Neptune is Retrograde

NeptuneNeptune is Retrograde from 12th June 2015 to 18th November 2015: He’s at 9 deg Pisces today, June 27th 2015.

It depends on our level of awareness how we will experience Neptune Retrograde.

Any Retrograde planet makes us look deeper and stronger at how the energy of that planet is manifesting in our life.

Negatively, Retrograde Neptune can mean an intensification of our delusion or denial, a ‘lovely’ meeting with a liar or a deception merchant. A flight into unreality, avoidance through self-deception.

Positively, Retrograde Neptune can mean increase in vision and intuition, increase in compassion, embracing the divine love and meaning of things that happen to us. Obviously what we experience during Neptune Retrograde will depend on which House in our birth chart. Have a look at your chart: which House is this Retrograde Neptune in Pisces transiting through. And of course our Neptune experiences are also affected by where Neptune is in your birth chart.

I feel Neptune is a vastly powerful energy, and he can be catastrophic around self-loss, deception or delusion or alcohol.

However, when Neptune was strongly influential in my own life, I developed clair-vision and clair-audience. I saw the world through a ‘transparency’ of scenes from some Hunter Gather age. I heard words and lyrics and wrote these down into my Novel: Vision Holder Munay Ki see:

THE INDICATION of a period of special power of Neptune in our individual life is the ‘individuation Age Point’ and the Nodal Age Point which you can learn about in my worldwide psychodynamic astrology course:

Neptune Retrograde can bring deep peace and faith, to withdraw into the realm of inner space.

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