Neptune January 2021 Your Insight or Illusion

Welcome to our January 2021 Astrology and Healing Magazine. This add-on section deal with Neptune in January 2021!

It is so worthwhile and so necessary to understand the energy of Neptune in your life.

What’s illusion in our life? And what’s oh so needed intuition and vision?

And in fact, it’s an issue of fated importance.

It’s fated because Neptune is square the Nodal axis in the Heavens now.

The charts for every day of January 2021 show how the nature of Neptune is a fated challenge at this time – a fated challenge for each of us, and for the countries we live, to separate what is illusion, and what is guiding inspiration.

You could be presented at this time with a situation where you just can’t be sure. Common sense could tell you that the situation, or the conceptual model you are dealing with is a fraud, or a flight of fancy or a tissue of mentalistic constructs that are not grounded in reality. But then you might have to acknowledge that there is such a crucial ‘grain of truth’ in the situation, or the academic model, or whatever it is, that you just have to go along with the situation, or you will throw the baby out with the bathwater.

You might be faced with a relationship with a person or group where you feel some things are just not at all wat they seem, but other dimension of that person or group mean that you will miss out if you don’t go along with them.

Kinesiology and pendulum dowsing can be helpful with issues of Neptunian lack of clarity: get in touch with me and I can give you the email of a lady in USA who specializes at this.

These Neptunian dilemmas could well be inherent in really important situations in your life now. It will actually affect the whole unfolding of your life if you get it wrong now.

You might miss out on intuitive openings or vision opportunities if you do not go along with what Neptune is offering.

OR you might let yourself into a miasma of illusion and scupper so much of importance in your life, if you DO go along with what Neptune is offering now.

Situations could arise where you might have to ask yourself: should I throw away my job or parts of my job, so that I can pursue some creative or mystic opportunity that is presenting itself to you now. We all need our guiding vision. We all need our intuition to be acute and accurate.

But if we follow a Pied Piper, the journey could be utterly lovely and musical – but only at first!!!

This period of Neptune square the Nodes of the Moon affects not just individuals but countries too. I certainly think that the USA has so much to resolve as to what is real about itself, especially as also at this time Pluto is returning to the position it occupied when the USA was formed. This is the Pluto Return period of the USA.

Pluto takes 248 yrs. to orbit the Sun. Pluto is now closing onto its position I the birth chart of the USA. This means that darkness will arise to be dealt with. The country will have to descend into its darkness in order to arise to connection to the light.

Do we really need this sort of Neptune energy as well? Well, we’ve got it!

To understand Neptune’s position in January 2021 more acutely, let’s now refer to the charts.

The charts for January 2021 are so dramatic. They are so angry and divisive all through January. They are angry and divisive, even preposterous because of Kal Sarpa Yoga in the heavens at this time.

This is because all the planets are to one side of the nodal axis all month (with some minor exceptions that do nothing to create less divisiveness and tension).

And because Neptune is T-square, in other words at 90 degrees to the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu and Ketu, which are the hinge points dividing the occupied half of the chart from the unoccupied half of the chart.

So, do check out the 2021 Jan page on my Starwheel Astrology website, and you will see what a tension trap Neptune is caught in: //

You can see what a decisive fulcrum position Neptune is in at these times.

At these times of Jupiter, Saturn Pluto great conjunction in Vedic Capricorn.

At these times of Mars conjunct Uranus in Vedic Aries.

I’m referring to the western charts using the Tropical zodiac at this point in my presentation, because these charts so graphically the angry red chart aspect shapes that I am talking about. As I said, above, you can see them in my Starwheel Astrology 2021 Jan page.

Look at the chart for 1.1.2021 where you can clearly see what I am talking about. See the angry red square crated by Neptune square the Nodal axis. OK so Moon is in the unoccupied part fo the chart, but that just creates a Kemadruma Moon, and unsupported Moon, which makes our consciousness all the more uneasy and fraught-feeling

Look at the chart for 31st January. There’s an angry Grand Cross, where the Nodal axis is at right angle to the Moon-Neptune opposition.

But now, to understand what fatedness or destiny dimensions you might be confronted with now, you have to relate this to Neptune’s position to your birth chart, and of course the position of the current transiting Nodes of the Moon which Neptune is square to, to your birth chart.

Neptune is in Vedic Aquarius at 24 to 25 degrees in January 2021.

You need to look up what House in your Vedic birth chart is the sign of Vedic Aquarius. Or get a reading from me which can include the role of Neptune in your life now.

Here’s an example: So, for a Cancer Ascendant, Neptune is transiting Aquarius which is the 8th House. What sort of issues does Neptune transiting your 8th House bring? I’m citing this because Aquarius is my 8th House.

At the deepest level, the 8th House is about transforming our flaws and insecurities into strengths. Eighth House activation forces us to look more deeply into our Shadow and into the hidden parts of ourself – all this ideally with the purpose and result of creating Rebirth, of dying to our flaws and being reborn to our fullness.

I have been doing two pieces of vision work at this time, and certainly feel this has helped me come into power and light – and throw away what must be discarded now. And what energy has the possibility of maximizing our vision work best? It is Neptune!

