Is Neptune opposite your Moon?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Is Neptune opposite your Moon?

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It can be positive if you understand it; otherwise it can mean deadly illusion.

Here is what one of my able Astrology Students wrote about it in her first assignment of her Vedic Astrology Course: The Moon in our two birth Charts:

neptune-4‘You have Neptune opposing the Moon

Neptune is the planet of deception, illusion, confusion, drugs, denial, fantasies, dreams, spirituality, higher consciousness, devotion, psychicism, movie making.

These last two planetary considerations are like double triple emphasis on a very vibrant imaginative mind and very interesting thought processes with the dangers of also running wild in a fantasy world / mind depicted movie / the void.

You felt deceived due to the unfortunate circumstances you had faced and maybe people started to appear deceitful to you and this formed your initial beliefs in life.

Or the unfortunate situation led you to escape to a fantasy world and you found comfort and security in your dreams.’

Here’s what I wrote in reply: ‘Very good – all this is true! But I have done a lot of deity tantra and now I also do teach a lot of visionary contact with Gods and Shamanic Journeying which in fact is healing and empowering.

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