‘Nature versus Nurture’ Astrology Readings and Courses – Post 1


Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

In psychodynamic western astrology it’s totally illuminating to look at the issue of ‘Nature versus Nurture’ in your life.

This is the first of two Posts on this subject.

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So: what is the astrology of your Nature v. Nurture?

Planets in signs are our inherited Nature.

Planets in houses are our Nurture or the effect of our upbringing – most especially our earliest upbringing.

In other words, this is the ‘Nature versus Nurture’ debate. The Question is: ‘Who are we?’: are we our Nature or are we our Nurture?

Of course we are both: we are a mixture, and it is great psychological illumination to be able to consider the statement psychodynamic astrology offers on this question:

What parts of us are our Nature? what parts of us are the effect of our Nurture?

What was pretty well wiped out from our Nature by our Nurture? Can we retrieve it?

What was positively added by our Nurture? can we optimize it to overcome difficult inheritance?

And of course we can – and indeed we must go on from psychological insight to transformation and healing using that insight.

Note that all my Astrology Readings and Courses are attuned to the need to avoid from sticking at legalistic even disempowering astrological declaration. They have the over-riding imperative to go on to use the astrological declaration to in fact to achieve needed healing and empowerment: to use the astrological insight to achieve the special reason we incarnated to become this life time.

Here’s how the system of Nature versus Nurture works in western psychodynamic astrology:

Here’s a Case Example: a sample western astrology birth chart using Astrocalc: a man’s birth chart:

Michael Chart Astrocalc


Here’s the same man: his western astrology birth chart using Megastar:

Michael Chart Huber


So, now, working from the birth chart, here is the man’s  ‘Nature v. Nurture’ statement in psychodynamic western astrology, called a ‘Dynamic Counting Table’:

Michael Chart Dynamic Counting


Notice that the Dynamic Counting Table assesses the effect of Nurture on the Nature with reference to Modalities and Elements (These are defined below)

The Dynamic Counting Table is the key Table which shows the effect of your Nurture (= most especially your earliest upbringing) on your Nature (= your inherited makeup).

So, still looking at the above example chart in terms of Modalities, you can easily see that this man’s upbringing or his nurture made him far more Cardinal than he were born to be.

In other words he was stressed to get noticed from the moment of his birth, he was stressed to push himself forwards to fill the gap: the deficit in love and attention.

His Cardinality was artificially increased from 41 points to 68 points, a huge increase! This will distort the way he lives and will stress him out and cause pressure on the adrenals and much more pressures in the body, and also distort relating patterns.

And still looking at the above chart example, in terms of Elements, you can easily see that his Fire was put out and his Water was greatly increased.

In other words, his Fire = ‘will and action’ had a cold deathly hand put on it, but his Water = ‘intuition and sensitivity’ was greatly increased as he tried to work out and understand what on earth were all the painful and distorting pressures he had been born into. Water puts out Fire!

So notice that his ‘overall signature’ in terms of his Nature is: Cardinal Fire (in other words he was born to be an Arian, a ‘must have it now Action Man’).

But his earliest Nurture/Upbringing wiped out his capacity for real actual action and created a new overall signature. It made him two very different things as an overlay or almost as a ‘wipe-out’: instead, as a result of his Nurture, he’s an equal balance of ‘Cardinal Earth’ (= Capricorn) and ‘Cardinal Water’ (= Cancer, mothering and caring, sensitive, clinging)


To see the meaning of Modalities and Elements, see note 1 below.

To see the difference between Western astrology and Vedic Astrology see note 2 below. My Readings and course always include both: see my websites listed at the foot of this Post.


Your life is greatly affected in terms of the balances of your modalities and elements. So please note that Nature and Nurture are assessed in western psychodynamic astrology in terms of modalities and elements. Modalities are ways of going about things; elements are qualities of being. Here is more information on these:


Cardinal energy is extrovert, initiatory, working and doing

Nature v Nurt Cardinal signs


Fixed energy is stabilizing, security, seeking and acquisitive

Nature v Nurt Fixed signs




energy is restless, reflective, seeking and changeable

Nature v Nurt Mutable signs





Fire is vitality spontaneity, intuitive faith in one’s own abilities

Earth is practical, efficient, realistic, sensual and security-conscious

Air is communicative, rational, thinking, emotionally detached

Water is feeling, sensitive, emotional, instinctive

Nature v Nurt signs Modality and Element









Modern western psychodynamic astrology, when expertly interpreted, accurately depicts our psychological make-up, the sub-personalities within us and issues of individuation and wholeness.

Vedic astrology which is far more ancient and powerful and accurately identifies the journey of the soul. It identifies the journey we were born to undertake. It describes the physical and psycho-mental circumstances we will attract into our lives as fates for us to work with. Vedic astrology asserts that these fates are chosen with reference to past karmas that have accrued in previous lives. Some of these karmas are fixed (drida): there is little we can do about them: we need to experience them =for a life-time in order to make the growth we need to undertake; other of our karmas are not fixed (adrida) – these we can learn to modify or eliminate or ‘burn’.

(Of course there’s far more to it than just that!!!)

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