A big issue to deal with Neptune activating your 8th House is Fear. And other affairs of the 8th House include experience of death of people in one’s life, inheritance, and such as psychotherapy.

At this time, I’d also like to share that I renewed my connection to the Jungian concept of the Self, where the ‘self’ that other’s see is of course just a tiny part of our ‘Self’ and our ‘Self’. Other people normally just see our Persona, but our Persona is just a ‘front’.

The fullness of us includes such dimensions as our ‘Ego’ = our ‘constructed self’ to which we need to bring ever more divine awareness understanding and healing.

Then there’s our Shadow (made up of both dark but also light material.

Then there’s the Abyss to which we must all descent like Persephone or Inanna, if we are to let go of the weight of our guilts and darknesses and become a conduit for the Light.

Then there’s our complexes.

There’s our archetypal self.

There’s the true nature of our personal Anima or Animus.

And beneath it all, there’s our Primordial Fire, personal and genetic which drives us to live and thrust in certain directions, with tides and currents like sexuality, hunger, upheaval and ambition.

To return to matters of deepening our understanding of our 8th House:

Saturn is the indicator of the eighth house because he shows Karm, destiny, loss, and the need to take things seriously be patient and do hard work and be careful, and if we obey his karmic dictates, then his reward is golden reaping. But if we flout Saturn’s nature and demands, we suffer.

Illusions are shattered in the eighth house. Illusion, avoidance and denial do need to become replaced by realism, willingness to do the work, dealing with our fears, and arriving at penetrating wisdom and insight.

So, a very important question now and in the months when Neptune and The Nodes have been getting closer and closer, is: what is the challenge of Neptune transiting square the Nodal Axis in your life? And how are you faring with that?

What Nakshatra is Neptune transiting through?

A further key to the nature of Neptune’s energy now, is that Neptune is transiting through PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. PurvaBhadra spans 20°00’Aquarius to 3°20′ Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter (although Jupiter is in Debilitation while he transits Vedic Capricorn, now).

Neptune has been transiting PurvaBhadra Nakshatra for some time, since 3.1.2019, and thus there has been a union of Neptune properties and energies and Purvabhadra energies for some time. AND now there’s the fierce fated dimension as well, that Neptune is now exactly square the Node of the Moon, too.

PurvaBhadra’s symbol is The Sword. As a weapon, and as cutting of ties to our attachments or former life. So, note that this is about Deaths and Endings.

PurvaBhadra’s power animal is the Male Lion, so this is an energy of: pride, leadership, respect. PurvaBhadra’s Ayurvedic Dosha is Vata, so this creates an energy of scatter, discontent and irritation.

PurvaBhadra’s Sex is Male; its Caste is Brahmin, and its Quality is Fierce.

A couple of the stars in PurvaBhadra have dire energies:

Markab: Honours and success but with great sorrow.
Scheat: Poetry and literary skill, but with extreme misfortune.

The Devata of PurvaBhadra gives such a powerful tinge to the energy within this Nakshatra: He is expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth. He is sometimes given the name: Aja Ekapada – The One-Footed Goat: a form of Rhudra, god of Storms. Thunder God, and therefore a form of Shiva. Cleansing Fire. And the name means Hearse or a vehicle for the transport of Fire: The spiritual power of Fire.
But PurvaBhadra is also associated is the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) – He and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya (the deity of UttaraBhadra) – and these two dragons are seen as brothers, the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect.
Note most importantly: they are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through the destructive storm.

The energy of PurvaBhadra is: unique, eccentric and mystical. Passionate, transformational, extreme, radical and indulgent. Impetuous and opinionated. Must follow their own path: to Hell or to Heaven. Highly strung. They are Idealists, non-conformists, with quite a power to influence others, speaker, orator, demagogue.

They are iintense, with passion, ambition – and a fascination with the dark side of life.
They are strongly motivated to fulfill their Rajas desires. Strongly sexual – can be dark. Fierce.

They can lay heavy, even violent, even ‘head-banging’ trips on others. Extreme views and Fundamentalism. Escapist, iconoclastic. Angry, impulsive and anxious. At their lower manifestation, these people are critical, miserly, irreligious and mentally violent or unstable. Persecuting. Plotting, violent and criminal. This side of PurvaBhadra can like Heavy Metal clubs and fetishes and macabre dark tantric rituals. The dark side of art. They often coerce others into the spiritual insights and pathways. These people often have a Dark Side which is concealed from the world. And they can be simply horribly two-faced! They can have wavering or unstable mind and nefarious. They are full of sadness and problems.

Obviously, they need to calm their lower self. They can be, in a way, benevolent. For a PurvaBhadra to progress spiritually, sacrifice has to be undertaken for a Higher Cause. Then, they can be motivated to make a difference to the world. Independent and self-reliant. Sincere and hard-working, and then they can achieve deep philosophical wisdom. At their best these people are humane, hopeful philosophical, truthful, charitable, liberal, systematic and polite. It is an eccentric, mystical, intelligent, philosophical, visionary and future oriented nakshatra.

It is here, in this Nakshatra of PurvaBhadra, that Neptune now transits!!!

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