quality of force and is associated with a specific colour. These spheres are known as the Sephiroth. (The singular is Sephirah). There are 10 different spheres of divine energy.

Through them, the divine light is condensed and compressed into specific qualities. The final Sephirah, Number 10, results in manifestation into the physical world. We are thus touched by the Divine Force.

The Tree of life is also a diagram of our bodies and a powerful tool to understand both yourself and the universe.

The Tree of Life is a model of the Universe.

The Tree of Life is a model of the pure energies of the Universe, beyond form.

The paths between the Sephiroth represent the paths we take on the journey of Return.

We learn and experience how the Divine energy current of the Kabala flows through our human body.

This Course Includes:

10 written lessons
12 videos discussing the Kabalah
13 videos to connect you with specific divine energy fields

Plus: Option to have 30 minute lesson consultation with your teacher.

By the end of the course, you can have a solid understanding of how the individual spheres of energy operate, and how you fit into the cosmic blueprint of evolution.

You will be able to tune in to the energy of your own heart, which is the source of all mental and emotional balance.

When you complete this Course, you will know:

Why you are here

The forces behind creation

How the universe began

The Luminous spheres of the Sephiroth

How to connect with The energy field of each Sephiroth

Why ritual is so important in your life

How to create calmness in the face of world disasters

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Here’s what Elizabeth has to say about her on-line Healings:
When I work with you I tune into your etheric body, which enables me to see your etheric wiring and to look at your chakras.
The chakras are centers of energy which receive divine energy and route that divine energy through all parts of your body.
In evaluating your field, I may notice past lives that need to be dealt with or past traumas that are blocking your progress.
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