Moon Phases 2013 to 2014

Moon Phases 2013 to 2014:

Here’s a handy calendar of Moon Phases 2013 to 2014
(N.B. signs are western astrology; times are valid for midland UK lat/long)

New Moon   5th September   11.36hrs                                      13 Virgo

Full Moon   19th September 11.13hrs    26 Pisces

New Moon   5th October       00.34hrs                                      11 Libra

Full Moon   18th October     23.37hrs    25 Aries (ECLIPSE)

New Moon   3rd November   12.50hrs                                      11 Scorpio (Eclipse?)

Full Moon   17th November 15.15hrs    25 Taurus (ECLIPSE)

New Moon   3rd December   00.22hrs                                      10 Sagittarius

Full Moon   17th December  09.28hrs    25 Gemini


New Moon   1st January       11.14hrs                                        10 Capricorn

Full Moon   16th January     04.52hrs         25 Cancer

New Moon   30th January    21.38hrs                                         10 Aquarius

Full Moon   14th February   23.53hrs       26 Leo

New Moon   1st March         07.59hrs                                         10 Pisces

Full Moon 16th March        17.08hrs        36 Virgo

New Moon 30th March        18.44hrs                                          9 Aries

Full Moon  15th April         07.42hrs       25 Libra (ECLIPSE)

New Moon  29th April        06.14hrs                                           8 Taurus (Eclipse?)

Full Moon   14th May        19.15hrs        23 Scorpio

New Moon  28th May         18.40hrs                                           7 Gemini

Full Moon   13th June        04.11hrs        22 Sagittarius

New Moon   27th June        08.08hrs                                           5 Cancer

Full Moon 12th July           11.24hrs        20 Capricorn

New Moon  26th July          22.42hrs                                            3 Leo

Full Moon   10th August    18.09hrs        18 Aquarius

New Moon 25th August      14.13hrs                                            2 Virgo

Full Moon  9th September  01.38hrs        16 Pisces

New Moon  24th Septemb  06.13                                                 1 Libra

Full Moon 8th October      10.50hrs         15 Aries (ECLIPSE)

New Moon 23rd October     21.56hrs                                           0 Scorpio (Eclipse?)

Full Moon   6th Novemb    22.22hrs        14 Taurus

New Moon 22nd Novemb   12.32hrs                                             0 Sagittarius

Full Moon  6th December  12.26hrs        14 Gemini

New Moon   22nd Decemb  01.35hrs                                            0 Capricorn 


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