Neptune opposition Venus and Love Challenges Starwheel October Newsletter Pt 4

Neptune opposition Venus Love Challenges:

 Neptune is Retrograde all October at 24 deg Aquarius. This is Neptune in Purvabhadra Nakshatra. In fact, Neptune’s Retrograde lasts from June 22nd to November 28th.

You may have had wonderful vision-based ideals and plans before Neptune turned Retrograde on June 22nd. Please do check out: Have you lost them since, during the current retrograde period???
Neptune can let things flow through our fingers like water. Hang on to your Neptune highest vision!!!!!

Very importantly, note that Neptune is opposition Venus much of October.

And indeed, this opposition is square the nodal axis much of October, as Venus transits Vedic Leo from 4 deg Vedic Leo on 1st October to the end of Leo on October 22nd.

On the 18th October, the Neptune Venus opposition is exact, with Neptune at 24 degrees Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra and Venus at 24 Leo in PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra.

In more detail, Venus is in PurvaPhalguni pada 4. PurvaPhalguni is ruled by Venus and its energy is very sexual.
But the energy with Pada 4 is Scorpionic: This 4th pada of Purva Phalguni and 8th navamsha of Leo is: Scorpio = intensified emotions, strong passions and Martian spirit. unnecessary strife and complexity. or the individual can grow spiritually and so bring out the best.
But what energy does Neptune opposing this Venus bring?

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Well, positively, Neptune can be wonderful guiding vision. When it’s activated in my chart, I have had phases of Clairaudience and Clairvision and strongly feeling earth and rock energies. Innovative and creative. It started me off on my novels writing. My Shamanic Healer work becomes very powerful. I have a great sense of the utterly beautiful.

But negatively, watch out for total illusion, of becoming very unsure about what is real and what is real in love, at this time.

Neptune seeks to take us to a higher dimension. Neptune’s energy activates our powers of imagination, intuition, sensitivity and vision, allowing us to access crucial dimensions that are normally hidden, and to raise our level of consciousness by dealing with these and implementing them. Out Neptunian powers can be breathtaking – but we have to handle them with great awareness. And do be open to the completely Unexpected. Mystical. Subtle. Psychic. And do be aware there’s a fine line between the positive side of Neptune’s energies and the vague, deceptive, nebulous, energy-draining side of Neptune and his secrets.

Remember this transiting Neptune is Retrograde. Retrograde Neptune can put a veil over our eyes, helping us hide anxieties and unwanted realities. But once Neptune starts its retrograde transit, we can be forced to check out whether Neptune has been exerting his illusory powers over us – and in the case of this retrograde: in matters of love. Retrograde Neptune can strip away our rose-coloured glasses and leave us face-to-face with harsh and painful realities. Secrets are unmasked. Our indiscretions and failings in the area of love and sexuality can surface demanding we come to terms with them and learn from them.

And as a Neptune P.S., just note that it’s deep Kal Sarpa Yoga with Neptune square the Nodal axis in January 2021.not a good omen for the possibility of lies and confusions and hyper-divisiveness in the USA in January.

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