Moytura Battle Lough na Suil – The disappearing Lake

Please bare with the occasional wind noise during the group’s working in late January at the battlefield of the Second Battle of Moytura. The earth energies and the vision of the ancient Irish Gods makes the whole event so powerful, beautiful and special.

From the mountain top we saw Lough na Suil, the disappearing lake. The Book of Invasions records that the God Llugh took on Balor of the Evil Eye, the tyrant leader of the Formorian forces of darkness, and Llugh took out Balor’s eye with his slingshot.

The Eye had been used to slay any who crossed the Formorians. Now the Tuatha de Danaan were liberated to express their special powers, vision, talents and craft.

We all need to be free to express our special gifts. We must all throw of tyranny. But the spot where Balor’s Eye fell is poisoned forever, and every now and then, the loch drains dry!

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Loch na Suil with water

Lough na Suil is only 35 miles from the Healing Centre and airbnb that Maggie Pashley and I run in Foxford in beautiful County Mayo in the stupendously beautiful far West of Ireland, where we offer holidays, holidays with healings, retreats and Sacred Ireland Tours.

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Loch na Suil with Water vanished