Is your Moon conjunct North Node (Rahu)?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Is your Moon conjunct North Node (Rahu)?

What does it mean if the Moon in your Vedic Birth Chart is conjunct the North Node?



Do you have a Moon-Rahu conjunction?

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What does it mean if your Moon is conjunct the North Node? North Node is called Rahu in Vedic Astrology

Actually, the moon is conjunct Rahu in my birth chart, and this is what one of my wonderful students wrote about it in the first assignment in her course:

Well, the person may be:

Dreamy, impractical, lost in own world (What? – Me???)

Have a lot of confusion (Hmm …. )

Have a very imaginary mind, unusual thought processes and unordinary creativity

May be disillusioned and believe in the stories they have made up themselves

Have unknown fear, phobia, lunacy, paranoia and all other sorts of distorted mental states.

Have addictions or obsessions (alcohol, drugs etc).

Rahu foreign element, Moon fastest planet near Rahu may mean a lot of travel.

moon-crescentAnd it’s also very important that there was a Full Moon eclipse at 02.23hrs am the morning I was born: two hours after my birth. The eclipse was at 24 Aries 37 in western astrology; my natal Moon is at 23 Aries 4 in western astrology.

So I also have to be treated as being born in an eclipse. This is hugely significant. But as i said, my astrology declaration and teaching is always linked to healing and empowerment modalities. 

Vedic Astrology can offer you such profound meaning to heal and empower your life.

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