Neptune is transiting opposition the Sun

Neptune is transiting opposition the Sun at the start of September.

I am mentioning this because I do so often find that people who are born with ‘Sun opposition Neptune’ in their birth chart, have incarnated to deal with an incarnation where their father is ‘not what he seems’ and this can make them give false impressions to others and they can get criticised for that.

Or can even be a case of an alcoholic father.

Neptune opposition natal Sun is a very difficult aspect to live with. These people can be very unclear and misunderstood. Or they can be deceptive.

The aspect certainly brings DRAIN.

Neptune aspects are not at all bad of course. Definitely not!

But they can be vague or deceptive or illusionary, as well as providing guiding vision.

The great Reinhold Ebertin presents the Sun – Neptune combination of energies as:

SUN/NEPTUNE PRINCIPLE:              Sensitiveness. Vision. Compassion. Weakness, illness.

+          receptiveness. Active imagination, enthusiasm. Mysticism, soul life, inner life-experience. Great subtlety.
–          impressionability, susceptibility, negativity, weakness. Plans without the power to carry them through, peculiar ideas, craving for drugs. Illusion,
self-deception, frailness, impressionability, subject to moods.

BIOLOGICAL:             Sluggish, weak or paralyzed. Dropsy. Oedema

SOCIOLOGICAL:       Visionaries, mediums, sensitives, weak or sick persons.

+                 abundant experience in psychic or spiritual realms. Mystical experiences, journeys to far-distant places. Success through sympathetic
understanding of others.
–                   illness, easily influenced through others. Proneness to seduction. Exploited by others. Great disappointments, scandals, chaotic conditions,

I, myself am actually experiencing the final burst of a ‘Neptune transit opposition my natal Venus’ which started April 2017, and I am loving writing a visionary novel about the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish called ‘The Morrigan and The Dagda‘, set on the utterly beautiful landscape around where I live.

The landscape round here is indeed the landscape of the poet W B Yeats, who also wrote about them, and I wrote a dissertation on: ‘Yeats and Elliot as Harbingers’ of a New Age back in the sixties at Oxford.

When I had a Neptune opposition in the early 2000s, a psychic predicted beforehand that I would have clairaudience, And indeed, that happened! Increasingly I heard lyrics of a song about a young man’s passage to manhood in a hunter-gatherer time. I wrote down the words and put them into my first novel: The Tribe. And I wrote them as lyrics for a Glastonbury Group, as I was living there at the time doing an ‘Ethnographic Field Study‘ a university-based participant observation study of ‘Spiritual Forms new to the Modern West’, with my focus being: Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Paganism and Utopian Community (people living in ‘bender sites’ with only the most minimal involvement in consumer modernity). And in the months around the peak of the transit, I also experienced clairvision: while I was seeing this world, I was seeing this through a sort of transparency which was the world of the young man in the hunter-gatherer times. This clairvision and clairaudience just arose and then fell away over the period of a year.  Neptune can bring the most beautiful sensitivities and gifts and intuition. Or he can be the Pied Piper who leads you astray. He can be alcohol, drugs, illusion, delusion and denial.

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