Need to be careful as we approach the eclipse of 15th June 2011.

The eclipse of 15th June 2011 is a tense cliff-hanger. It’s surrounded by complex reasons to be careful. But maybe you could seize opportunity? Watch the trends that are developing now in your life. How will they seem by June? What do you wish for? what do you want to avoid? On the world scale, terrorism and overthrow of fixed structures and cults arising.

If we use this new energy coming in up to June positively, we could experience great positive growth and transformation. In particular spiritual knots could loosen at this time and liberate us to fuller spiritual expression of ourselves.

But if we experience the energy of this time negatively, we could experience driven obsessions and also need to watch out for people who will unsettle our lives. We could dangerously embark in a driven way on a wrong spiritual path.

So, I feel there is a need to approach June 2011 with care, but also be strong and open to gain.

Astrologically, it’s not just that there’s a lunar eclipse in June (and the effects of a lunar eclipse are felt immediately). It’s also, secondly, because the Nodes of the Moon move out of Vedic (sidereal) Sagittarius, into Vedic (sidereal) Scorpio on June 6th  and they stay in sidereal Scorpio for eighteen months (until 23.12.12).

[N.B. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon was last in Vedic/sidereal Scorpio from 30.10.92 to 19.5.1994. What happened to you then?]

And, thirdly, it’s also because transiting Saturn is stationary in the heavens during the middle of the month, and when a planet is on station its effects are felt much more.

The astrology alerts therefore both to dangers and possibilities, raised by the eclipse and by the change of sign for the Nodes and the fact that Saturn is on station.

This new set of energies applies to varying degrees for everyone.

But this alert especially applies for those people who have planets on the boundary which the Nodes will cross between sidereal Sagittarius and Scorpio (that’s around 24 degrees in the western sign of Sagittarius).


It especially applies for those with planets that will be conjuncted by Saturn – that’s around 16 degrees Vedic/sidereal Virgo (that’s around 10 deg western Libra). Of course, people with Moon in this area in their natal charts will be in the centre or ‘pit’ of Sade Sate: the often very difficult seven and a half year period in the centre of which transiting Saturn conjuncts your natal Moon. If your Venus is in this area you will experience saturn conjunct Venus, with very big issues in love.

So, what are these new energies that are coming in?

Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is in Scorpio from June 6th – and just before it enters Scorpio it passes through the ‘Gandanta degrees’ just either side of the sign boundary – if you have any planet there, you need to realise that planet’s benefits are weakened in your life in that its benefits are less open to being enjoyed by you.

What is the energy of Rahu in Scorpio? Rahu in Scorpio is hungry, ambitious and driven. And you can become the victim of Fears – irrational or real! It’s intense, passionate, transformative and obsessional. Rahu will search out secrets. Be very careful that exciting new possibilities don’t become juggernauts or complicated driven and dangerous. Maintain meditation. Maintain awareness. Maintain ethics. Take care not to hurt others. Live within spiritual protection. Remember that your desires or impulses can cause great harm if you rush away with them. You could create really bad karma for yourself with consequences you can not evade. It’s really important to work with the chakras when these energies are around you.

The energy of Ketu in Taurus: Ketu, the South Node of the Moon is in Vedic/sidereal Taurus for eighteen months from June 6th. Ketu dissolves things with an energy like knives. Try to make sure Ketu only dissolves that which needs to be dissolved in your life for your spiritual growth towards Moksha or salvation. Ketu off-loads our past-lives karmas. It breaks old set patterns leaving us vulnerable and exposed and even destitute. It cuts away at the roots and makes us insecure. Ketu is orientated towards letting go, so beware melt-down or being left with nothing. Beware: with Ketu transiting through the materialistic sign of Taurus, all sorts of questions will arise in our minds around the value of our material things. Or you may experience excess: lots of material comforts or wealth and go big time into property and balance sheet so that you may be forced eventually to realise the extent to which the material is unreal and you may need to put it into balance wit other things.

Danger of spiritual aberrations in this 18-month period: Coupled with the ambition of Rahu, you may go onto some spiritual path that is driven and obsessional and excited. You may desire fast-track spiritual fulfillment, but you may find yourself landed with delusion, error, disenchantment or despair. Those you love could be left as ‘road kill’ behind your enthusiastic passage ‘forward’.

Beware cults and cult like organisations particularly. Find ways to develop physical and meditative calm and solidity. Beware the dark obsessional flip-side of religions.