N Kameswaran Guide to Horoscope Matching – Book Review

love astrology 13N Kameswaran’s ‘Guide to Horoscope Matching’ is a user-friendly manual to check matrimonial compatibility in Vedic Astrology.

The book starts with a very thorough review of the detail of Vedic Astrology’s rules and traditions for the analysis of the individual birth chart.

This general analysis leads up to a most detailed focused presentation of the powerful and accurate ancient Vedic astrology of relationships.

It is packed with an immense mass of useful reference detail.

For example, I was struck by the usefulness of N Kameswaran’s treatment of the strengths or dangers of relationships where the Moon of both the man and the woman are in the same Lunar Sign (Nakshatra). This is well worth noting. Some signs simply should not enter into relationship with a partner with Moon in the same Lunar Sign. But with other Lunar Signs, the relationship can turn out well.

To cite another example, there is N Kameswaran’s treatment of Gandanta, when the Moon in the birth chart is at the very end of a water sign or the very beginning of a fire sign. This is thorough flagging up on this most crucial feature.

A point that should be made is that this useful mine of information is obviously sometimes expressed through the framework of the Indian Hindu culture, and so the reader must be alive to the fact that there will sometimes be a need to convert the depictions to those more applicable to modern western life.

Another point to be made is that Vedic Astrology is potentially a gateway to Enlightened Consciousness, and the reader must therefore be aware that when mundane explanations are given in this book, one also has to stand back and ask one’s self what the viewpoint of enlightened awareness would say about the relationships and events that the book so accurately describes.

For the person who already knows some Vedic Astrology and wants to devote a detailed study to a birth chart and a relationship astrology, N Kameswaran’s ‘Guide to Horoscope Matching’ is a most invaluable mine of highly systematised and compiled information.

It has been garnered over his many years of practice. It is well worth studying. It will alert the reader to a wide range of interpretative facets that will not be found in many text books, that will enrich their study of a birth chart and a relationship chart.

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