Nature v Nurture in Astrology – Post 2

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Who are we: our Nature or our Nurture? 

My astrology readings and astrology courses always include focus on this dimension in the understanding of ourself: Nature v Nurture. 

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In the first post on this subject of ‘Nature v Nurture’, I showed how western psychodynamic astrology has developed a method for demonstrating to us what is our Nature, and also for demonstrating what is the effect of our Nurture. See how Nurture alters Nature. It’s a good idea to read that post first.

nature v nurtureIn this second post, I develop the theme further to demonstrate how we can actually erect a chart of our Nurture – and our Nurture can, of course, so often be so different from our Nature.

Nature tends to be inherited characteristics. Nurture is typically the effect on us of our earliest upbringing.

Nature v Nurture astrology clearly demonstrates to us answers to questions such as:
What are the forces that drive us?
What are the routes to us developing understanding ourself?
What are the gateways to our healing and empowerment?
And my work is exceptional in that it always combines western astrology with Vedic Astrology. 

Sometimes the effect of our Nurture actually produces quite a different person from the Nature we were born with.
Sometimes, this can actually be to better equip us for our life.
But more usually, the skewing effect of our Nurture actually puts us out of touch with qualities that we would have benefited from greatly that are within our inherited Nature – qualities that have been overlaid or submerged by our upbringing. 

And so a whole life script needs to be developed to overcome the challenge of lost Nature, of often unwanted effects of Nurture. 

This is a challenge of understanding; it is a challenge of transformation. It is a challenge to become the person we were born to be. 

In fact, in psychodynamic western astrology, a specialised birth chart can be erected to show the effect of Nurture. It’s called the House Chart.

Our ordinary birth chart in western astrology (our Natal Chart) has the twelve signs of equal size. The twelve Signs, and the way the planets are distributed within them, demonstrate our inherited Nature, and in western astrology, it is the twelve Houses that are of unequal size (in all but one of the House systems) and it is these unequally-sized Houses that show the effect of our environment. It is the Houses, therefore that show the effect of our Nurture. The Signs show our Nature.

However, in the ‘House Chart’ of Nurture, it is the twelve Houses that are of equal size, and so the twelve signs therefore become of unequal size, and so the planet aspects alter.

In the first post on this subject, I showed the example natal chart (or Radix Chart or Birth Chart) of a man, and I went on to demonstrate his ‘nature v nurture’ calculations which show the difference done to his Nature by his Nurture. 

Here in this second post on the subject,  I repeat a showing of his natal chart, but there then follows his House Chart which is the chart of his Nurture. You can learn all about this in my astrology readings and astrology courses:

Here is the ordinary birth chart for the man:

Michael Chart Huber

Here is the House chart showing the effect of the man’s Nurture:  Michael Chart House Chart Huber

So let’s look at some of the differences in this man’s life scripts created by his Nurture as opposed to his Nature? OK, let’s focus on just a couple:

Venus in the Birth Chart: You can see that in his Radix or natal chart, that Venus is in an unaspected subpersonality: Venus aspects only Neptune. This gives a Venus principle of love that is sensitive and idealistic and visionary, only ‘the perfect’ is really good enough. It’s an unaspected subpersonality because the Venus – Neptune aspect (the green semi-sextile line) does not connect to any of the other planets in his birth chart. So this means that sometimes he might just inhabit this sub-personality, whereas other times he might live in the rest of his chart and be out of touch with his love principle. In fact the Venus-Neptune subpersonality is even actually cut off from the rest of the chart by the super-hardworking and detailed Mars square Saturn (the red square aspect line). Hard work puts him out of touch even more with his love principle (until he learns about this destiny and alters his way of life).

Venus in the House Chart: The House Chart shows the effect of his Nurture. Here you can see that, now, Venus is severed from the idealistic visionary principle of Neptune. Instead Venus is in a constantly driven square aspect (the red line) to spasmodic, impatient Uranus. Venus Uranus is wired and always wanting the new. It’s so at odds with the mystical Venus-Neptune aspect that is his Love Nature. 
Notice that Neptune now becomes in the House Chart an opposition aspect to his Moon, making him ever unsure about what he really feels, ever deluded or confused, until he learns to disentangle the effects of his upbringing.

Pluto: Notice that in his birth chart or Radix, Pluto is a virtually unaspected subpersonality in his first house, giving a person who is very intense. But because Pluto is unconnected with the rest of the chart, he won’t always realise how intensely he is coming over. To have unaspected Pluto is someone who can sometimes be over-powerful, but at other times be completely out of touch with his own power, even abused. To have Pluto in 1st House is the person whose whole life is an endless series of death and rebirth experiences, and who has a deep tectonic intuitive knowing the moment he enters a room. But in the House Chart of his Nurture, notice that Pluto is caught up in an angry red T-Square aspect to his Sun – Moon opposition (he was born at Full Moon). This shows that his Nurture made him acutely aware of Head versus heart opposition in his life and he will be ever driven to reconcile the two.

So this is but a small taster of what the psychodynamic western astrology House Chart has to offer in unravelling scripts of Nature v Nurture in your life. 

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