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Child Astrology banner image‘Child Astrology’ is a deeply caring and spiritual healing program dedicated to serving intending parents, parents, and their children worldwide

‘Thanks so much for such an in depth reading about our son Charles. It was incredibly useful, especially with so many aspects to look at, and the inclusion of the East and Western approaches. Your knowledge is vast! It has certainly helped clarify so much for us, and I hope we are able to guide Charles through this challenging time.’ CS

‘I am very pleased and, indeed, impressed with your most comprehensive and detailed astrological reports. I think that my niece J would find lots of interest, value and benefit from these reports for her daughter, especially with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the reports with you. I am sending the printed astrological reports early next week to J and asking her to contact you by telephone or email to arrange a suitable time for the recorded interview.’ Dr R M

This is but two of many testimonials about the value of our new Child Astrology service. See: This service is face to face or distance and you can opt for one, two or three of our insight and healing options.

ASTROLOGY: I offer an expert combination of western and Vedic astrology which genuinely gets to the root of the issues in the child’s life in a way that even the most experienced western astrology just can’t.

AURA READING: I work with Helen Hamilton. Helen Hamilton offers breath-takingly accurate aura readings/healings with many years of experience.

HEALING: Thirdly, I also work with Maggie Pashley who is vastly experienced face to face and distance healer offering intuitive-based distance healing modalities are available in a wide range of skills to parents throughout the world including aura healing, reiki healing, body code, emotion code, heart wall clearing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and metamorphic technique.

When you enroll, we ask you to provide your child’s natal data. This is fate, place and time of birth, and also the natal data of the parents – and you can add the siblings as well.

A particular bonus from western astrology is the depiction of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the child’s birth chart: how that script will manifest to be healed in the life.

Particular bonuses from Vedic Astrology is that it provides a sure and most valuable statement of incarnational life purpose from the position of the Nodes of the Moon in the Vedic birth chart. As well as the twelve solar signs, it uses an ancient lunar zodiac of 27 signs, called the Nakshatras, which is deeply sure and powerful and is the basis of the comparison of the Moons (and Mars) of two people in their most sure and accurate relationship astrology.

Our readings and healings make the perfect gift!

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