Neptune square the Nodal Axis True Vision or Illusion February 2021

Neptune continues to be square the Nodal axis in February 2021, though less exactly so. Neptune square the Nodal Axis indicated an issue of what is real? of the challenge to work out whether somehting is valuably intuitve and visionary in our life/society or whether that something is an artifice of illusion.

Neptune transits from 25 to 26 degrees Aquarius in February 2021. See my 2021 February website page for the website charts.
The Nodes transit as follows: Rhu North Node transits from 23 to 21 deg Taurus. Ketu the South Node transits from 23 to 21 Scorpio.
So, February is when the Pied Piper vanishes into the hill side.
Febraury is when we might become clearer as to what is real in our life, and what turns out to be an illusion.

It is so worthwhile and so necessary to understand the energy of Neptune in your life. We all need to understand what’s illusion in our life? And what’s oh so needed intuition and vision?

In fact, it’s likely to be an issue of fated importance. This month’s revalation and understanding might point us to a script that’s deep and powerful in our personality or in our destiny. It’s fated because Neptune is square the Nodal axis in the Heavens now – a fated challenge for each of us, and for the countries we live, to separate what is illusion, and what is guiding inspiration.

You could have been presented with a situation where you just couldn’t be sure. Common sense could tell you that the situation, or the conceptual model or group or movement you are dealing with is a fraud, or a flight of fancy or a tissue of mentalistic constructs that are not grounded in reality. But then you might have to acknowledge that there is such a crucial ‘grain of truth’ in the situation, or the academic model, or whatever it is. So it might have been right that you just have to go along with the situation, or you will throw the baby out with the bathwater.

You might be faced with a relationship with a person or group where you feel some things are just not at all what they seem, but other dimension of that person or group mean that you will miss out if you don’t go along with them.

Kinesiology and pendulum dowsing can be helpful with issues of Neptunian lack of clarity: get in touch with me and I can give you the email of a lady in USA who specializes at this.

These Neptunian dilemmas could well be inherent in really important situations in your life now. It will actually affect the whole unfolding of your life if you get it wrong now.

You might miss out on intuitive openings or vision opportunities if you do not go along with what Neptune is offering.

OR you might let yourself into a miasma of illusion and scupper so much of importance in your life, if you DO go along with what Neptune is offering now. So many people will be embracing a wide hypnotic hoax now. What will happen when the bubble bursts????

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